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Dinner With the Darth, Pt. 1

Writers Story/Sequential posted on May 29, 2019
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"The Master will be arriving shortly," Mayla said to the couple, "I must leave and attend to the dinner service.  The Master asks that you make yourselves comfortable until then."

As both acknowledged the girl's words, Zed could not help but notice the painting above the fireplace.  "Seems our Darth isn't too different from her counterparts," she quipped, "it takes a bit of an ego to consider yourself an angel."  Then looking around the room, added, "notice how this is the only decoration in the room?"

"Not too surprising, Zed," Cipher replied, "Sith think themselves the center of the universe, higher ranking ones more so."  Studying the painting a bit more, he spoke to the woman, "I must admit, it is quite well done.  Look at how fine the brush stokes are, especially the sheerness of the cloth.  Whoever did this was an exceptional artist."

"It is beautiful, isn't it?" ,came the voice of Lord Zefaara from behind the pair, then with a slight laugh and smile, "without trying to sound too egotistical."

Startled by the Sith's words, Cipher and Zed turned to face her, heads bowed.  Cipher was the first to break the awkward silence, "my lord, please forgive us, we meant no disrespect,"  then continuing, "it is very beautiful.  I've only seen such masterful works in museums and they were many centuries old.  The artist's talents are exceptional, given that it seems, oil on canvas is a lost art nowadays."

Amused by the couple's reaction to her presence, Zefaara said, "relax, both of you, you are correct.  We Sith are well known for our egos, and I will admit that mine can be quite large at times."  Speaking again to the pair, she added,"  though I've definitely never seen myself as any sort of angel.  It was actually a gift from Mayla, created by her own hand."  Looking up at the painting, she continued, "I knew nothing about it until she presented to me, it was so beautiful, that I had it hung here and all other decor in the room removed.   When I asked her why she chose to represent me in such a manner, her reply was that 'only an angel could have saved me from the hell I was in'."  Wiping a small tear from her eye and regaining her composure, she motioned toward the table set for their dinner, "come, let's be seated, dinner will be served soon.  I've been told the chef has prepared a very special meal for us, one of his specialties,"  then with a slight smirk added, "he and Mayla wouldn't even tell me what it is, but both guarantee it will be one to remember."  Following the Sith's lead, the group sat down just as the chef and Mayla began to bring the appetizers.

"That was wampa?" ,Zed asked in astonishment as the three stood, sipping on their wine after enjoying the meal.

"I too was quite amazed," the Sith returned with a laugh, "who would have ever imagined one of those beasts could be so delicious?"  Then continued, "it seems the chef has some animosity toward them.  He told me that while he was on Hoth, those creatures ate enough of our troops, he thought it fitting to return the favor."

As the group laughed over the comment, an imposing figure dressed in Sith battle armor entered the room and addressed the Darth, "apologies my Lord for the interruption, but all is ready."

"Ah, Trego," Zefaara greeted the man, "perfect timing."  Then turning to her guests, "Cipher, Zed, this is Lord Trego Syn, my apprentice.  It would seem it is time to put the mission I've brought you here for into the beginning stages."  Once again, speaking to the Sith, "well Trego, let's get this party started, shall we?"

"Yes, my Lord,"  Trego replied as he began to activate what seemed to be some type of communication device he held in his hand.  After a few seconds, a voice came over the unit's speaker.

"Control, Major Crennik here, subjects identifications confirmed as the rogue Imperial Intelligence personnel Keeper, Cipher Nine and Watcher Zed.  Moving into position to capture," the voice said.

"Copy that, Major," another voice responded, "remember the subjects are to be captured alive for questioning, what ever the cost."

"Understood control," came the Major's reply, "initiating operation, now.  Will notify when accomplished, Crennik out."

After a few minutes, Trego once again began to operate the device's controls.  As the man punched the last button, a large fireball lit the sky outside the dining room's window, followed approximately thirty seconds later by a large explosion.  Turning to his master, the Sith spoke, "it is done, my Lord.  The operation may now commence without outside interference."

"You outdid yourself, Trego," Zefaara responded as she nonchalantly glanced at one of the chandeliers hanging from the room's ceiling, "a bit larger than expected."  Then speaking again to Cipher and Zed, "you're probably wondering what just happened, please follow me to my secure conference room and all will be made clear,"  then turning to her apprentice added, "Trego, please join us."

As the former intelligence agents followed the Siths from the room, both stared into each others eyes with a gaze of confusion.  Whispering to his partner, Cipher said, "it would seem we are definitely committed to whatever we've gotten ourselves  into, now."

Trying to lighten the mood, Zed whispered back, "at least our final meal was a good one..."


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1:14PM | Wed, 29 May 2019

It's very well done, love it! 😄



1:20PM | Wed, 29 May 2019

Very entertaining story, the images go well with the dialog.



2:47PM | Wed, 29 May 2019

Wonderful created image!


eekdog Online Now!

4:43PM | Wed, 29 May 2019

Great job on the panels and story.



7:37PM | Wed, 29 May 2019

Great story, nicely illustrated!



11:45PM | Wed, 29 May 2019




2:43PM | Thu, 30 May 2019

Excellent job on the story and images.



3:10AM | Fri, 31 May 2019




1:12PM | Thu, 06 June 2019

Very well written and the images make it easy to follow the dialog.

While I'm very familiar with the Star Wars movies, not so with The Old Republic. Looks like I need to do a bit of research. GOOGLE, here I come.



4:08PM | Fri, 14 June 2019

Great story and scenes!

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