BetterBryceTrees - The Weirdos

3D Models posted on Jan 10, 2019 156 downloads

Softwares: Bryce 7

License: This is licensed for non-commercial use only.

Product Notes

BetterBryceTrees is a small collection of Bryce trees I've created over the years for various scenes. This part of the set (The Weirdos) is a set of 5 tree objects with extreme tweaks, best described as bizarre, but mainly having a prehistoric look. The collection is meant to give some help and ideas to anyone starting out to use trees in Bryce, or anyone who wants to improve their trees. The trees are in the form of OBPs, which will load in Bryce 5 or 7. WARNING: changing the parameters of the trees in this set could crash your scene - if you want to change them, work in a separate scene with just the tree, and save the result. I'll upload the last part of the collection soon.

Freestuff Comments


Eugenius 4:38AM | Mon, 14 January 2019

Great Looking Trees. Thank you.


android65mar 3:57PM | Fri, 11 January 2019

thank you