Download Digital Content In Our Updated Free Stuff Section!

August 20, 2009 12:31 pm

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Download 3D models and resources for multiple modeling applications in the Renderosity Free Stuff!

Renderosity is continuing to improve as one of the top sites for 3D modelers, texture creators and other digital artists! The Free Stuff section of the site has been one of the most popular areas on Renderosity for years, and now we have upgraded the section to make your experience easier and more robust.

Free Stuff has been improved for both those uploading and downloading. All Free Stuff items uploaded from today forward will now be hosted on Renderosity. So now you do not have to worry about finding a site to host the content you wish to share or go through the frustration of running out of allowed bandwidth before the month is over! We hope you will enjoy our new hassle free solution to sharing your creations. This change will also provide a more reliable download experience for those looking to download from Free Stuff.

Other features in the updated Free Stuff area include:

  • New rating system for products
  • Ability to leave comments on product page
  • Complete and informative Details page
  • MarketPlace tie-ins for similar content you might be interested in

Have you previously uploaded products into the Free Stuff section? Then your items will still be available. You can still make edits and changes to your product details. However, any change you make to the product itself will require you to reupload the file directly to Renderosity for hosting. Questions can be directed to

For those wishing to advertise their products or services to the Renderosity community, we also have the ability to present ads on our Download confirmation page. If you are interested in more information, contact Renderosity Marketing at and we'll be happy to assist you.

Thanks for sharing your 3D content at Renderosity, and we look forward to your future contributions! In the meantime, you can get started uploading in the new Free Stuff section today!

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Article Comments

flaviok ( posted at 12:36PM Thu, 20 August 2009

Excelente, parabéns

JOELGLAINE ( posted at 12:47PM Thu, 20 August 2009

Hosted ON Rendo would be preferable.

Thalek ( posted at 12:48PM Thu, 20 August 2009

Perhaps it's just early days, but I can currently find no easy way to actually download anything, which hardly makes it "easier" to use.

JeniferC ( posted at 1:01PM Thu, 20 August 2009

The download button is at the bottom of the details page. There is a small window that opens to download the file. If you have any problems seeing the small window, you may need to adjust your pop-up blocker settings.

Thetis ( posted at 1:15PM Thu, 20 August 2009

File hosting direct at Renderosity sounds fine. But it's not free. It costs more clicks because advertisement is placed on the winding way to the download. There is nothing to say against that free products shall help selling stuff. But I don't like that the download itself opens in a window without navigation. And right-click on the download button to open the link in a separate window is not possible either. All in all: I liked the old system (link to the outside hosted files) better.

Jazzmin ( posted at 1:38PM Thu, 20 August 2009

Hey Thalek you're not alone. I couldn't find the download button either! Thanks for pointing out where it is Jenifer. It didn't occur to me that it would be at the bottom after the "what's hot" or items for sale... Thanks for hosting the freebies and making them available to download directly from Renderosity!

pauthier ( posted at 1:41PM Thu, 20 August 2009

Interface has more functions but DL is longer as you have to browse the details and then DL which opens a new window which (for the moment) opens a new window to the site where the file is located (especially infamously slow sharecg :( ) I much preferred the initial interface which was fast and straightforward

Thalek ( posted at 2:25PM Thu, 20 August 2009

Thanks, Jenifer! Color me embarrassed.

LunaFaye ( posted at 2:29PM Thu, 20 August 2009

"All Free Stuff items uploaded from today forward will now be hosted on Renderosity" What about those who still WANT to host freebies on outside web sites? Is this still at least an option?

Lakotariver ( posted at 2:45PM Thu, 20 August 2009

WOW, And it is Free too. LOL, Love it. The Renderosity Team really has made some wonderful updates with the site. Smiles and Happy Renders to you all.

