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Canals of New Mars: G-8’s Slimy Business Par

Poser Science Fiction posted on Oct 07, 2016

Contains profanity

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This artwork contains mature content: profanity.

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"Come forward." Everyone in the reactor room heard him. Eve's heart jumped in her bosom: Jay's voice was deep and dark, rich and soothing like good brandy. G-8 shivered. JS's chilly, ominous voice pierced her ears like an ice-pick: it was unnerving as if the darkness it came from had come to life. The flash of anger gone, she was standing in the open, alone in the line of fire. 3TC shuffled his feet uncomfortably, JS's voice was like the knell of a passing bell. "The bastard is still alive and kicking, dammit!" G-8 advanced. In truth, she could have kicked herself for this situation: the prospect of achieving their millennia old quest had indented her secular aloofness. Sensing their quest over, the 104s had underestimated the danger of consorting with lesser and emotional beings such as the Humans, despite the previous disappointments had warned them about possible failures. She herself had been infected by this disconcerting feeling of excitement. She came almost at the outer door, here G-8 saw him and Eve through her mind. Surrounded by Wabi bodies, covered with blood, a machine gun in his hand, his face devoid of any emotion except perhaps a wry grin, JS stood dominating the scene with his commanding presence. JS was not much higher than average, but ... "Magnificent! You look like a war god!" Eve thought. "Thanks!" JS replied. His lips twitched and a spark of amusement lighted his eyes. G-8 caught it and hoped. "Sea, I ask for your help. One of our ..." "Acolytes?" JS suggested. G-8 wavered her hand as if to ward off an annoying fly. "A slimy merc has betrayed our trust. If you kill him, we'll pay the job handsomely." "And the woman?" "She's no longer with us, maybe she's dead." G-8 lied. "Bullocks! 3TC is holding her hostage, that's why you want him offed!" JS retorted. "Kill 3TC and let us go. In addition to the reward no Gray in the Galaxy will hunt you down." G-8 bargained thinking about the size of the price on JS's head, the bastard had to die in turn. "Just 3 billions? My head is worth more!" JS grinned. "Moreover be certain no Gray will go after me since I have offered them immortality." "Immortality? how?" "In the old way, by making healthy sex!" "How do you know ..." The truth dawned in G-8's minds. "You are a telepath!" She shouted accusingly. "What the hell are they saying?" 3TC asked Eve. From his hiding place 3TC couldn't hear anything and this worried him, G-8 was plotting something for sure. The excruciating metallic noise and his passengers' delay had distressed the pilot, so he ran outside screaming: "Move or we'll fail to take off! Those damn space cruisers are above us!" Bang! Bang! Taking advantage of the diversion JS darted to a better spot and popped the pilot. The pilot's loss sparked a hysterical barrage fire by the Grays. Caught in the crossfire G-8 stood frozen with horror before being sliced open by her panic-stricken mates. "You shit-scared chickens, stop the fucking fire! Jelani dispatch Sea!" 3TC yelled, pressing his gun against Eve's head. Eve felt JS's wrath and pain. The drug effect was gone and his wounds, old and new, were burning like hell. Jelani gestured to 3TC his intention to crawl under the bridge to where JS was hiding and throw a grenade. "Cover fire, now!" he shouted to the Grays. The Grays pumped the door full of lead. "Predictable even if I weren't a telepath!" JS grinned. Bang! Bang! Bang! JS knew exactly when every Gray was exposed to his lethal fire, and hit them one by one as he had done with the Wabis. Silent like a panther Jelani approached the door. Eve felt 3TC hold his breath expectantly. A hand popped out and threw two grenades linked together over the rail. Boom! Screaming Jelani's mangled body fell into the abyss. JS stepped on the bridge, keeping his gun trained on 3TC. "You're buggered!" Eve spat at 3TC. "Fuck you, baby!" 3TC snarled and threw her into the void.

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5:49PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

Thank you to all people who appreciated the previous picture! Thank you for viewing and drop a note if you like!

CREDITS: Snarlygribbly: EZSkin 3; ElorOnceDark: Cyberpunk for M4; porsimo: trooper gun; lyrra: Ensign; 4blueyes: Winter Flower for V4; 3D Universe: M4 Casual Clothes; Glitterati3D & Velocity3D: Labcoat and Scrubs for M4; Mestophales: Coalition A-W; Predatron: 14 mU Link Chamber, Poser: Crane; Wartech: Sig Sauer; Xurge3D: Imperator.


7:24PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

The Title is:

Canals of New Mars: G-8's Slimy Business Partner



6:49PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

totally stunning! Amazing Story!



7:12PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

WOW! Fabulous job!



7:18PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

very exciting story and illustration



7:29PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

Well written and superb art.



8:15PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

Fantastic scene and story!



8:33PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

Great scene and the chapter is very intense!



9:39PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

great scene, great details ! what a sf work !!! splendid series !!!



9:42PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

Tossed her into the...that's not very nice!

But that is a cool render, lots of details!



9:45PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

Very good story and scene!



10:16PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

Excellent work on this episode, Flavia! Fantastic art work as well! Most splendid addition to the story!



10:52PM | Fri, 07 October 2016

This is a very beautiful!


mauk Online Now!

1:40AM | Sat, 08 October 2016




1:53AM | Sat, 08 October 2016

Thrilling chapter Eve's fate is now the question!!! Dramatic scene for this chapter!!! 😄



2:54AM | Sat, 08 October 2016

Very well staged scene, great action image!



2:58AM | Sat, 08 October 2016

Very well crafted image, dramatic scene !



4:13AM | Sat, 08 October 2016


5:28AM | Sat, 08 October 2016




7:11AM | Sat, 08 October 2016

LIke a western movie scene revisited and it's great.



9:01AM | Sat, 08 October 2016

Very fine sci-fi tableau.So much to see in this.



10:49AM | Sat, 08 October 2016

Great creation, cool scene!!



10:55AM | Sat, 08 October 2016


11:16AM | Sat, 08 October 2016

very strained atmosphere. Bravo !



12:35PM | Sat, 08 October 2016

Once again an excellent episode and accompanying art.



3:37PM | Sat, 08 October 2016

Absolutely riveting artwork and story, this would make a great graphic novel.



1:20AM | Sun, 09 October 2016




1:30AM | Sun, 09 October 2016

Great scene, great work!


Ken _Gilliland

10:23AM | Sun, 09 October 2016

nice work



10:25AM | Sun, 09 October 2016

Nice job!



7:34PM | Sun, 09 October 2016

Awesome chapter and at the risk of a bad pun, quite a cliffhanger!

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