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vMaterials 2.2 vCeramic Tiles DS Shaders

Materials posted on Aug 28, 2023 255 downloads

Operating System(s): Windows 10, Windows 11

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

NVIDIA vMaterials are a curated collection of MDL materials and lights representing
common real world materials used in design and AEC workflows. The materials are built
with a consistent scale so designers can easily switch from material to material without
needing to re-adjust scale.

Unfortunately though Daz Studio does use iRay, BUT it does NOT directly use mdl files as shaders.
Instead the mdl files are used as bricks in the Shader Mixer.

I have taken these mdl files and utilized them to bring the shaders into Daz Studio. Each MDL file can individually hold anywhere from 1-15+ shader variations, so it can take some time to pick these apart and create the usable shaders for Daz Studio.

This package contains the converted shaders from the Carpaint section and includes:
10 Glazed Ceramic Tile Shaders
Diamond, Mosaic Shifted, Offset Diamond, Paseo, Penny, Pinwheel, Square, Square Brick, Subway

I will be releasing the other packages as i complete them.

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suyee169 11:22PM | Sun, 05 November 2023

I'm having difficulty getting this to work. When the shader is applied, the object simply shows up in Iray renders with a dull blue generic texture. No tiles, grout, anything. Are there any basic parameter settings that you can recommend to get started?


Sea80 12:03AM | Tue, 29 August 2023

Thanks for doing this, it's much appreciated.

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