Gallery of the Week for Jan 9, 2017- Deep Dream Generator Gallery

gToon · January 9, 2017 1:32 pm

Splash screen: carrelage : raie en mer !!! for Richardphotos by claude19

For the week of January 9, 2017, we have chosen the

Deep Dream Generator Gallery

as our "Gallery of the Week". Created by Google in 2015 as an online image generating application, Deep Dream Generator has become a unique tool for artists looking to create strange and/or unusual imagery. The wikipedia says this about the origins of this very cool application:

DeepDream is a computer vision program created by Google which uses a convolutional neural network to find and enhance patterns in images via algorithmic pareidolia, thus creating a dreamlike hallucinogenic appearance in the deliberately over-processed images. Google's program popularized the term (deep) "dreaming" to refer to the generation of images that desired activations in a trained deep network, and the term now refers to a collection of related approaches. -wikipedia

A completely free cloud application, Deep Dream Generator, allows you to upload your images and them manipulate them using algorithms created by the Deep Dream Generator team. You can manipulate them in a variety of ways, plus if you aren't satisfied you can generate new variations as much as you like either as a major change to the image or only a very minor one. Check out the Deep Dream Generator site for more info or to sign up. It's a lot of fun.

Listed below are 10 featured artists who have created works that have been posted in the Deep Dream Generator Gallery genre. Be sure to check out the short video at the top of this article which features all of the artists listed here. Remember, it's only a small sampling of the good work being done by digital artists at!

1. Document fantastique by claude19

2. bonus betty 3 by bucyjoe

3. Mosaic-02 by kareldg

4. Anfibio SueƱo 1 by Deenamic

5. Country scene by Sunflowers159

6. spirit of 45 by bucyjoe

7. Deep Dream art by Sunflowers159

8. My Dream by darknewt

9. A Dream of Winter by jayaprime

10. Happy Birds by Sunrise by dochtersions

Visit the Renderosity Deep Dream Generator Gallery genre to see more out of the box works by Renderosity artists. The video below samples the 10 artist works listed above. Follow this link to the Renderosity YouTube channel for past "Gallery of the Week" videos.