Wooden tubs set

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Product Notes

Summarizes the four tabs of wood.Four kinds of wooden tabs were brought together. There is also a tab that contains water, some of which can adjust the water level.

Freestuff Comments

Ozuna2012 1:31PM | Thu, 18 August 2016

Beautiful and useful stuff; thanks a lot for the share!

Tangled911 12:36PM | Sun, 16 October 2011

Great prop thanks for sharing

kdrender 10:50AM | Wed, 17 August 2011

the big tub would make a good torture implement, with sliding holes for wrists and ankles!


ajfukuda 8:30PM | Sat, 23 July 2011

Hi guys, I'm author's ajfukuda. Because it forgot to put should textures, the corrected file is up-loaded again. Please download a new file if you downloaded it before.

quiller 5:42AM | Wed, 20 July 2011


PilotHigh 4:06PM | Mon, 18 July 2011

Thank you so much!


thomasishp 8:07PM | Sat, 16 July 2011

Now I like this prop. Thank you for sharing.


Crudelitas 4:37PM | Sat, 16 July 2011

Thank you! The washing day can come!