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Pets of the Community Pets of the Community posted on Sep 25, 2021
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In the night of the 24. to the 25. of September 2021 My dear old Cat Sina took her last breath with 18 1/2 years of life. She was a very special cat and always found her own way to do things. As the second kitten of the second litter of our dear Cat Merline she came over 24h later than her sister. Obviously she wanted some extra time alone in the mothers womb. The litter in which she was born consisted out of only two kitten, her sister and her self. She was one of those kitten we kept for our self and though she wasn't raised any differently than all others of our Cat Merline, as soon as her Sister was given to her new Family, she started to get shy and she stayed like that all her life long. As soon as we had visitors, Sina was nowhere to find anymore until the visitors left. She was always together with our good old Bagheera (who still lives, despite his kidney problems and is now 19 1/4 in age) and it sometimes looked like she was in love with him. she had a peaceful life although she always was in the lowest Rank of all of our cats. Four years ago she had a surgery on her right knee (Patellar luxation / her knee cap fell out of its place). Then she had again some good years. In Spring 2020 she got blind. For the remaining time she stood primarily inside and just went occasionally outside. All in all I think she had a good life, but it is still a sad moment, when a pet that accompanied you for such a long time passes away. Today at 6pm (local time) we buried her in our Garden, hopefully, that we will meet again one time (I'm not so sure about that anymore) Thank you for all, you have given us during your life, dear Sina! We will miss you greatly!!

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11:58AM | Sat, 25 September 2021

Sorry for your los. I dread the day i'll lose Bo, she's in her golden years, 16* and she has some issues.


12:57PM | Sat, 25 September 2021

Thank you my friend.

Yeah, it never is a welcome situation - no matter when it comes. How ever "issues" don't necessarily need to cut the life expectancy of a cat. As I wrote above our Bagheera has his Issues too. He had FORL hence since a few years he has not a single tooth in his mouth, 5 years ago he was locked in, in a inhabited apartment for full 10 Days with no food and no water. That's probably where his Kidney problems came from, but since then he get's his daily pill and he did great so far. the last time, when we made a blood analysis the Vet said, he was astonished, how little his kidney values worsened in 4 years. Those medications seem to work very well with him. So don't be frightened. Depending of what her issues are she might well live in her 20ies... Wish you and Bo all the luck.



3:34PM | Sat, 25 September 2021

Sorry for your loss,but this photo a beautiful reminder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4:02PM | Sat, 25 September 2021

Thanks, miwi! Yes it is although at time being it still hurts...



4:00PM | Sat, 25 September 2021

Awww.. So sad, but she's at peace now. She looks so sweet.

Condolences on the loss of this sweet lady, my friend.


4:03PM | Sat, 25 September 2021

Thanks, Rod!



4:26PM | Sat, 25 September 2021

So cute!


8:52PM | Sat, 25 September 2021

So sad - very sorry for your loss. Almost the same colouring as my cat, who was 21 years old when she died.



11:38PM | Sat, 25 September 2021

I love this photo of you wonderful lifelong friend! Not only outer beauty but I hear she was beautiful inside as well! My wife and I have two beautiful friends just like her. The older one came to us from the streets, having had a very hard life there. She had a terrible gash on one side that was difficult to look at. My wife took good care of her and nursed her back to health. She is still an outdoor cat, always wanting to go outside when we want to sleep. LOL. We recently to her to the vet. She was sneezing a lot and we were concerned but it turned out to be nothing serious, thank heavens. But it was there that we found out our 'Lady Hope' is a boy! Whoa! We never saw that coming. LOL! She/he is about 6 or 7 years old and we hope to have her/him with us for a long time yet. Our other sweetheart we got as a little kitty. Three years ago, my wife was visiting one of the neighbors. They have lots of cats. One of them had produced another litter several weeks previous and my wife noticed a cute little black kitty. I don't think she picked her up. Just said hello. As she was walking back home up our alley, she looked behind her and there was this precious little bundle following along as pretty as you please. Of course we both fell immediately in love with here. The neighbors never missed here and I'm sure were grateful we accepter her into our home. Her name is Bright Eyes. She is just about exactly as you describe your friend. Very bashful and also hides whenever we have company. Sometimes it takes her a day to overcome her fears before appearing again. I swear I don't know how they find the hiding spots but they sure can become invisible when they want. On a sadder note, one of our older cats recently crossed over. She was a very fluffy long white haired kitty we had over 14 years. She was a most delightful friend and companion over all those years. It is always so hard to say goodbye. They take a part of your heart with them when they go, but that way, they are always with you, I'm sure. I grieve with you for your loss but I take joy for all to good memories I have to look back on. I hope this helps a little bit. Take care. We share in your loss.



