Realistic Surgical Mask

3D Figure Essentials posted on Aug 07, 2020 1441 downloads Sponsor:

Base Figures: Victoria 4, Alyson 2, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11, L'Homme Pro - Male Poser Figure

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Stay Safe Everyone!
Here's a Surgical Mask prop to keep your characters safe as well :)

-Smart-propped Surgical Mask
-Detailed textures and Normal Map
-Extra Fits included for L'Homme, Femme Fatale, GND4.2, GND4.3 and GND Anastasia*

*can fit other figures/morphs with a little poking with the Morphing Tool. Please read the product documentation for detailed instructions.


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Freestuff Comments


saibabameuk 1:07PM | Mon, 03 May 2021

How kind thank you.


SirRonmit 3:37PM | Wed, 11 November 2020

Thank you very much! Tim N [Aisling]() [Alanna Daydreaming]()


Palaemon 11:40AM | Sat, 07 November 2020

Thank you very much!


rsand55 11:20AM | Sun, 04 October 2020

Very generous. Thank you!

akorinsikenkoy 8:02PM | Wed, 26 August 2020

Really is well done. Thank you!


dieterderblau 6:53PM | Mon, 17 August 2020

Can't wait for this to be history... But thank you. I've needed a good one of these for years!


Thebes 8:02PM | Fri, 14 August 2020

Thank you. :)


jartz 3:54PM | Fri, 14 August 2020

Many Thanks


Anim8dtoon 7:01PM | Wed, 12 August 2020

Gabriel, thank you so much for this freebie! I'm a little confused, though...didn't you upload a facemask a while back? What's the difference between the two items? Not griping at all, mind you. Just confused, is all.....


hilmarion 12:18PM | Wed, 12 August 2020

thanks for sharing


ByteFactory3D 4:46PM | Tue, 11 August 2020

Thanks a lot, very happy, I really wouldn't like spreading any virus in my content libraries... ;-)


anaterium 5:21AM | Tue, 11 August 2020

Many thanks!


Parme 4:19PM | Mon, 10 August 2020

Funny picture.


DarkAngelGrafics 12:04PM | Mon, 10 August 2020

Thanks my friend, its very useful .


brain1969 11:08AM | Mon, 10 August 2020

like that ... thanks a lot