Erath3.9:Ethereal Partings

Mixed Medium Fantasy posted on Dec 15, 2011
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The four women spent the rest of the day and into the evening in Barlo's common room drinking and reminiscing old times at the Wizard Spring school. Ertha and Sirenia did not feel the affects of the whisky and wine like Brigit and Winslet. After a while, even remembering the bad moments brought hearty laughs from the two former students. Eventually the evening grew late and Barlo provided a larger room he called a suite, for all of them to share. It even had it's own bath with hot water already drawn. Winslet and Brigit both bathed and were soon fast asleep on one of the large beds. Sirenia and Ertha went in to meditative states and waited for morning. Morning came early for the two 'Mistresses in Training.' Despite a long sleep, they both woke up rather fuzzy and groggy. Breakfast was waiting and Ertha instructed them to eat up. The two managed to get themselves together and found their energy restored after eating the provided fruits, bread and bean soup. And of course two pitchers of water were eagerly consumed. This day was spent by Ertha and Sirenia explaining more of the Elemental Sisterhood, their expected duties and even some of the abilities they would gain if accepted. Quasi immortality would be given. As well as higher perception of the world and universe around them. The abilities to effect the elements of their sphere of influence would be great and could achieve levels higher than even the greatest mortal mage could attain. However all things great come with practice and experience. Such an ability would be to achieve the same state as that over which one is to be associated with. Turning into rock, water, air and even fire itself. Such a state can be attained but only for a limited time. That time is dependent on the individuals abilities. Another extraordinary ability is being able to enter the ethereal plane and cross to the actual Elemental Planes. The Elemental Material Planes are the source of all things in the Prime Material Universe that is the home of Spatial Sentients, humans, humanoids, elves, dragons etc. etc. In these seemingly infinite elemental 'worlds' live all manner of creatures and beings. Some become allies and some become enemies, but an Elemental Mistress can call upon these sentients for aid when necessary. Sirenia did such a thing when she summoned the water weird to save the two rebels in Gotodonia. Such power needs to be used carefully and sparingly lest the laws of the Divine Governors be breached and punishment be brought upon the individual. Summoning extraplanar beings can lead to unwanted consequences, so the summoner better have full control of the situation. Being able to achieve an ethereal state and cross through the deep ethereal to an Elemental Plane requires practice, experience and can only be done every so often. Summoning a being to the prime material is easier in practice, but as mentioned, the summoner must have full control whether by friendship or some spell of control. The two newbies were a bit overwhelmed, but both being highly intelligent and accomplished mages got the gist of things. All things take time to understand and absorb and Ertha and Sirenia agreed on the missions for these two to undertake to understand the importance of taking responsibility for such a position. The days ahead would force them to look at their inner selves and face their own demons and shortcomings. They spent one more night at Barlo's inn, an early night, and at first light prepared for their journeys. Continued below...

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adorety 10:26PM | Thu, 15 December 2011

Winslet had a place in town she had some personal stuff stored. In fact she had several places like that across the land. 'It's good to have a secret caches for an emergency.' She'd said. Indeed it was. She had acquired a new outfit for traveling, that was slightly less revealing then her other one, on their second day in Highbridge and was dressed in that now along with a long, flowing, blue gossamer cloak. She revealed that it was in fact a Cloak of the Shadow Hawk. A legendary magical cloak that allowed the wearer to fly for a certain amount of time. It was created by the Inventor Mages in the Order of the Djinn and given to it's highest members for great deeds done. Winslet had, in fact, earned it, but when asked to return it when being discharged from the order, she simply flew away. Ertha said 'You wont be needing that for this leg of the journey, but it will come in quite handy soon enough.' Winslet could only imagine what that meant. Ertha spoke up again. 'Gather round ladies and enjoy your first step in to the ethereal plane.' The four women joined hands with Sirenia and Ertha opposite each other. They closed their eyes and in less than a minute the world around them began to fade into gray and ghostly forms. The room faded and became a shade of what it was and soon seemed to almost disappear altogether. 'Welcome to the shadow side.' Ertha said. All four women looked like shadows of their former selves. When Brigit and Winslet looked around they saw colors, stars and mostly swirling mists. In seeming vast distances, buildings and even landscapes could be seen as drifting and changing forms. Ertha explained, 'What you see is our world as viewed from the shadow side.' 'To travel the ethereal you need to know your destination and concentrate on it. Then you simply move forward until you arrive there. The ethereal is always changing, therefore knowing your destination is of paramount importance or you could just wander and never know where you might end up. This is the shadow side that lies between the prime material and the deep ethereal. To get where we need to go quickly we will enter the deep ethereal.' Ertha explained and turning to Winslet added, 'I know where we are going so all you need to do is follow me. The same will be true for Sirenia and you Brigit.' She said now turning to the other women. Brigit turned to Winslet. 'So this is where we part once again old friend.' 'We will meet again soon I believe. Be well and survive old friend.' Winslet responded and the two women embraced. It felt very strange, for rather than feeling a body it was more like touching some ambiguous form. Ertha and Sirenia embraced as well, then both parties set off in opposite directions. Winslet stood for a moment looking at her surroundings and down at herself in wonder. When she looked up Ertha was further away than she expected and walking at a completely different angle than what would seem possible. Ertha shouted out 'Keep up or be lost!' It sounded rather muffled though. Winslet immediately moved forward and caught up quickly. 'You understand 'follow closely now' I suspect.' Winslet simply nodded. 'See that curtain of colored light in the distance?' Again Winslet only nodded. 'That is where we enter the deep ethereal.' It was sort of like a huge curtain made out of a rainbow. When they arrived before it Ertha turned to Winslet, 'Ready?' 'As I'll ever be.' Was the response and together they stepped through the vaporous curtain of color. Thanks for looking and comments. Vue render mainly with lots of photoshop.


