Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

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Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Who doesn't need Hazelnut Chocolate Spread?

This is a little freebie that consists of some hazelnut chocolate spread in a jar with a removable lid. There are two labels, and three material settings: Full, Empty and Labels Washed Off. The jar can be re-used as a drinking tumbler when the labels are removed. The hazelnut chocolate spread could have different shaders applied to make it look as if the tumbler is being filled.

The glass is invisible in Filament preview mode, and hard to see in all remaining preview modes except iRay.

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Freestuff Comments


MeikiSan 4:20AM | Sun, 16 October 2022

You had to! And I couldn't resist - thank you for tempting me to this lovely sweet sin.


richardandtracy 8:23AM | Sun, 14 August 2022

Thank you all, I do appreciate your comments.

mozzipoz 8:17AM | Sun, 14 August 2022

Looks good! Thank you very much


ashley9803 9:47PM | Thu, 11 August 2022

Thanks richardandtracy! Another great prop to add to my food collection.

The_Chan_Droid 8:18AM | Thu, 11 August 2022

Thank You so much, richardandtracy :)

tsunoame 12:57AM | Thu, 11 August 2022

Thank you!!


richardandtracy 3:16PM | Tue, 09 August 2022

I'm pleased you like them. I have an idea about using them in my next freebie, but as it may not come off, I won't give any details.


a_crow 12:25PM | Tue, 09 August 2022

Hah, we have a few different colors of these in our cupboard. They're my favorite little water glasses. So cool to get to play with them in my renders. Thank you!


Rosseliani 2:55AM | Tue, 09 August 2022

So yummy! Thank you!


GrandmaT 7:49PM | Mon, 08 August 2022

Looks good enough to eat! Thank you!

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