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Subject: OpenPose Plugin for Poser 12 and 13: Combine Poser + Stable Diffusion AI

Ken1171_Designs ( ) posted Fri, 15 September 2023 at 5:19 PM · edited Fri, 12 April 2024 at 7:14 AM

OpenPose for Poser 12

This is a Python script for Poser 12+. Requires Poser 12.0.1029 or later, or Poser 13.1.468 or later.

Available at my Renderosity Store and also at my Poser Software Store


 Ever wanted to use Poser to setup your AI image generation, using any Poser human figure to establish the pose, body proportions and camera framing, and then exporting a preprocessed OpenPose-compatible pose directly to Stable Diffusion? It's like creating the scene in Poser, and using Stable Diffusion as a rendering engine! This Poser plugin replaces the ControlNet OpenPose preprocessor, doing the job in 3D directly from Poser, producing much more reliable results.

All you need is a bare Poser figure! No need for clothing, hair, or even textures. Those will be created in Stable Diffusion using a text prompt, so the limit is your imagination! It's like having an infinite library of clothing, hair, styles, and even locations!

This is a Python script for Poser that allows exporting figure poses, body proportions and camera framing from Poser to Stable Diffusion's ControlNet OpenPose AI. The included 10 pages PDF manual includes all the information you need to get started, as well as hints and tips for best results (with examples).

These are some of the main features:

> 1-click OpenPose-compatible AI pose generation using any figure.
> Simple, easy to use, fully automated, powerful interface.
> Support for unlimited number of figures!
> Supports operating over 1 or multiple figures at once.
> Several options for how the OpenPose skeleton is generated.
> Support for no hands, simple hands or full hands/fingers!
> Individual options for including simple hands and/or feet.
> A complete set of powerful tools to edit the skeleton.
> A dedicated button to repose the skeleton when editing poses.
> Recursive bone chain removal.
> Recursive bone chain reposing.
> Automatic OpenPose image render setup and restoring.
> Automatic copying the OpenPose image to the clipboard.
> Options for customizing the OpenPose skeleton bones and display.
> Remembers your last used options.
> Informative tooltips describe extra options and information.
> Fully illustrated built-in PDF manual (launch it from the script!).
> Panel Persists when switching between rooms.
> Ability to disable auto-docking with the Poser interface.
> Smart dockable panel integrates seamlessly with Poser.

** Supports all Poser human figures that use standard Poser naming conventions.
** Greatly increases SD posing quality, but it is not a guarantee that it will always be perfect.
** Requires Stable Diffusion AI with ControlNet OpenPose extension.
** For Windows 10+.

 How does it work? Watch the full video demonstration:


 Very simple 1-click operation:


Support for full hands and fingers:


Support for multiple figures, powerful editing tools:


Simple integration with Stable Diffusion AI:  


Get full control over posing, to include full hands and fingers:


Another example of full hands control from Poser to SD:


**IMPORTANT: Check Renderosity's NEW AI POLICY ANNOUNCEMENT. If you use this plugin to create AI images using Poser and AI, you are allowed to post the results in the Rendo galleries, as long as you clearly state the tools used in the image making. Please read the official statement for more details. 

Available at my Renderosity Store and also at my Poser Software Store

RAMWorks ( ) posted Fri, 15 September 2023 at 6:55 PM

Congratulations Ken for this release.  I have your script in my cart and will play when I get Stable Diffusion a bit more understood.  

---Wolff On The Prowl---

My Store is HERE

My Freebies are HERE  

Ken1171_Designs ( ) posted Fri, 15 September 2023 at 7:18 PM · edited Fri, 15 September 2023 at 7:19 PM

Thanks Rich! This Poser plugin is a gamechanger! You will see what I mean once you start playing with it. This brings Poser figures to a whole new level. ^___^

DeeceyArt ( ) posted Sat, 16 September 2023 at 12:27 PM · edited Sat, 16 September 2023 at 12:37 PM

This went into my cart and button was clicked.

One question though. I'm not sure how to get the Stable Diffusion application itself installed on the PC. I followed these instructions and it launches a web UI.  I'm assuming I'm missing something I need. 8-)

Ken1171_Designs ( ) posted Sat, 16 September 2023 at 12:43 PM · edited Sat, 16 September 2023 at 12:44 PM

Hi Deecey! I recommend going directly to the source, so you get everything from a single place. Go to the Automatic1111 Github, scroll down to the installation section, and follow the instructions for the automatic installation. They really made it simple for people to get started. I don't remember now, but I think the ControlNet extension now comes installed by default, which should make things even easier. Give it a try and let me know if it helps. ^___^

DeeceyArt ( ) posted Sat, 16 September 2023 at 3:57 PM

Hello back Ken!

I think ControlNet is the issue. Not quite sure how to enable it and then after that how to get the pose from the clipboard into ControlNet.

Sorry for the newbieness 8-)

Ken1171_Designs ( ) posted Sat, 16 September 2023 at 4:28 PM
DeeceyArt posted at 3:57 PM Sat, 16 September 2023 - #4474682

Hello back Ken!

I think ControlNet is the issue. Not quite sure how to enable it and then after that how to get the pose from the clipboard into ControlNet.

That's alright, everything is difficult the first time. 🙂

First, check if ControlNet is installed. Check the folder "stable-diffusion-webui\extensions\sd-webui-controlnet" and see it the folder is there, and that it is not empty. If it's empty, it means ControlNet is not installed. To install it, or any other A1111 extension, you can do it directly from A1111 itself. Switch to the "Extension" tab, then to the "Available" tab and click the "Load From" button to populate the list. Then type "ControlNet" on the seatch bar to locate it, and click the "Install' button next to it. Once it's installed, go back to the "Installed" tab and click the big orange "Apply and restart UI". The A1111 gurus recomment restarting A1111 at this point. 

Hope this helps. Ask me if you have any questions. ^____^


Ken1171_Designs ( ) posted Sun, 17 September 2023 at 11:28 PM · edited Sun, 17 September 2023 at 11:28 PM

For those who wish to install Stable Diffusion AI with the Automatic1111 webUI, here is the BEST GUIDE ON YOUTUBE, which also includes installing ControlNet and setting it up to auto-launch and optimize render times. Skip to 2:23mins to pass his Patreon part. That should get you up and running in no time! ^___^

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