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Canals of New Mars: The Gunfight

Poser Science Fiction posted on Aug 06, 2016

Contains nudity, profanity, violence

Content Advisory!

This artwork contains mature content: nudity, profanity, violence.

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"You shithead! That's a Wabi!" (Badu). "Get out, this body is mine!" (G-1/Lou Cyfer). "Are you Jay Sea?" (Lady G-8). "No, it's mine!" (Lou Cyfer / G-1). "Who's this Wabi, Eve?" (3TC). "I am not me, I'm a Wabi." (JS, thinking). "I'd recognize Sea anywhere, this is a fucking Wabi!" (Badu). "Take his DNA, we'll know who he is!" (Flaw). It was a cacophony of yells and shouts. "Jay, they'll kill you!" (Eve, thinking). Stomp, stomp, stomp. (Heavy Wabi boots racing on the stairs). "If I throw you a gun, can you get it, Eve?" (JS, thinking). "No, I'm too weak. I have to protect our child." (Eve, thinking). "Can I rush these bastards before they have a chance to bugger me and grab Eve in the meanwhile?" (JS, thinking). "I said this body is mine!" G-1 shouted getting the upper hand on Lou Cyfer's body. "Come on, this way." 3TC grabbed Eve’s arm. JS kept his attitude, but his muscles tensed and every nerve of his body steeled itself even more. Dragging Eve, 3TC took a few steps, the Gray officer following close. At the door he turned: "Badu, kill him." "Vickie, Etta, fire!" JS thought. The hell broke loose. A missile hit the outside of the villa throwing around shreds of Wabi bodies and chunks of concrete. Using Flaw as a shield JS drew and fired. His first bullet hit Badu's breastplate. In a flash he turned and killed the Gray at the door. Diving away behind a column Badu yelled: "You're quick, Sea, I was distracted by the pussy". "A piss-poor excuse, Badu!" Taking cover between two columns and still holding Flaw as a shield JS let loose a single round against one of the rushing Wabis who was shooting wildly. The Wabi dropped onto the floor. Peppered by gun fire Flaw's body was writhing in a death jig. "I'm your father!" Flaw murmured. "And I'm your fucking bane!" viciously JS touched Flaw’s mind. "You are a telepath! How? When?" Flaw gurgled, his life choked by a stream of bubbled blood. Now they were in a standoff. JS put Flaw's body against the balustrade to deceive the Wabi sniper. There were just Badu and the other Wabi between him and the massive oak door behind which 3TC had disappeared with Eve, but there were more incoming Wabis. "Shoot at him!" Badu shouted at the sniper. JS could see his shadow waving his arms, so he fired a few rounds at a very sharp fire angle and was gratified by a "Bugger!". Some marble splinters had grazed Badu's right arm. Bang! A bullet whizzed very close JS's head, a second shattered the crest of his helmet. Slightly dazed JS found himself thinking the standards were slipping down nowadays, "In the colonial wars the helmet didn't break." Eve's mind-voice gave him a reality check: "Jay, are you OK? I'm been dragged into the reactor room. G-8's going to run away with G-0's body in an astro-yacht, but not before having rigged the reactor with HEX to blow this asteroid up. Be careful, two more Wabis and one Gray are coming upstairs." "I'm fine." The Wabi sniper was becoming a true pain in the ass, but the reactor where they had brought Eve was right there under him and JS didn't dare order a missile attack. So he launched himself sideways onto the floor while throwing his helmet far away beyond Badu's hiding place. Slinging across the polished floor JS sent a murderous burst taking down the first incoming Wabi who was approaching, leaping from one column to the other. Quickly kicking the wall he slid toward the killed Wabi's. Glancing Flaw's twisted form JS felt elated. When the second incoming Wabi was near, he was greeted by the sight of JS's gun pointed right at his head. Bang! JS teased the trigger of his newly acquired assault rifle sending a murderous burst against the sniper and zapping him. He turned just in time to throw himself onto the ground: two more Wabis were rushing in. The armored corpses were a better coverage than Flaw's, but JS felt the bite of a couple of bullets in his calf and side.

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12:51PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

Thank you to all people who appreciated the previous picture! Thank you for viewing and drop a note if you like!

CREDITS: Snarlygribbly: EZSkin 3; Colm and Traveler /RDNA: Terradome 2; ElorOnceDark: Cyberpunk for M4; Jack Tomalin: Platea; RDNA: Shrunken Head; porsimo: M356, trooper, barracuda gun; lyrra: Ensign; AlfaSeed: AvaAdore; Michelle Weber: Tequila hair; Glitterati3D & Velocity3D: Labcoat and Scrubs for M4; Dolphing: RoseShoes for V4-A4.

Sorry for the delay, but it's reenactment season ;-)



1:17PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

A most fascinating and action packed episode! Very well played! Excellent art work as well! Bravo!



1:21PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

Awesome action, very creative scene.



1:22PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

an exciting, action-packed chapter and scene... wow... good job on both!



1:22PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

Creepy and impressive action scene, very well done image!



1:31PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

Very bloody and dramatic scene, well done as always !



2:58PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

Excellent work!!!


Ken _Gilliland

4:14PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

nice work



4:23PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

Fantastic scene and story!



5:51PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

Great action scene!



6:42PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

Love how the naked girl just chills in the corner, lol.



7:42PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

superb action scene and poses



8:31PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

Awesome job! Excellent effects.



9:40PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

CREEPY and IMPRESSIVE ACTION ! grerat style and very well rendered scene !!! excellent !!!



10:13PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

Marvelous creation remplis de détails



11:08PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

Great gory action packed episode...well done



11:51PM | Sat, 06 August 2016

cool action scene, beautiful image



12:05AM | Sun, 07 August 2016

Excellent scene !!



2:02AM | Sun, 07 August 2016





2:27AM | Sun, 07 August 2016

Great action scene and story!



2:43AM | Sun, 07 August 2016

Exciting chapter and great scene for the story - nicely done!!!



2:47AM | Sun, 07 August 2016

Excellent and very dramatic action scene. Fantastic characters, poses and effects. Outstanding work!!



3:24AM | Sun, 07 August 2016

Nice work!!!!!



6:04AM | Sun, 07 August 2016

Awesome creation/composition !!!



7:03AM | Sun, 07 August 2016

As always; super story and an fantastic image;love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



11:26AM | Sun, 07 August 2016

What a strong impression! And the girl on the right - very nice touch :-). Fabulous!



11:57AM | Sun, 07 August 2016

This reminds me of "High Noon" and its famous gunfight but the story and the characters don't match with the movie...this is absolutely excellent ; you paid great attention to details.



12:18PM | Sun, 07 August 2016

Great creation, cool scene!!



3:16PM | Sun, 07 August 2016

Fantastic and very intense chapter - Great image



3:29PM | Sun, 07 August 2016


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