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Canals of New Mars: First Strike

Poser Science Fiction posted on Jun 26, 2016

Contains nudity, profanity

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This artwork contains mature content: nudity, profanity.

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Like a virus of an incubating fatal disease makes its way quietly and lethally into the host organism, so JS began to creep into his enemies' minds. While he was sprawled on the sandbags or pretending to hang around the pool, he poured into their minds thoughts of annoyance, contempt and hatred. Not even a day had passed and his work was producing poisonous fruit. Actually, since that group of people already hated and distrusted each other, it was an easy task. A parrot fluttered around Desmond and flew off screeching: "You, brute!" JS grinned, every animal in the palace, from the cockroaches to Spectre, 3TC's pet, was now a minion of his, allowing him access to every room. Animal control in this spy game also helped him to divert Eve's mind, since she in turn was rummaging her enemies' minds in search of weak points. "Argh!" Desmond screamed diving. He stopped a few yards from their post, flapping his wings and daring them. There was in Desmond an animosity against him, JS, almost innate as if he sensed something, but thanks to JS's job Desmond was more and more furious at everybody. "Fuck you, ugly monster!" Wa-3 screamed, throwing a pair of empty shells at Desmond. "I hate that monster." "Me too." JS replied. "Why don't they let us have fun with him?" "Orders." JS said. "You, follow me!" Badu barked at JS. JS followed Badu to the prisons where Eve was kept. As he saw her, his heart began to pound so strong that for a moment he feared Badu could hear him. Seeing Eve with his own eyes without the filter of other beings' minds, he noticed how she was proven. The desire to hug her or have a mental contact was almost unbearable, but he steeled himself. "A new assassin, Badu, were you short of cutthroats?" Eve said, her pretty mouth twisted in a grimace of contempt and her eyes gleaming with fury. Badu muttered a curse, then told JS: "You must protect this woman with your own life. It's an order. Is that clear?" "Crystal clear, sirree". JS replied. "Dismissed!" Badu told JS and added: "Remember our deal, Eve. If I kill JS, you'll give me the ships." "How could I forget?" Eve replied sarcastically while with her mind tried to penetrate the Wabi's mind (that's JS's). JS felt her eyes piercing him as he walked away down the hall, and frantically focused on scenes of battles and brawls in the canteen on the Wabi ship. Eve's mind followed him for a while then left, puzzled. On the patio outside JS exhaled: that had been the toughest test. That evening G-15 announced that there was something strange in Eve's tests. "Maybe the initial effort was excessive, she's stressed." G-8 said. "Better to put her back into her room." Next day G-15 retired to his lab to study Eve's tests data. Soon he was joined by Flaw who seemed particularly interested. Flaw's crazy cupidity immediately struck JS: the man was after something. He was literally drooling over the data. The Gray looked astonished at Flaw and jumped up shouting: "I must warn G-8!" Worried, JS decided to strike. G-15 not only was the best scientist in the base, but also the only one who had seen action. He had to be eliminated first. Excited G-15 ran into patio almost colliding with Desmond who was in the grip of one of its acts of defiance. Desmond had never loved the Gray so it was easy for JS hiss in his mind that G-15 wanted to give Eve to Badu. Desmond's reaction was abrupt: he dived like a hawk on G-15, grabbing him. "She's mine!" he roared. He rose up in the sky clutching its screaming and wriggling prey. JS grinned: it was working. "Should I shoot him?" his sniper asked. "No." JS replied taking possession of the brain of the symbiont beast holding Desmond with its large wings. "Drop him!" he mind-ordered. The beast obeyed. It spread his claws open and flew away. "Hit the beast!" JS ordered. The sniper fired. The sound was almost muffled by the screaming Desmond and G-15 crashing to the ground like broken eggs.

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12:49PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Thank you to all people who appreciated the previous picture! Thank you for viewing and drop a note if you like!

CREDITS: Snarlygribbly: EZSkin 3; Colm and Traveler /RDNA: Terradome 2; ElorOnceDark: Cyberpunk for M4; Jack Tomalin: Platea; RDNA: Shrunken Head; porsimo: M356, trooper, barracuda gun; Nightshift3D: Battle Flak; mjc: ammo belt; MalicetheCat-Ecstasy: Atlantis; lyrra: Ensign; 4blueyes: Winter Flower for V4.



12:52PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

WOW...What a fabulous scene and a fantastic decor my friend... Fantastic concept/realization also... I love it a lot !!!



12:53PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

wow!! fabulous scene !!



12:57PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Very impressive scene and superb pov, excellent!



12:59PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Magnificent work! Illumination of the first-rate quality!



1:07PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Incredible scene with this POV, great work !



1:31PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

wow awesome view and work,wonderfully done****



1:32PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Fabulous image and the story gripped me all the way to the end.
excellent work



1:38PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Very good story and scene! Excellent work!



2:24PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Whoa!!! Very COOL!!!



3:06PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Good job on action and pov.



4:00PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

JS definitely has a mean streak running through him.



5:39PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Your story telling is excellent. Your illustration and use of a fine camera angle are top notch. Beautiful work.



5:54PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Fantastic scene and story!



6:50PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Always a great aventure



7:51PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Excellent work, writing and illustrating! Bravo!



8:32PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

very wonderful work and story



8:52PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Awesome work you did here!



9:16PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

always original writing and so much imagination in text and illustration



10:16PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Where it is found that JS lentyement manages to take posession of spirits and other creatures give ental order ... can be a deadly efficiency !!! Endless Space Opera is renewed, although JS aim is to become the master of the Worlds !!! What a great Space Opera ! splendid picture here !!!



11:51PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Great perspective shot, as well as a fascinating story.



12:20AM | Mon, 27 June 2016

ein sehr schöner Render



1:05AM | Mon, 27 June 2016

Wow - two down - nicely done story and scene!!!



1:13AM | Mon, 27 June 2016




4:05AM | Mon, 27 June 2016
1annex-woman-looks great.jpg

Ken _Gilliland

8:38AM | Mon, 27 June 2016

nicely done



8:56AM | Mon, 27 June 2016

A treat at full-size.An action-packed fantasy render.



9:26AM | Mon, 27 June 2016

Astonishing...both image and story



10:41AM | Mon, 27 June 2016




12:33PM | Mon, 27 June 2016

fantastic decor and cool scene!!

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