New Kid On The Block, Pt. 2

Writers Story/Sequential posted on Jul 13, 2021

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"Stand down, Ky'reyal!", Xin loudly exclaimed as she quickly placed herself between the girl and Jeldark, "put your lightsaber away and go sit down!" Seeing her new padawan hesitate, Xin added, "NOW!" and pointed toward the table behind her.  Watching Ky'reyal follow her command, she turned toward Jeldark who was standing there with arms crossed, a smug look on his face and said, "I'm sorry, it's my fault this happened, I didn't have a chance to tell my padawan about you before you walked in."

With a light laugh, the man responded, "though it was quite the surprise, you don't need to apologize, the youngling posed no threat to me," then added with a quizzical look, "you called her your new padawan, when did this happen?  I thought you left the Order."

As the pair walked to the table where the girl was seated, Xin related what Ky'reyal had told her when they first met.  "It seems Master Satele refuses to accept my resignation and has assigned me a padawan to train," then continued, "I think she did it out of revenge for all the headaches I gave her and Master Korgan when I was a padawan."

"Though I only met her briefly, she does have a reputation, even among the Sith, for often being a bit unorthodox in her methods," Jeldark replied, "and from what I've heard, I wouldn't put it past her."  Then looking at Ky'reyal, he went on, her lightsaber skills are basic and crude, at best.  Perhaps you should begin her training with that.  I'll be glad to offer my assistance if you like, but I would only do so with your permission and under your supervision."  After a brief pause, the man continued, "you are my friend Xin, I respect you and would not want jeopardize the trust we have built... besides, the last thing I need is an apprentice.  I have enough headaches, this one's all yours."

Suddenly jumping to her feet, Ky'reyal confronted the man and in defiance retorted, "I refuse to be taught anything by you Sith!  You possess no knowledge or skills I want to learn, you will never corrupt me with your lies!"

Responding to the girl's actions, Xin could feel the anger within her and sternly ordered, "Ky'reyal, enough.  Please sit back down and be quiet, let me and Jeldark talk."  Watching the girl return and be seated, Xin told the man, "let's sit down and continue our conversation," then gazing at Ky'reyal, added, "hopefully without further interruptions."

As the two sat there discussing Jeldark's offer, Ky'reyal sullenly growled "don't care what you say, not going to be trained by some Sith scumbag."

Looking at the girl, then toward Xin, he said to his friend, "I'm sorry, I know I promised, but this must be done."  Faster than the eye could follow, Jeldark reached over and snatched the lightsaber from Ky'reyal's belt, then returned to the position from where he started and holding her weapon in his grasp for the the girl to see, stated sternly, "if you learn nothing else from me youngling, then remember this... I am a Lord of the Sith.  I did this by sheer physical prowess alone, without the use of any Force powers, dark or otherwise.  I possess skills that you cannot begin to fathom at this time.  I have probably forgotten more combat skills in my lifetime than you will ever know in yours."

Seeing her lightsaber in the man's hand, Ky'reyal jumped to her feet and yelled, "how did you do that? How were you able..."

Unable to control herself, Xin began laughing at her padawan's distress and said to Jeldark, "no apology necessary, my friend.  Please continue with your lesson."

Acknowledging the woman, the Sith continued, "I am not your enemy, nor do I wish to be.  You have no idea what you are about to face in the future and as it stands now, you would not last more than a few minutes with a Sith Academy Acolyte, much less with a Sith Lord in melee combat without the Force even coming into play.  It is better that you learn about how to battle a dark sider from me, under your master's supervision, than to learn fatally when faced with the situation."

As Jeldark paused to let his lesson sink in, Xin interjected, "I don't know if you were told Ky'reyal, but I was once under the influence of the Emperor and learned many Dark Force skills.  Thankfully, I was able to regain myself and return to the light.  I constantly fight the urge to become a dark sider, however, the knowledge and skills I attained have become my greatest assets in our fight against the darkness.  I will allow Jeldark to assist instructing you as I feel necessary, I trust that he will not attempt to corrupt you, but help provide you with the tools and weapons you need to combat what we will be facing.  I ask that you be open minded and learn from him, what he offers will save your life one day."

As Jeldark was about to return the lightsaber to the girl, the doors to the room opened as Dara rushed in, D9 following closely.  Stopping in the middle of the room, she shouted with irritation, "I heard yelling all the way over in the hold, what's going on here?"  Then spying Ky'reyal standing there, added, "and who the hell is this? ... ... ..."

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Comments (9)


eekdog Online Now! 11:04AM | Tue, 13 July 2021

most dynamite new series.

PhthaloBlue 12:36PM | Tue, 13 July 2021

Superb chapter in the story!


daggerwilldo 10:32PM | Tue, 13 July 2021

I love your writing ability !!! I want to thank you for your encouragement for me to write more. Also your characters are visually grand as well. Well done.


Kordouane 3:48AM | Wed, 14 July 2021

Another great time to spend on this page, thanks for sharing !!


CoyoteSeven 6:56AM | Wed, 14 July 2021

Excellent chapter in your saga, your combination of words and images gives the reader much entertainment.

I always look forward to your next installment, keep up the great work.


NoRhymeOrReasonToIt 7:24AM | Wed, 14 July 2021

Very well written and entertaining, great job.


giareg 4:21AM | Sat, 17 July 2021

Great characters and setting!


DustRider 9:10PM | Sun, 18 July 2021

Very entertaining, awesome work!


Wolfenshire 9:59PM | Sun, 18 July 2021

You've really hit a cord with readers in this series. I'm amazed that you've built such a spectacular following, it's so cool to see a writer with such success.

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