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March 26, 2014 1:54 pm

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Free Stuff Section Updates

Renderosity is excited to announce the latest round of improvements made to our Free Stuff Section.

Today we've launched our most recent, and significant, changes to one of the most frequented areas throughout the Renderosity site. Visitors to this section will now be presented with a cleaner and more consistent interface that will, along with a revamped search structure, make finding your next Free Stuff item a breeze!

If you should have any questions or comments while navigating this area, please feel free to leave a comment below. We're confident that these changes will enhance your experience here at Renderosity and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Below is a list of updates you'll find in this most recent release.

  • Improved search results and overall ease of use.
  • 'Drill-Down' searching capability.
  • User Navigation simplified and improved. Now sortable by; Product Name (asc or desc) or Date Created (asc or desc).
  • Thumbnails will now be consistent at 300px by 350px.
  • Main promotional images now have a minimum width of 800px and maximum of 1200px (Resized proportionally).
  • Minor bug fixes were made along the way as well.

Article Comments

IceEmpress ( posted at 8:37PM Wed, 26 March 2014

It looks horrible and is unusable! Make the thumbnails the same size as on the Marketplace, please! TRhe new interface is a nightmare, please allow us to choose image size and number of images per row, PLEASE!!! Oh, gosh, I can never browse the freestuff section like this, I beg you to restore it...!

Audierne ( posted at 7:09AM Thu, 27 March 2014

Despite the write-up there does not appear to be any search facility. Options on the menu are: my free sfuff, what' new, most wanted, top contributers and upload free stuff - but I can't find a search anywhere. Using Firefox / Windows Vista. Pete,,

Audierne ( posted at 7:14AM Thu, 27 March 2014

Oh, please ignore my previous comment - I've found the search, but think it isn't very intuitive. It can be reached from 'what's new' or 'most wanted'. Pete

StudioArtVartanian ( posted at 7:45AM Thu, 27 March 2014

Looks awesome, everything is so big and clear! Love it:)

Lyne ( posted at 11:26AM Thu, 27 March 2014

Looks LIKE the marketplace, seems really nice to me! :)

caty77 ( posted at 12:17PM Thu, 27 March 2014

It's very large place for thumbails and products, really too large... and on my screen, there is no margin on the left, which is annoying (there is a gap in the marketplace, which is better). :((((

SeanMartin ( posted at 3:49PM Thu, 27 March 2014

Well... it'll take some getting used to, I guess.

sliderule ( posted at 5:36PM Thu, 27 March 2014

I like it. The thumbnails are large enough to be useful. I had a fatal error browsing to the Poser section, but a re-load got me there. And the way the search shows the section of results down the left is genius! Way to go guys!

theKageRyu ( posted at 5:51PM Thu, 27 March 2014

Just looked in, and not at all a fan of the new format. No where near as easy to navigate now. Really wish you guys would quit doing this to us long time members. Looks as if the site is more concerned about a slick look than ease of navigation and use.

Direwrath ( posted at 7:26PM Thu, 27 March 2014

The individual artists pages look nice and are easier to navigate. Looking good so far.

lisabutler ( posted at 3:57AM Fri, 28 March 2014

I like the way it finally fills up my screen, no more resizing my browser to get rid of the side margins. Hope this will apply to the gallery and store soon too!

Kalypso ( posted at 4:01AM Fri, 28 March 2014

I love this recent change! Frankly I found those large margins distracting so I prefer no space goes to waste.

Razor42 ( posted at 4:32AM Fri, 28 March 2014

Looks a little messy (I don't like how there lined up by the top of the thumb image rather than the text), took me while also to figure out how to do a search. Tutorial Comments?

arat ( posted at 5:25AM Fri, 28 March 2014

Is some one trying to justify there job by changing something that did not need changing? Sorry not impressed.

Sabby ( posted at 6:52AM Fri, 28 March 2014

The thumbnails are so huge, the text is huge... Honestly, at first I thought I had accidentally scrolled the site larger and spent time trying to get it back to the correct size, only to end up searching for this post once I realized that I didn't scroll the site larger and this was an intentional change. Much too big looking... I don't understand why the freestuff looks different from the marketplace, unless this is the change coming to the marketplace, in which case... oh no. :(

krouser ( posted at 9:36AM Fri, 28 March 2014

why change it? it stinks honestly... it was AbFab before and now... it dont match the site at all and why put the effort into just that and not the site itself...? i own 2 3D art sites myself... if you update one part up date all or just leave it alone. thats the common in web site design am i not right? Guys, take it back to what it was not very many of us who have commented like it... give it a fix please?

