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Other Apps Objects posted on Aug 21, 2022
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Something a little different from me to close out the week... There are a number of AI "Art Apps" making appearances lately. This one is called "MidJourney" and I found out about it while watching one of WP_Guru's (Jay Versluis) streams on Twitch earlier. It's on his Discord server, so I gave it a try. You type a slash, then 'imagine' and whatever you type after that, the AI will generate a 4-plex of images. I typed "/imagine glass insulator steampunk" and these are what came out. Pretty freaking cool! Now I have another toy to keep me up until 2 in the morning! Anyway, I just wanted to post these for you tonight. I am working on the next TNA page as well as a few other projects.. And catching up with all your awesome artworks. UPDATE: 08-23-22: Well, after letting me create about a half-dozen images, it sent me a message that my "free trial" had ended, and it was time to whip out the ol' credit card.... Another 'subscription' - sorry, but I'm maxed out on subscriptions at the moment. So, this is the last one of these you'll see. 😒 My back is doing somewhat better, but still has a way to go. Thanks for stopping by, and for all the wonderful comments on my Penelope image! You guys and gals all rock! Stay safe, have a great new week, and stay creative! Rod's Lair Official Girls From T.N.A. Website Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA Art Station Discord AOY 2019

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mifdesign 9:41PM | Sun, 21 August 2022

Mind-bending fabulous awesome composition, brilliant magic Artwork.
Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it!
The story helped me a bit to understand you are not too high, like being on steroyds..πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ₯° (it's a joke, obviously).
This is great news, I'm very happy your back is doing better. Take it slowly, don't need to play Batman now..πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ₯°


ladylake 9:58PM | Sun, 21 August 2022



CoolDimension 10:45PM | Sun, 21 August 2022

These look fantastic! I have not used Midjourney! I signed up, but just haven't! It is so slick looking, I feel like I am cut of the process! All my AI art has been re-worked and modified by me, but some of these, like this AI, just make work that looks already "done". It's still the person's imagination that filled in the prompt, but there is a lot less imperfection (sometimes). I also haven't learned Discord! It seems so complicated! I must tell you, though, that to get results like that right away is a real gift! The AI obviously is harmony with you! Don't think for a minute that these AI are not much more than we think! I've had some interesting experiences!


A_Sunbeam 1:15AM | Mon, 22 August 2022

Splendid creation!


starship64 1:22AM | Mon, 22 August 2022

These are very cool pictures!


Wolfenshire 1:25AM | Mon, 22 August 2022

These are incredible. I'll have to find that app and try it out.


g1tip 7:23AM | Mon, 22 August 2022

Very cool !!!!!!


versluis 9:27AM | Mon, 22 August 2022

I'm glad you're enjoying Midjourney! It's so addictive, and "making art" for us artists is likely never going to be the same. No matter what happens from this point forward, AI will have a huge impact on how we create. This thing is more creative in 1 minute than I am in a week. It's a depressing thought on one hand, because "what's the point in trying to be creative as a human". Our jobs have been reduced to mere image editors. We'll get to the point where those who don't use AI in their workflow can't compete anymore. At the same time, AI does marvels to spark my "human" creativity. Whether it's a starting point for something I refine the way I want it, or if it helps me generate fun art just by typing out what I imagine. I hadn't expected it to be THAT exciting and addictive actually. On that note, Julia subscribed to the $10 plan, only to run out of "GPU minutes" within 24 hours LOL Have fun with it Rod, I hope it will lift your spirits!


bakapo 9:49AM | Mon, 22 August 2022

I this this looks better than anything I could do. haha! I really like this, good job getting these results. I will check out the Discord and Twitch channels.

RodS 12:43PM | Mon, 22 August 2022

Yeah, Jay is always doing fascinating stuff, as well as Chris Cox, and CSBond2 (all are members here at 'Rosity as well). Chris does a lot of neat stuff with Blender, Clothier, and a few other apps, as does Jay. All of them do amazing things in DAZ also.


hashdoc 1:47PM | Mon, 22 August 2022



shadelix 3:20PM | Mon, 22 August 2022

Fantastic creation! These pics are really stunning. Next goal for the AI programmers would be to get 3D-objects instead 2D images. ;-) Good to hear you're getting better.

PhthaloBlue 3:57PM | Mon, 22 August 2022

Really cool!

