Cigarette (DAZ3D; Iray; obj. included)

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Softwares: Daz Studio 4

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Contents of the zip file:
Folder Data - geometry of the light ready for DAZ
Folder Documentation - readme and promo image
Folder Obj - I put the geometry in this file for those who don´t use DAZ
Folder Props - Cigarette
Folder Runtime - needed maps

Just unzip the whole content of the zip-file into your content folder.

You may find the cigarette under Props - SmidA - cigarette

It was created by myself as a project in Blender.

This file is mentioned as a freebie and should stay that way. A distribution of the complete zip file is allowed, usage in private and professional
areas as well. But the file or parts of it may not be sold! It would be nice if you mention me when using it - best would be to send me a link to
your picture:

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Freestuff Comments


SmidA 12:55AM | Tue, 27 September 2022

You are welcome - yesterday I saw Breakfast at Tiffany...

jgon424 3:06PM | Fri, 23 September 2022

Thanks a lot!!!


SmidA 11:58PM | Sun, 26 December 2021

Thank you. That´s what it was made for...

GeorgeWeber 10:24PM | Sun, 26 December 2021

very classy, I like little detail props like this. adds a lot to the atmosphere of a scene.


SmidA 10:30AM | Sun, 05 December 2021

Lol, maybe you should have asked me? :D


mifdesign 9:49AM | Sun, 05 December 2021

I've been waiting for decades for this item. Thank you very much for the wonderful gift.


SmidA 5:49AM | Mon, 27 September 2021

You are welcome :)

jgon424 10:27PM | Sat, 25 September 2021

Thank you!


SmidA 10:45AM | Sun, 22 August 2021

You are welcome - have fun...


Sea80 9:57AM | Sun, 22 August 2021

LOL scene popped into my head the moment I saw this, thank you

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