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Sci-Fi Assassin Outfit G8F

3D Models posted on Mar 18, 2021 4088 downloads

Operating System(s): Windows 10

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for non-commercial use only.

Product Notes

This outfit was made in conjuction with my new Sci-Fi Pose & Prop pack, that you'll find attached.
What's inside?

- Bodysuit (4k Textures)
- Belt (2k Textures)
- Boots (2k Textures)
- Knee & Shinpads (2k Textures)

(smartpropped Blaster & pose come from our product yoou find attached and are not included here.)

Hope you like it.

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Freestuff Comments


Winterbrose 6:01AM | Fri, 16 September 2022

If one purchases the Sci-Fi Lightblade Pose Pack for G8F, can they use this Sci-Fi Assassin Outfit G8F in Commercial Renders?


snginc 2:18PM | Mon, 02 May 2022

Is there a commercial use version?


android65mar 1:36PM | Sat, 03 July 2021

This is amazing- thank you very much

Sternie16 3:35AM | Sun, 04 April 2021

Thank you.


Winterbrose 3:24AM | Sat, 03 April 2021

Is there a Commercial Use version available? (even if for purchase)


Doghouse1953 11:52AM | Tue, 30 March 2021

Thank you for this.


CajunBeauty 9:16AM | Mon, 29 March 2021

I am wondering if commercial renders is ok please?


BleedingBrain 4:10PM | Sat, 27 March 2021

I have a new computer I named Alita in honor of the best animation I've seen yet (and a badass character). I think this will work very well on my meager attempt at making my own version of her. The timing is awesome too, thanks... I was just thinking about it when lo and behold there you are.


shedofjoy 10:43AM | Tue, 23 March 2021

Thank you!


Fenris9 5:29PM | Sun, 21 March 2021

I always really like your creations. Thanks for this one!


cloudwatcher 1:04PM | Sat, 20 March 2021

Wow, fantastic! Thanks for the generosity!

miketee10021 3:46PM | Fri, 19 March 2021

Thank you so much!


khorne 10:16AM | Fri, 19 March 2021

excelent thanks !


JoWa2art 11:55AM | Thu, 18 March 2021

Very good work. The clothes conform perfectly to a wide range of poses with no poke throughs. Looks great. Thank you for sharing this with us.

MrDucky 10:37AM | Thu, 18 March 2021

Thank you looks great

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