David10 for G8M

3D Figure Essentials Characters posted on Dec 03, 2019 2703 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Male

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Product: David10 for G8M
Author: RKane_1

Hello. I present to you David10 for G8M. This is really just a morph with a Character Preset that uses a Skin Materials found in Edward 8

The morph is under Actor/People/Real World

I have included a Character Preset but it does use Edward 8's Materials.

The Hair he is pictured with is not included but it is as follows:

-Super Natural Brows G8M with the Shape Preset of SNB G8M Style 33
-CC Beard Boss with the Brown Material and Shaping -> Sides preset of CC Beard Boss - Short Burns with Materials 02 Brunettes -> CC Beard Boss - 02 Brunettes - 02
-Tousled Hair with the Brown Materials set.

Please enjoy his Timey Wimey Goodness.

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Freestuff Comments


mr_red 3:16AM | Wed, 03 January 2024

its very good work, thanks

RKane_1 9:43AM | Sun, 15 December 2019

I JUST updated it because I forgot to put the character preset in the original file. Please re download if you want the charatcer preset BUT keep in mind, it uses the Edward 8 materials. :)


59Burst 8:48AM | Sun, 15 December 2019


thomask2007 4:54AM | Wed, 11 December 2019

Instructions for installing would be nice to have,... looks great tho!

RKane_1 3:26PM | Mon, 09 December 2019

Many thanks! :)


Itazura 1:16PM | Mon, 09 December 2019

Awesome! I love this actor 👍

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