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DAZ|Studio Humor posted on Jun 07, 2021
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Good Day, All!! Today's render is just a bit of personal fun as the other day, whilst poking around online, I came across a photoscanned 3D prop of an honest-to-goodness traditional velvet English riding helmet, and, not gonna lie, that totally made my weekend, so I had to do something with it, lol. In real life I'm just a little bit particular about my riding helmet choices, and by 'little bit' I mean that no way in heck do I use anything other than a traditional velvet! (It's just my quirk, lol, we've all got 'em!) On top of all that, upon further inspection of the prop, I found that not only is it oval shaped - my preference for the shape of my own noodle - but it is also my helmet size and the tails are down (yes, I realize this doesn't mean anything to non-riders, but as a life-long horse girl, I totally appreciate it)!! Right, so I'll cut myself off here even though I totally know that the subject of English riding helmets is the epitome of stimulating conversation the world over 😉 As always, thanks so very much for looking, and I hope you like it!! 🧸 © Hedge-witchery Studio 2021

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12:45PM | Mon, 07 June 2021

very cool and cute render


2:45PM | Mon, 07 June 2021

thank you! thank you!!



12:50PM | Mon, 07 June 2021

Agree : very cool and cute render!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2:46PM | Mon, 07 June 2021

so glad that you do! thank you!!



1:36PM | Mon, 07 June 2021

wonderful scene - excellent


2:47PM | Mon, 07 June 2021

thank you, kindly :)



2:18PM | Mon, 07 June 2021

Super cute render!!

Though not rider my self, married to a wife with three horses, I‘m very well aware of those kind of helmets. However they are not seen that much in the Hobby rider scene anymore (at least where I live). Instead of the old velvet covered metal hats, many wear bike helmet like hats today. They are lighter and better ventilated (what seems very handy when riding in the sun). 😉

B.t.w.: at Daz, there is a full equestrian uniform for G3 (made by IH Kang) with boots, pants, jacket, helmet, etc. Just in case you didn‘t find it your self and would be interested in it 😁


2:52PM | Mon, 07 June 2021

thank you so much!!

yes, I have several of the new style helmets for my students (my family owns a riding stable which I manage - I have been riding for over 40 yrs and have been a coach for 30 years) and they are great for heat, BUT my personal preference is not to use them at all. We have very hot summers and the heat has never bothered me. The newer helmets are more of a one-size-fits all and I find them wholly uncomfortable. I totally feel like a bobble-head in them. I don't even notice wearing a velvet. But that's just me, and what I like. We all have our preferences, this is just my quirk :)

Thanks about the riding outfit info - I did know about that one.



4:50PM | Mon, 07 June 2021

Nice - which horse ist that - and mane ?


5:39PM | Mon, 07 June 2021

glad you like it! thank you!!

as for the horse, it's Daz's Horse 2 - but you need the pro bundle in order to get the required morphs, and even then, the pony character as seen here is the result of tweaking, morph dialing/subtracting and rescaling (the textures have also been heavily modified), not a one dial morph available from Daz. The mane (modified only slightly) is the DA dForce Mane and Tail for Horse 2 by Design Anvil, again, over at Daz. hope this helps!



8:36AM | Tue, 08 June 2021

Super cute..


10:13AM | Tue, 08 June 2021

thanks so much!



2:03AM | Wed, 09 June 2021

Great work... somewhat recalls the wonderful English cartoons of Norman Thelwell


10:27AM | Wed, 09 June 2021

haha! that's awesome to hear!! they were pretty much required reading growing up in my house :) THANK YOU!!



3:39AM | Wed, 09 June 2021



10:28AM | Wed, 09 June 2021

lol yup! been there ;)

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