Bobbyk231 ( posted at 9:55AM Fri, 28 March 2014

Hate it! On my screen none of yhe images display at all.

NanetteTredoux ( posted at 11:11AM Fri, 28 March 2014

Number of downloads doesn't show, unless I am missing something.

DarkAngelGrafics ( posted at 12:31PM Fri, 28 March 2014

I´m not very happy with the new style. All is huge and distorted partly.

booksbydavid ( posted at 12:55PM Fri, 28 March 2014

Not liking this new change at all.

legolie ( posted at 1:16PM Fri, 28 March 2014

Everything is too big and distorted, not at all in harmony with the rest of the website ... I don't like it :-(

Deenamic ( posted at 8:10PM Fri, 28 March 2014

I like the easier to see download buttons and I like that the license area is highlighted in orange and that makes it easier to see too. I would like to see an option for multiple thumbnails like on the marketplace pages. Sometimes I get a freebie and notice that not everything is shown in the one thumbnail. It would be cool to see what all a freebie contains if the option of multiple thumbnails is available. I like the bigger thumbnails, but I'm partial to that because I wear glasses and I'm on the borderline of having glaucoma. Someone with much better eyesight may like the smaller thumbnails. I wish there was a way we could change the thumbnail size ourselves with the click of a button so we could all be happy with whatever size thumbnails we want.

Silverwind ( posted at 11:04PM Fri, 28 March 2014

Much better. Only complaint is the thumbs need to be uniform with the rest of the store. 214x214 or less across the board.

caty77 ( posted at 2:18PM Sun, 30 March 2014

In my searches this evening, I have 3 times a message: Fatal error: Uncaught AwsCloudSearchExceptionCloudSearchException: AWS Error Code: Throttling, Status Code: 400, AWS Request ID: d25dcdc9-b83f-11e3-8278-bbf10e44ff74, AWS Error Type: client, AWS Error Message: Rate exceeded, User-Agent: aws-sdk-php2/2.4.8 Guzzle/3.7.4 curl/7.19.7 PHP/5.3.3 thrown in phar:///rn1/renderosity/builds/production_1395955779/library/AWS/aws.phar/Aws/Common/Exception/NamespaceExceptionFactory.php on line 91 Why? Before the changing of pages, I did not have this kind of message.

Godin ( posted at 5:29AM Thu, 03 April 2014

I like it that the thumbnails are bigger, But any other then that I think it takes time for me to get used to the new layout, One thing I am missing are some of the comments that that were given to my free products. Like before I could click on an option to go to the next page but now no Next page and those comments are just gone/lost, please bring them back up :)

DarkRider ( posted at 8:48PM Thu, 03 April 2014

I like this, muchly. You can see the item you're considering d/ling better, the paging is smooth, this is one of Rendo's better revisions IMO. Thanks.

NanetteTredoux ( posted at 2:16AM Sat, 05 April 2014

The uploading interface is not user friendly at all. Not enough categories for base figures, and no "other" category. Specifying of compatible software and operating systems is very cumbersome. Poor choice of colours, selected files for uploading are difficult to see - dark grey on darker grey, not readable.

ziamarina ( posted at 4:13AM Sat, 05 April 2014

Make the thumbnails the same size as on the Marketplace, pleeeeease! Thank you.

mdbruffy ( posted at 8:05PM Sun, 06 April 2014

Thumnnails are too big, there's no Details or Product notes and no next page, despite a next page option. The old set up was far better.

caty77 ( posted at 9:21AM Wed, 09 April 2014

I'm really angry. When you changed the freestuff, the least you would copy the presentation texts; and not putting gibberish. Francophones people understand where is missing letters and where mistakes are in French. (exemple) Il s'agit d'un lot de 4 plateaux, pour DS3 et plus. Une image de prsentation arrivera bientt dans ma galerie.Non tests sur Mac.There is a lot of 4 plates for DS3 and more. An picture for presentation coming soon in my gallery.Not tested on Mac.

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