EnglishBob ( posted at 2:57PM Thu, 20 August 2009

My freebies are hosted elsewhere, and I'd prefer to continue that since my download pages usually offer additional information, links to third-party add-ons, etc. Some downloads are in several parts. It's great that Renderosity will host, since not everyone has that facility; but not if it's compulsory. I won't be posting any more freebies as a result of this change. Also, I couldn't see anywhere to add comments or ratings.

skuts ( posted at 5:04PM Thu, 20 August 2009

taking the download off of the main freestuff page and hiding it at the bottom of the details page is a very bad idea. Please put the download button back where it belongs, under the product image. Thanks. Skuts

darman42 ( posted at 5:31PM Thu, 20 August 2009

i like the fact that freebies are hosted here, seeing as it makes it easier to find them. however, people who host stuff on their own sites might not take too kindly to it also, having to go through some apparently obligatory ads screen is not a way to make downloads easier. the "download" button that was visible right on the Freestuff page was better

Seliah ( posted at 5:39PM Thu, 20 August 2009

Sorry, but I'm with EnglishBob on this one. I will not be uploading anymore freebies through Renderosity directly as a result of this change. 1.) to FORCE us to use YOUR upload service (which Rendo servers are slow at BEST on a GOOD day) to put up our freebies is not the way to go about it. Those of us who create freebies have the right to choose where our files will be hosted. You've stepped over a line by making this a no-choice policy. You'd have been better off to offer it as a CHOICE for those freebie makers who might WANT the choice. Human nature being what it is, when you take away the ability to choose, people will rebel. Congratulations on that point. 2.) When I am searching the Freestuff area, what I want to see is FREE_STUFF. The freebies. NOT THE MARKETPLACE PAID PRODUCTS. To add salt to the wound of forcing us to use your servers for our files, you're now shoving marketplace products in our faces. Why? Are the sales in Rendo starting to go down? Shoving it in our faces does little more than tick us off and steer us even further away from purchasing out of the marketplace here. If I want paid items, I'll go to the marketplace!!!! I'm NOT in the freebie section to find paid-for items!!!! 3.) You can chest-thump and boast about your 'updated freebie section' when you've given us the ability to properly search again. You took that away the first time you 'revamped' your freebie section. Ever since then the Rendo freebie section has been nigh unusable for those of us who might actually WANT some of the legacy freebies. The inability to search and ACTUALLY PULL UP OLD FREEBIES is infuriating and very frustrating. The search engine you currently have DOES NOT WORK, and I should NOT have to spend 3 hours manually toggling through every month, every year, just to try and find that ONE old-time freebie that I KNOW is on the server here 'somewhere'. (gasp What a shock, not everyone wants to be using Gen-4's...) Sorry, Rendo. I'm normally very easy going and try to look for the silver lining when you make changes to things. But this was a case where you just crossed over a line with me. Good luck with your freebie section (oh, I'm sorry, maybe that should be 'free marketplace promotion section'), but directly as a result of forcing us to use your servers (I DO NOT want my files on ANYONES server except my own, ESPECIALLY yours), as well as shoving PAID ITEMS in our faces in the FREEBIE section, there will be one less freebie artist uploading her content to the Rendo freebies. shrugs Congratulations, Rendo. You've really done it this time. ~ Seliah Childe of Fyre

3-DArena ( posted at 5:46PM Thu, 20 August 2009

While I like that it links to my rendo store I host off site for a reason, most of my freebies are equal to a full product & by linking off site I can show all the images of what's included. :-/ I also dislike that if you are going to link to my store, which is a nice advertising plug here & I do like that. However, it then shows a series of thumbnails that are not from my store...

Acadia ( posted at 6:18PM Thu, 20 August 2009

I do like the fact that Renderosity is offering the ability to host because that is a huge benefit to those who don't have their own web space to do it themselves. However, I think those with reliable websites, should be allowed to continue to host their own freebies on their own website. By forcing everyone who posts freebies on Renderosity to use Renderosity's server is going to lead to some long term freebie creators to stop posting their freebies here. And that will be a great loss :( I see that EnglishBob has already indicated that he won't be posting his here anymore. Which means that unless you know about his website and go there frequently, people will be missing out on his great stuff. I'm sure there will be others that also feel the same as he does.

