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Poser Technical F.A.Q (Last Updated: 2024 Jan 21 5:53 am)

Welcome to the Poser Technical Forum.

Where computer nerds can Pull out their slide rules and not get laughed at. Pocket protectors are not required. ;-)

This is the place you come to ask questions and share new ideas about using the internal file structure of Poser to push the program past it's normal limits.

New users are encouraged to read the FAQ sections here and on the Poser forum before asking questions.

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Poser Technical FAQ

Q: How do I make my new .CR2 file point to my new .obj mesh file?

A: Using the P4Woman as an example:

Open the figure's .CR2 file in a text editor.

In the P4NudeWoman..CR2 file. There are two lines that look like this:


These lines are called "POINTERS".

This is the exact location of your .obj file on your HardDrive. If you want to use a different .obj file. These two lines must contain the correct folder names so the CR2 file can find it.

****This is why spelling and capitalization is very important****

Q: Why do I get "out of memory" errors?

A: This error has nothing to do with your computer's memory. It occurs because the .CR2 file can't find the .obj file it has listed in the two "pointer" lines. Check the two lines in the .CR2 file to see where it says the .obj should be. If it's wrong; Either change the two pointers in the .CR2 to the correct location. Or move the .obj file into the folder the .CR2 is looking for it.

Q: I use the ProPack and when I try to open someone else's figure. I get an empty scene. What am I doing wrong?

A: The programmers changed the code by request from the users for the ProPack. If the .CR2 file can't find the .obj file. It will produce a blank scene and no "out of memory error". The memory error was confusing people so they took it out for us. Use the same method as the"out of memory error" to fix the problem.

Q: How do I swap body parts. Like putting the Raptor's head on the P4 Man's body?

A: There are several ways to do this. The easiest way is to open the P4 man. Make his head, neck, and eyes hidden. Then open the Raptor figure. Make it's body parts hidden except for the head, neck and eyes. And line it up so the head and neck are on the man's body.

Q: Making parts invisible is too limited. How do I create a new figure using different body parts of existing figures?

A: Start with the base figure such as the P4 man. And turn off all of the IK. Then click on the hip and open the JP editor and click the "Zero figure" button. Then check each body part to make sure all the translate dials are set at a value of "0". Then open the Raptor figure and line things up so the head is properly located on the mans body.

Once that is done:

1.) Create a new sub-folder in the Poser->Runtime->Geometries folder

2.) Export the figure by X'ing only the body parts you want to exist in your new figure.

**Do not X the Ground or Universe**

Make sure you check these boxes in the options window:

Include Body Part names in polygon Groups

Include existing groups in polygon Groups

3.) Copy the .CR2 file from the P4 man and rename it whatever you like, and put it in the library folder of your choice.

4.) Change the the two "pointer" lines so it points to the new .obj file you just created.

5.) If the .obj file you created contains the same body part names listed in the .CR2 file. Then you're done, except for fine tuning the JP's for the new figure. Otherwise....You'll need to change the body part names so they match the names listed in the .CR2 file.

You can use UVmapper to do this.................http://www.uvmapper.com

Q: I've made changes to my texture and/or .obj file. Why don't I see any changes when I open the figure in Poser?

A: Make sure you delete the .rsr file for the figure found in it's Geometries folder after you make the changes. And before you open Poser.

Q: I'm trying to create a new figure. Why do I get an empty scene, or have some body parts display as invisible?

A: If your .CR2 "pointers" are correct. Then the problem is probably that your .obj file contains body part names that don't match the names listed in the .CR2 file. Either edit the names in the .obj file or the .CR2 file to fix it.

Q: I'm trying to make a new piece of conformable clothing. Why won't it conform to my figure?

A: The first thing is to make sure the clothing contains the same names for it's parts as the figure you are trying to conform it to. If those are OK. Then chances are the problem is the location of the center points and endpoints for each of the clothings parts. Start off by conforming the clothing to the figure then move the center points around until they line up better. Then select the base figure (not the clothing) and delete it. Then resave the clothing to the library. Then repeat the process until you get it where it looks good.

***Creating conforming clothing is something you'll need to practice because it's a matter of playing around with JP locations before the garment is conformed. Minute changes can make the difference between it working or not working*** Check out http://www.nerd3d for more info on this subject.

Q: What's all this stuff I hear about the ProPack not being able to use previous figures about?

A: When you use the group tool in Poser. It automatically puts the geometry for that body part into the .cr2 file. This way the .cr2 file no longer looks for the geometry in the pointers. But instead, has the info right inside of it. The ProPack coding was changed so it no longer does this. When using the group tool in the PPP. A new .obj file is created (**Not in the Geometries folder***) in the libraries folder. And the pointers are changed to the location of that new .obj file. If people using the PPP try to open a figure that's .cr2 file has geometry inside it. It conflicts with the pointers. And the result is a figure riddled with small holes.

**NOTE: Installing the SR-3 update from http://www.curiouslabs.com will fix this problem.

Q: Why did CuriousLabs change this?

A: If you have a .cr2 file with geometry inside of it. It can be extracted by people who didn't buy the figure legally.

Q: If geometry inside the .cr2 files conflicts with the ProPack. Then why don't morph targets do the same thing? They are geometry too aren't they?

A: Morph target geometry is not exactly the same thing. They are called delta's. However, since the delta's are located in a different section of the .cr2 file. I suspect that is the main reason why there isn't any conflicts or problems with them and the ProPack.

Q: What are Rotation Orders. And how can I change them?

A: The Rotation orders are what Poser uses to determine how to bend a body part. So it is very important to get Poser to understand the difference between twisting something, and bending it. Since a body part can be vertical, horizontal, or somewhere in between. Poser needs some way to figure out where the twisting action should take place.

*You can use a text editior or John Stallings CR2Library files editing program to edit .CR2 files.

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