Templates for G9 Base UV Set

2D Textures posted on Oct 19, 2022 1135 downloads

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Free Templates for the New Genesis 9 Base UV Set. These are the type with the colourful borders :-)
Includes templates for the male and female gens.
Templates are used to create skin sets. May be used to create commercial and/or non-commercial skin sets.
Remember to apply texture outside of the edges a few pixels to prevent seams from showing ;-)
One requires an image editor that works with layers to make skins.
Enjoy :-)

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Freestuff Comments


dartspd 7:32PM | Fri, 06 October 2023

Very helpful!. Thanks.

barbzthorpe 6:55AM | Wed, 04 October 2023

Thank U!


Fenris9 5:21PM | Sun, 24 September 2023

Just what I was looking for. Many thanks!

romulus71 9:00AM | Thu, 07 September 2023

Thank you so much for these!


Laticis 9:59PM | Wed, 14 June 2023

Thank you very much :)


Andrew_C 11:15AM | Mon, 06 March 2023

Very handy, TY


infinity10 8:26AM | Mon, 26 December 2022

Thanks for these. I want to try creating L.I.E. makeup, but I am veyr poor at texturing...


PetuniaPetals 1:20AM | Thu, 08 December 2022

All are welcome, glad to see this going to so many good homes :-) @ JKnoU, this was not made in any of those programs. To make these templates I use an old program called Stitchwitch which is no longer available. You might want to try Corel's PaintShopPro. There's a free trial available. Their "ultra" deals usually include some additional programs too.

JKnoU 1:25AM | Wed, 07 December 2022

Thanks! I guess I will pay for the upgrade to Affinity Photo. Quit PS once it went subscription based. Now they purchased Substance Painter and aren't going to offer updates in the future if purchased through Steam. Just when I thought I was out they pulled me back in.

jurllu 9:19PM | Mon, 24 October 2022

Another big THANK YOU!! Both for making this at all, but also for making it FREE and for making it available so SOON!!


PetuniaPetals 9:58PM | Sat, 22 October 2022

All are welcome, glad to see if finding so many good homes :-) @ billyben Nothing spectacular that I'm aware of. One would want to use the same shader as for the torso, with matching skin textures for the gens of course. Then select the gens and save out a mat file. Some prefer to make Hierarchical mat files which requires that the main figure is selected in order to apply the mat to the gens. I do not.

billyben 9:28PM | Sat, 22 October 2022

Are there any tutorials on making anatomical elements material .duf sets?


xxxaliens 10:45AM | Sat, 22 October 2022

Thank you! It's sad that the free community is providing utilities for Genesis 9 way faster than Daz is providing them.

kdmccoy 7:51PM | Fri, 21 October 2022

Thanks very much! I can't wait for everything to catch up to G9 (Face transfer, conversion utilities etc.)!

emotionaldreams 9:39PM | Thu, 20 October 2022



firstamz78 10:09AM | Thu, 20 October 2022

Thank you So MUCH ! Was about to start a journey looking after included files to begin a convert step session ! IT really helps ! TYVM

Scallywag 10:08AM | Thu, 20 October 2022

Thank you!

herhey2000 9:58AM | Thu, 20 October 2022

Cool, thanks.

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