Simon's Beastie

3D Models Stand Alone Figures posted on Mar 03, 2013 956 downloads Sponsor: Simon3D

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Product Notes

This is a Beastie of my own creation a sort of wingless dragon. As Soft body rigging is not my particular forte the rigging is not great but functional, I did the best I could.I'm sure someone will find a use for the Beastie.Enjoy

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Freestuff Comments


Aquariante7 3:23AM | Sat, 20 July 2013

Awesome Work! Thank you very much for sharing! :)

luckybears 4:42PM | Wed, 08 May 2013

Thank you

sksksk 4:38AM | Fri, 05 April 2013

"OK, so.. she's a dog" Or maybe not, Add horns and I think you almost got a Gozer beast. I like it, thanks.

Maladjuster 10:29PM | Wed, 06 March 2013

Fantastic creature! I love creatures, and this one is really cool. Thank you for your hard work and generosity.


mustakettu 2:58PM | Wed, 06 March 2013

sweet beastie! thanks a lot!


shanarah02 1:27PM | Wed, 06 March 2013

Thank you! :)


Wsupatoi 7:40AM | Tue, 05 March 2013

Thanks looks and works great..


DreamWeaver_Designs 1:09PM | Mon, 04 March 2013

Thanks all ways need more beasties


shadowynfilms 5:43AM | Mon, 04 March 2013

Yup, I thought has already has come to mind :) Thanks!!!


mejed 9:17PM | Sun, 03 March 2013

It`ll make someone a nice pet. :) Thanks, and awesome work.


alzartz 5:49PM | Sun, 03 March 2013

Awesome Thankyou!


Crudelitas 4:33PM | Sun, 03 March 2013

Thanks, I have always a place free for a little Dragon! Thank you!