White Wyrms Chapter 70: A Cookout

Writers Fantasy posted on Jan 10, 2023

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Ann smiled as she looked around. She and Fists had been talking about how they all would come down from Thager to watch the shades to get the full effect. Life was difficult back then, so they found every excuse to celebrate. Andy suggested they do something similar and have a cookout. He made hamburgers and managed to either make or acquire all the condiments and possible toppings. There was plenty to drink, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. The kids ran around, playing and yelling. Cesni and Lotima were going to take all the kids once the shades started since most of the other adults would get incapacitated. They invited Carry to join them. She still wanted to wait until they got married before mating. “Almost any one of us could marry you,” Andy offered. She raised an eyebrow. “You?” “Sure, if you want. Or Nim, or Pt’this, or Shunati.” “I’m a servant, not a noble,” Shunati reminded him. “You’re the king’s cousin, that has to count,” Andy claimed. Shunati shook his head. “It’s not the same.” “You’re Emeton’s cousin?” Carry asked. “No, the elf king. But there’s no royal family. It’s not the same.” “You’re an ambassador,” Andy pressed. “Sinta is the ambassador.” “We both are,” Sinta insisted. “I could marry you.” “I could do it,” Remtani offered. “Did you ever think you might be married by a future king?” Carry smiled. “It’s tempting, but this is all too much too fast. Everyone has been wonderful. I appreciate all the offers and we’ll get married soon, but neither of us is ready yet.” John smiled and kissed her. “It’s not a good idea to take a mate for the first time during the shades,” Thailyn said. “Exactly,” Shunati agreed. “I can’t tell you how many dragons I’ve healed the day after the shades because they took mates the night before.” Thailyn nodded. “When I lived in Illia, I treated quite a few myself. Before I was banished, I can’t tell you how many times I talked to the council about discouraging that.” John nodded. “You don’t have to tell me. I remember. It was something we agreed on. I spoke to them too. Stubborn mules.” “Mules?” Remtani raised an eyebrow. “Sorry. Earth expression,” John explained. He turned to carry. “Sweetie, once the shades start I’m going to take true form and give you my vial so I can change back. That way I won’t hurt you. Don’t lose it or I can’t change back.” “I’ll keep it safe,” she promised. “Where are Chapado and Morina?” Shay asked, coming up. “They’re inside a moment,” Pt’this said from where he sat with Sapphire. The shades hadn’t started but he was already looking to indulge in his addiction in subtle ways. “That reminds me,” Thailyn said. He went over to them and took each hand. “No surprise babies tonight.” Pt’this grinned. He knew on a night like tonight that he’d outlast any birth control potions. “Dae, Ti? Do you want me to do you too?” Thailyn offered. “Shunati took care of it,” Ti told him. They too were getting a bit amorous. “Anyone else?” He offered. “You and Mom,” Ruzi called out. Thailyn blushed. “Won’t Help, I can counter it.” “Can and probably will,” Shunati agreed. “Putting a block is a temptation to break it.” “Anyone else?” Thailyn asked again. “Jo, Nim?” “Maybe we should.” Jo reached out her hand. “Though he’ll probably spend more time drawing me than in bed with me.” Nim blushed and growled. “Keep growling and you’ll be doing that drawing from memory.” She feigned offense. “If you do, I’ll hang them all in the main hall,” Nim threatened. He pulled her to him and kissed her, still quite red. “What about Ann and Andy?” Pt’this asked. “It was done after Cari was born,” Ann told him. “Mom, what about you and Dad?” Thailyn offered. She squirmed. She’d never experienced the shades. She’d been too far north. And while Jaidu was excited, Shay was nervous. Mishtali was also addicted to sex, and neither knew what to expect. “I don’t mind having more brothers and sisters,” Thailyn told them. “I like big families. But you said you wanted to be done after Miri.” “We’ll take our chances,” Mishtali said, putting his arms around his wife from behind. “I’m beginning to like big families too.” “Are you and Pisha going to have any kids?” Jaidu asked. Thailyn shrugged. “Maybe. We’re still talking about it.” “I need to fix her hip. First,” Lamdi said. “Otherwise, we’ll have to do a C-section for sure.” “I’d rather you not need that,” Pisha said. “We’ve got time.” Soon, it was getting dark. The shades started to fly as the magic burst forth. There were oohs and aahs from those who’d never seen them before. Cari likened them to the fireworks they’d seen in Colorado. John took true form and gave Carry his vial. Ann cast a spell to make a multitude of images to keep down the buildup of energy. This year, she wasn’t alone. Tercala, Chapado, and Morina cast it too. Ann created dragons, soaring among the shades and breathing fire. Tercala made vines snaking everywhere. Chapado cast crystals that reflected not only the lights from the shades, but Ann’s fire and the mirror shades that Morina cast. Soon, the mages were mesmerized and the others helped guide them to where they’d spend the night. Cesni, Lottie, and Cari took the children, followed by Rejenn and Fists. Fists griped about the number of kids, to which Rejenn laughed and pointed out that he had the biggest family in Thager. “That’s why I don’t want so many kids.” “A big family’s better than being alone,” Rejenn pointed out. “If I could, I’d have seven or eight kids.” It was Fists turn to laugh. “If you could father kids, you’d probably have more than my folks.” Rejenn shook his head. “No, if that was the case, I would’ve waited. It was because I couldn’t have kids that I started sleeping around. I never thought I’d find someone who’d want me.” Fists put his arm around his friend. “Well, you were wrong.” Rejenn smiled and looked at Cesni. “I was, and I found her.”

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UteBigSmile 6:44AM | Wed, 11 January 2023

This is really a beautifully done little video (I hope you had a lot of fun for creating it), relating to your story, unfortunately I can't comment on all your recent artwork because it takes too much of my strength and I hope I can recover it at least partially after my Rhea cure. Just for your information, for an animation it takes me between 1-2 days to get it so that I can upload it, but then I have to rest again for a whole day.

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