2:33AM | Sun, 26 September 2021

Lovely photo and I feel for your's never easy



3:44PM | Sun, 26 September 2021

Your loss hurts my soul, now she will hopefully be able to play with my little Pixie, our pets are like our children and such a loss always hurts a lot.



3:51AM | Tue, 28 September 2021

A beautiful friend and a touching story. It's never easy to say goodbye; I've buried five little friends over the 50 plus years I've been married.



5:28AM | Sun, 10 October 2021

So sorry for the loss of your beautiful cat.



1:41AM | Mon, 18 October 2021

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your feline friend. This is a lovely photo and tribute to her.



8:52PM | Sun, 24 October 2021

So Sorry, I had to let my dog go after 16 years, hardest thing I ever did.


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11:07AM | Sat, 30 October 2021

A nice and thoughtful dedication to your cat !



9:16PM | Sat, 30 October 2021

There is the story of the 'Rainbow Bridge'.It is said it is a place where all beloved animal friends of ours go when they cross over. At the Bridge they play and frolic with each other. There, they wait there for us to cross over. When we do, they meet us there. it is there our journey together on the other side begins.


2:19AM | Sun, 31 October 2021

Hi and thank you for your kind comment. I really appreciate it! Yes, I know this story very well. If you browse my gallery, you will find four other occasions, where I lost a valued friend on four paws and in every case, someone pointed out that story. As beautiful and comforting it is, I came to the conclusion, that it unfortunately is just a story (some would say: "wishful thinking") wich cannot be confirmed in any way by any one. The door, that leads out of this life into whatever might be afterwards, is a door, no one can go through and come back to tell what really is. So "the other side" remains a mystery until the moment we step through it our self. Anyway, I'm really thankful for every dear soul here at Rendo, who cares and shows empathy. Thank you all out there! ❤



4:46PM | Tue, 09 November 2021

Tender paws on the chest at night, gentle purring that has a calming, trusting and loving effect> 3 This is a memory that never dies. Sina had in you the best friend in life, I'm sure of that


10:40AM | Mon, 15 November 2021

Thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad to have met you here on Rendo and grateful for all you've done for me so far (although I silently doubt, I'm really as good as you describe me some times).



9:12PM | Mon, 29 November 2021

I'm sorry for the very, very late comment on your post. So sorry also to know that your beloved Sina have gone to Rainbow Bridge. I know it will take time to move on, as the memories are always worth keeping. May these memories bring you comfort and love in this time of sorrow. Hugs!



5:17PM | Tue, 07 December 2021

I know I am late seeing this and replying but I am very sorry for your lost. I lost my favorite smoky gray cat quite a few years ago and miss him still. I have always been more of a cat person than anything else, though I love all animals and have had quite a few different ones over the years. Now a stuff teddy is more my speed as they are easier to take care of. But I do miss my cat and I am sure you will always miss yours as well.



2:14PM | Tue, 21 December 2021

I am so very sorry to hear of your loss! Such a beautiful cat!



10:29PM | Sat, 25 December 2021

too bad about your loss of your pet cat. My Bodie is getting up in years. he acts very lively, but I know he could take his final resting place at anytime



11:21AM | Mon, 27 December 2021

Reading this touched my heart. I've had as many as 11 cats in recent years, and each one that passed away or was taken one way or another, took a piece of my heart with them. This was a terrible year for me because I lost my 3 oldest and most cherished cats. Although I gave each one the best life I could, I always wish I could have done more. Have a blessed year!



7:03PM | Fri, 11 November 2022

Such a gorgeous cat!

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