OmniFX 5:27PM | Mon, 22 August 2022

Wow, that is really cool generated creation. It is amazing what a computer and AI can do these days.

I have watched Imad Awan on YouTube do some photobashing with several of these AI programs like Artbreeder, Wombo Dream and Nividia's Gaugan's. What he does to personalize them with these generated art is amazing.

I feel photobashing is the way to really personalize it. Check "Imad Awan AI art" on YouTube it may give you some more ideas.


Richardphotos 10:06PM | Mon, 22 August 2022

very wild creations and unique


Saby55 2:15AM | Tue, 23 August 2022

Excellent work my friend πŸ‘πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈOriginal


STEVIEUKWONDER 3:21AM | Tue, 23 August 2022

They really do look impressive Rod! Hope your back stays pain-free. I know only too well the limitations that can bring!


Deva3D 5:36AM | Tue, 23 August 2022

Really fantastic work!


donnena 10:11PM | Tue, 23 August 2022

I"m glad you had some fun!! those are great!


eekdog 10:46PM | Tue, 23 August 2022

dude! that is way cool my friend. yes we are waiting for next thrilling page.


bmac62 12:21PM | Wed, 24 August 2022

AI in apps? Holy smoke, I have been away too long. At first I thought maybe you were adapting some of your insolator collection. Now, I get what’s going on. Makes for a great photo.


UteBigSmile 1:54PM | Sat, 27 August 2022

NUTS???? 😊 This is totally cool looking brother!!!! Have a nice weekend!


Savage_dragon 8:39AM | Sun, 28 August 2022

I love it! AI has been a relief. Like a playground after 22 years in digital 3D. I love 3D and always will, but I needed a change. <3 Sweet work, Buddy!


romangirl 8:41PM | Tue, 30 August 2022

I love it!


JoeJarrah 8:44AM | Sun, 04 September 2022

Fascinating creation; I had a similar experience in midjourney when creating "Ophelia and the Mermaid".

However, I tend to disagree with Versluis' opinion that AI will become indispensable in art; I think of it as the visual equivalent of autotune pitch correction in pop music. I see it as a tool, one of many, that will benefit some more than others, though I think its correct that it can spark creativity. Will it improve the quality of images? Quite possibly (this is a very cool image when all is said and done). Is it truly art? Debateable; and it certainly is not an essential or a substitute for true skill.


adorety 5:08PM | Sun, 04 September 2022

Yes! I've just discovered this too. Trying to navigate and see what I can come up with. That's some really cool results you got from this.


bugsnouveau 1:54PM | Thu, 08 September 2022

Very cool stuff and a most fascinating read! Just now getting a good look at AI and it has taken my breath away! Absolutely "instant gratification" Wow!!!


ikke.evc 10:31AM | Sun, 25 September 2022

Great stuff, but i'm already running out of minutes in 24 hours. ;-)


anahata.c 3:50AM | Sun, 09 October 2022

I said I was gonna do only TNA pieces this morning, but I had to stop at this one too. I have a friend who's been sending me her AI pieces, and telling me her prompts and what the software does with them, etc: It's fascinating beyond words! I can look at your efforts here and understand how you might have interacted with that "knowing" software, to wind up with a wondrous array of wild and yet very contained images. I love these!

The first almost looks like a castle in a bottle (like the old sailing ships in a bottle). I love the feeling of it---strange towers in a tube, which itself is contained in a tube. Given how much you've been into insulators, I love that you got AI to help you do variations on them. They're just great---with S.Punk thrown in to boot. The 2d version is like 2 little electrical creatures posing for a photographer (you): one tall, one more squat. Great background swirl and hues surrounding.

The third one has THREE (count 'm, THREE) contraptions: Love that they're like lanterns built on melted insulators. Such creative variation here---you must've given the software a lot to think about. I love the cosmic patterns in most of the glass containers. And the last one is like a bunch of light bulb sockets in a beautiful gold-lit container, and such jewel-like forms in these 'sockets' too. These gold-yellow hues are like fires that cure and create these forms, like each insulator is a little cauldron of creation. I love these! Insulators of the mind! A great diversion in your multi-faceted offerings here.


dbwalton 7:49PM | Wed, 19 October 2022

I'm not sure how I originally missed this post, but those are quite COOL.


jclP 2:39PM | Thu, 03 November 2022

very cool

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