Chasing A Dream, Pt.2

Writers Story/Sequential posted on Jan 12, 2021
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"You've got to be kidding me!" ,Xin exclaimed, "you're wanting to freeze us in carbonite?  Why can't we just go into a near death trance or in one of your dampened hidey-holes?"

"For a few reasons." Dara responded, "the trance wouldn't work because the port's sensors would detect your bio-masses and the dampening fields don't always hide organic matter either.  Besides when we hit hyperspace, I'll thaw you out... it's only going to be for a couple of hours at the most, the side effects should be minimal and last just a few minutes."

"I see no options Xin," Jeldark told his companion, "and the Captain is right.  This way we will be undetectable by the sensors," then added, "I prefer a short time in carbonite than the rest of my life in a penal colony with a Force-dampening collar around my neck."

As the two climbed into the chamber, Dara called out, "alright, get tight in there, ready when you are."

Looking up into the Sith's face, Xin started to ask, "are you... ?"

Cutting the woman's words short, Jeldark replied softly, "as ready as I'll ever be,"  then addressing Dara, "Captain, you may begin."

Within seconds the freezing process was finished, as Dara turned to depart the area, she hesitated a moment and spoke to the two people now trapped within the carbonite block, "had it been anybody else, sweetheart, I'd  have turned you over to the authorities for the reward."  Leaving the compartment, she whispered to herself, "you'll always be able to count on me, dear friend... no matter what."

Arriving at the cockpit, she was greeted by D9 and informed, "we are ready for takeoff, just waiting for the meatbags at port control for clearance."

"Thanks D9," the Captain responded as she took her seat in the pilot's chair, "Coruscant control, this is freighter  9372 requesting clearance for departure."

"Copy that  9372," a voice over the speaker replied, "please standby for sensor scans,"  Approximately 30 seconds later, the voice came back and stated, "9372 you are clear for departure, good luck and may the Force be with you."

"Thank you control," Dara said to the unseen voice, "see you again in a few days.  This is freighter 9372, out."

Climbing above the clouds, Dara turned to D9 and said with a relieved sigh, "it worked."  Soon the ship broke atmosphere and she spoke again, "the ship's yours D9, let me know when we get into hyperspace," then added, "I'm going back down to the hold to check on our guests."

"Is it possible to leave the Sith meatbag on ice and only release Mistress Xin?" ,the droid queried his owner.

"Afraid not D9, had to put them in the same block," she responded.  Pausing a moment, Dara said to her droid, "and D9, behave yourself when dealing with the Sith.  Unless he does something that could cause trouble, he's to be treated like any other passenger.  That also means not referring to him as a meatbag."

"The first part of your orders shall be complied with, Mistress," D9 answered back, "however, the second part might prove harder to accomplish."

Shaking her head in resignation and with a heavy sigh, Dara responded, "I'll take what I can get... ... ..."

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Comments (11)


Technomage_Aria 4:19PM | Tue, 12 January 2021

2 installments in the same day? Be still my beating heart!

So looking forward to see where this story line leads in your saga.


CoyoteSeven 4:32PM | Tue, 12 January 2021

I too am looking forward to where this leads.

Great job recreating the carbonite block, looks like what you see in the shows and movies.

MioraaNyte 4:46PM | Tue, 12 January 2021

Thank you, amazing what you can do with a simple cube and the right shaders. (thanks MEC4D over at DAZ)

PhthaloBlue 5:13PM | Tue, 12 January 2021

Great images and writing! Very well done.


brain1969 12:33AM | Wed, 13 January 2021

amazing story and work


hashdoc 1:27AM | Wed, 13 January 2021

such an amazing work!


starship64 1:28AM | Wed, 13 January 2021

Fantastic work!


Kordouane 4:33AM | Wed, 13 January 2021

Very great work, it's superb !!


miztere 6:14AM | Wed, 13 January 2021

Amazing , good story, well done


daggerwilldo 4:12PM | Thu, 14 January 2021

Most excellent story and visual panels. Well done.


jmattatall 7:42PM | Tue, 19 January 2021

cool images and great story telling

richard2015 1:21PM | Fri, 22 January 2021

Nice work on this storyboard!

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