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8 - The Bear’s Gift: Disposing of the Cursed

Poser Faeries posted on Sep 17, 2017
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8 - The Bear’s Gift: Disposing of the Cursed Harvest "That damn old man!" Opna was horrified, "that wretched beggar cursed me! I should have killed him!" "Witchcraft!" he heard Woiksla yelling, "Witchcraft!" Also that idiot of Woiksla had come to look at the ears and now was trembling with horror. In a few moments, the whole village gathered at the edge of the field and everybody saw those ears heavy with cocks stirring in the breeze. "We have to stub all that cursed hemmer, and make a bonfire in the form of human being. Inside we’ll put a goat, a crow and a pig and burn it all, making sure that every damned grain be burned to cinders." said Bhlaghmn, one of the two shamans of the village. "No!" Sakarodhots, the other shaman, exclaimed, "the sparks brought by the wind could taint the fields. It is better to harvest the hemmer and grind it, making sure that no grain is lost. Then we’ll knead the flour in the form of a human being, bake it and throw the effigy in the cold lake inside the forbidden narrow valley as an offer to the gods of the Underworld." For a while, the two shamans discussed the respective recipes, but in the end everyone seemed to think that the idea of throwing the evil effigy made with the cursed flour into the lake of the damned valley was the best. No one entered the valley and the passage to reach it was rather difficult. If those carrying the offer went back from the valley entrance walking backwards they would deceive the demon, so the crime would stay closed inside the lake and the valley along with the monster who lived there, a giant wild bear, certainly a demon too. So it was decided: men picked up the grain, married women gleaned the fields to be sure that all ears were harvested, and then they began to grind the ghastly grains. The grinding stones were put in Opna’s house, since he was the custodian of the Last Crop Sacred Bundle. Opna had to celebrate the purifying ceremonies with the two shamans and the heads of the most important families. When the flour was ground and the effigy of the demon cooked, the procession moved to the Lake Valley, while the grinding stones were broken. Opna’s beautiful house was burned to the ground for safety. Everyone had been careful that no grain was lost, but nobody noticed that a very small grain had attached to the fringed edge of Peqo's ceremonial belt. So when Peqo and Chaisos moved to a new, much shabby hut, the small phallic grain followed and slipped away under the mats beside the Chaisos’s loom. Opna’s village suffered a very hard long winter: its crop was lost, and the March sowing was only hope for its gaunt villagers. Opna's mood was sullener than ever and he bawled out continuously, while Peqo and Chaisos worked like slaves producing fabrics and vases and tanning skins for the First Spring Thunder Festival.

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12:25PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

Thank you to all people who appreciated the previous picture! Thank you for viewing and drop a note if you like!

CREDITS: Snarlygribbly: EZSkin 3; Daz Originals/Colm Jackson RuntimeDNA Syyd Traveler: Terradome2; StudioArtVartanian: Slave Hiton; turbosquid: Wheat; DAZ Originals/Ravenhair/Jack Tomalin Cheyenne Bundle; Traveler: Naturals; AlfaSeed: Caprice Hair; Eric Farris: EF-Leaping Bear M4.



12:30PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

that's one way of doing it! great story and image



12:42PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

really good



12:44PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

Fantastic scene and story!



12:50PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

Splendid work! Bravo!


eekdog Online Now!

1:03PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

Awesome setting, really super..



1:10PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

wonderful work and story***



1:42PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

Fantastic scene once again my friend... Outstandingly done !!!



2:11PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

outstanding poses and composition. very imaginative story line here



2:25PM | Sun, 17 September 2017



Anthony Appleyard

3:14PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

Very good image and story.



3:49PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

Super image,klasse story,love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ken _Gilliland

5:57PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

interesting story and great image



6:07PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

Excellent work!


goldie Online Now!

9:24PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

This is such an interesting story line. Your image is terrific too.

I could never keep up with your previous magnus opus (Canals) because I was so involved with my little Chloe's health situation and often was just "too pooped to pop" to even venture into the galleries. All the Chloe's care went on for 3 years. Well, as you know, she's gone (thank you for your kind words) and ATM I feel I have so much time on my hands that viewing and commenting here at the galleries will be much easier and certainly a nice change of pace for me.

Look forward to your next installment 😃



10:44PM | Sun, 17 September 2017

Cool image and story Bravo!



11:52PM | Sun, 17 September 2017




12:40AM | Mon, 18 September 2017




12:57AM | Mon, 18 September 2017

Superbly done scene - great posing!!!



1:18AM | Mon, 18 September 2017

Very very very well composed scene !!!



1:24AM | Mon, 18 September 2017

Great story and scene!!!



1:40AM | Mon, 18 September 2017

Did they eat the effigy of the demon ? A damn good scene and interesting story.



5:01AM | Mon, 18 September 2017

Beautiful image, colorful composition !! Nice scene !!



5:33AM | Mon, 18 September 2017



5:48AM | Mon, 18 September 2017

Grand scene and continuing story!



8:18AM | Mon, 18 September 2017

Excellent work on this entire series !!!



12:22PM | Mon, 18 September 2017

Great image and story; love all the poses and expressions!



12:25PM | Mon, 18 September 2017

I love your imagination in this story. I look forward to the tale of the one grain that escaped. good work on this scene, too!



12:58PM | Mon, 18 September 2017

Great scene with all these interesting characters!



1:03PM | Mon, 18 September 2017

Very realistic scene with all these expressive characters !

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