mgtcs 10:30PM | Thu, 15 December 2011

Fantastic image and story Arthur, very fine work, congratulations!


SidheRoseGraphics 10:56PM | Thu, 15 December 2011

I was hoping you would post another in the series soon. This is awesome Arthur - both the image and the story here. That rainbow effect is not always easily achieved, and it's great the way everything is tilted at odd angles. Really gives the feel of being somewhere else and not here. Lol, I love how Winslet 'simply flew away'. Good for her! Great description and explaination of the ethereal plane. Bravo on this!


odile 2:27AM | Fri, 16 December 2011

This is nice. I like all those transparencies, fasinating! The set is great as well!


fallen21 3:19AM | Fri, 16 December 2011

Splendid scene, excellent work!


capelito 4:06AM | Fri, 16 December 2011

Wonderful work.


Dreamdesigner 4:29AM | Fri, 16 December 2011

Very interesting and successful story and outstanding render work Arthur:-))))))


eekdog 7:14AM | Fri, 16 December 2011

great job! quite the story.


drifterlee 12:51PM | Fri, 16 December 2011

Excellent story and scene!!!!!!!


flavia49 1:06PM | Fri, 16 December 2011

astonishing!! great story


ZanderXL 1:06PM | Fri, 16 December 2011

After a night of whisky and wine a breakfast of fruit, bread, and bean soup ain't gonna cut it! Where's the fry-up and copius amounts of tea?? :) So. Travelling the "etheral". Do they actually, phyiscally move onto this plane or are they projecting themselves?


2121 2:05PM | Fri, 16 December 2011

remarkable work Arthur


Tracesl Online Now! 5:15PM | Fri, 16 December 2011

great story


RodS 6:50PM | Fri, 16 December 2011

Wonderfully composed story, well written and engaging - I'm hooked, Arthur! Wonderful and very ethereal artwork! Oh, dear..... Bean soup first thing in the morning?? You wouldn't want to be within 100 yards of me for the rest of the day....


brewgirlca 8:32PM | Fri, 16 December 2011

In full view I can see that this is a lot more tricky than what it first appeared - with the transluscent clothes and the underlying skin textures. Very crafty the way you have done it. A gripping story and a fine explanation of the planes of being.


twelvemark21 10:43PM | Fri, 16 December 2011

Definitely a must zoom to appreciate what you've done here. Those transparencies, the atmosphere, the background structures and the rainbows... The image alone is a impressive pc. of storytelling. (Enjoy very much your writing style, gotta find time to go back and read this from the beginning...)


starfire777 10:44AM | Sat, 17 December 2011

Very cool image!!!


psyoshida 2:38PM | Sat, 17 December 2011

What a great storyteller you are. It amazes me every time I read your stories. I hope I don't have to wait long to get more of the story as you leave us hanging wanting more to go with them into the deep ethereal. A zoom is an absolute must, it's incredible the different levels of transparency you have achieved. What a great job. Just excellent work all round.

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