dyraven ( posted at 6:32PM Thu, 20 August 2009

I am with EnglishBob and LunaFave on this one. This is not a good policy and I am sure this will hurt Rendo. My suggestion is that if a contributor is a member of Rendo linkshare, our personally owned webpage should open in a full window as it did before. I will not be posting any new freebies either.

pjz99 ( posted at 6:59PM Thu, 20 August 2009

I won't be posting free items here any more either, this is a nasty and obnoxious change. There were already market banners are all over the place, and everyone who was posting here had already found workable hosting options anyway so this isn't exactly a "useful service".

geoegress ( posted at 7:28PM Thu, 20 August 2009

I like it :) Thank you- it's a good idea. Maby the page layout will need a bit of tweeking in the future. But the concept is fantastic :)

wimvdb ( posted at 9:15PM Thu, 20 August 2009

Getting two additional pages to go through is NOT an improvement. If downloads are external there should be direct download links. The way to get more sales is to please your customers, not by annoying them

rsg ( posted at 9:40PM Thu, 20 August 2009

I honestly don't see the need for the change, before it was clean and simple. Now, it's not. I don't understand the need for the windows and ads. I'd also like to second Thetis' comment about opening in a window without navigation. I feel better browsing knowing I'm in control of what opens in what. I great appreciate all efforts to improve the site, right now I just don't see this as an improvement - don't know that I ever will. And, please don't make hosting compulsory - I would hate to see anyone leave because their creations can't be distributed the way they want.

mmalbert ( posted at 9:41PM Thu, 20 August 2009

This change will be very helpful for those who don't have their own websites or who prefer not to use ShareCG. But, like EnglishBob, I'd appreciate the option to continue using my own website. I often have separate DAZ Studio and a Poser zip downloads on the same download page, as well as additional info, tips, and previews. I know I can include a URL in the details and bundle both DS and Poser files in a single zip (providing they're small enough), but it's easier just to send folks directly to my own download page.

ToniDunlap ( posted at 10:02PM Thu, 20 August 2009

Wonderful, Fantastic Free artwork. Just the best! Thank You for sharing!

hamstergirl4444 ( posted at 10:27PM Thu, 20 August 2009

Okay, maybe it's 'cause I'm getting old, or maybe I'm just in a crabby mood, but...this is not working well for me, LOL, and I miss the freebie ways of old - much less fuss...

embyquinn ( posted at 10:36PM Thu, 20 August 2009

I hate the new system. It's clumsy, clunky, difficult to navigate, and we're bombed with advertisements at every turn. When did R'osity become AOL???

reciecup ( posted at 10:36PM Thu, 20 August 2009

I think it's a great idea. I like that you can see the vendor's best selling products right underneath the freebie. My only gripe is that I do not see where to leave comments. Does anyone know where that section is?

gojira-kun ( posted at 10:48PM Thu, 20 August 2009

Like most website "improvements" these days, this less-convenient, more-time-consuming change seems designed primarily to push more advertising upon the visitor. Note that even the extraneous download window promises ads to come. I don't like sites shoving "you might also like" in my face, especially under the pretense that it's doing so for your benefit rather than to move more product. Sh*reCG, here I come.

tepisquintla ( posted at 12:22AM Fri, 21 August 2009

I was happy with the old layout. I could see details in a little pop-up box and click the artist's name for more information on the artist and their products. The choice was MINE to make. The only good thing I see is that Renderosity is hosting instead of Rapidshare etc.

IO4 ( posted at 12:23AM Fri, 21 August 2009

I think it's great we can host at Renderosity now, and overall I really like the new changes. I do think the download button should be under the free item desscripton rather than further down the page.

TeknoGypsy ( posted at 1:49AM Fri, 21 August 2009

Sorry, but I hate it. Having to click, scroll, click, took a good thing, and made it a trashy PITA. I can see I'll be spending more time on ShareCG to find freebies, which is a shame, as the Rendo Freebie section is what drew me in to being a Rendo customer. If you just absolutely have to clutter the thing up, reduce the ad thumbnails to the size we see in the wishlist, so it's not so confusing to figure out what the actual freebie is.