December 2014 Vendor of the Month - fabiana

December 2, 2014 12:53 am

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file_5ef059938ba799aaa845e1c2e8a762bd.jpCongratulations to fabiana for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for December!

Tell us a little bit about what you've been up to. How is fabiana doing these days?

Hello, and thanks one more time for this honor... I have been doing good lately, after a complicated year where I had to face some health issues, but thankfully, I am on the mend and improving day by day. But, as I always say, this job I have is my best therapy, also giving me the solution and relief of all humanity's struggles, which is the economy :)

I love my work and I often said it saved me and my mind many times in the last 13 years that I have been a vendor. Besides that, I kept training my daugther, Lucila, on 3D modelling and Poser-related tasks. She is growing and learning fast, so I am sure she will be in this spot someday, and I will be reading her interview all proud of her and feeling that all this work was worth the effort :)

Can you give us some hints on what you may be currently working on?

Well, I have a couple of projects by the half, and a couple more just in my mind yet, results of ideas I had during my recent trip to the States. Also, I am working on a VERY innovative accessories set with my daughter, something that's never been seen...

I have to say that I will be adding more ESSENTIAL sets with materials and objects. The last two had such incredible success that I decided to continue the series and bring more interesting and useful things for my customers that love to use Poser materials at its best.

Could you list any current favorites among the products you've created and tell us a bit about their creation?

As I had the honor to be here in past years, I will take the chance to mention my favs from the newest...

I think that BONELLUSION is the winner, followed very, very close by the latest EVEN GLOW. I loved to do these sets, such new and original things coming directly from my mind, challenging me also.

SOPHIA DETAILS was a glorious set to do. I think it has LOT of the things I really love to see, like leaves and vines and shiny metals.

Last, but not least, the whole MAGIC SENSE collection. Something coming from the past, but with a new spirit, full of colors and enchantment. I love that set :)

What are the biggest challenges you face in your work?

Right now, to think each time if I can make these products also suitable for DS. I must admit that I always think about it, but still feel that the differences between both softwares makes it difficult for me to translate every detail of the Poser version to the DS version. I promise to work on this during 2015, and I hope I can get the success I want on it.

Aside from that, I think the most challenging part is the promo mode. Trying always to do something different, setting a trend that I won't follow more than twice...maybe even going out of my comfort zone and breaking precedent styles... it is a brainstorm every time, but I enjoy it.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process, and are there any workflow tips you might wish to provide?

As a majority of the artists I know, I am a bit on both sides of the creation: a messy flow of information clusters, like swirling lines of colored smoke in the air... and a strong, organizational pulse that puts all in perspective and makes the required order for a project. Some days I am 100% in the colored smoke and others I am 100% in the checking and re-checking of files, like an accountant :)

The idea comes from everywhere, then I put it in a drawing or so, then go to my modeler and start putting things together. So, once the object is done I go to Poser and put it close to V4, or alone if it is not a V4 related element. Mapping and morphs come next, and finishing with materials and posing/rendering tests. I am still getting used to working on more than 2 projects at the same time... I need to stay focused, so sometimes I only do one at a time.

You've had the honor of Vendor Of the Month several times previously. To what do you credit your continued success?

I think it is the infinite amount of time I spend testing, and the love I put into these products. The constant search for original things, for depurated shapes, for not obvious designs, for improved materials and also for always bringing all the required information for getting the same results I get in my promo renders. I feel I have to show people what they can do with my products and sometimes with other vendors' things too, working with all them together... it is fun and refreshing... I had lovely messages of people telling me that they had these products, but now they see they can use them differently and they are happy to have found this inspiration!

I will also add that one of the things I think is important is how "friendly" my objects are related to mesh complexity and topology. I put special attention on that, because I know that a lot of people check it and it is important for them as much as it is for me.

What might we find you doing when you are not at work creating great content?

In this stage of my life, pretty much laying on my couch watching a series or sci-fi movies, maybe listening to music, or plainly sleeping. I am planning to go back to my arts background and restart my painting, this time fully oriented to abstract and color flow on canvas. I have enough reality and life-like things with my 3D love to allow me to fly on imagination and unreal lifeforms, cellular, etc... I used to draw a lot on my tablet when I was travelling, which happens several times each year due to different reasons.

Do you have any new insights or advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

The advice is BE ORIGINAL, be strong and focused, learn as much as you can and don´t give up. Try to always find a different way to make the project - THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.
Be respectful with your colleagues and partners, because they work hard as you do. Don´t copy, don´t imitate, don´t try to look similar to someone else just because someone seems to be succesful. GET INSPIRED, BUT BE YOURSELF.

Success, or the lack of it, is a matter of many factors, including, in part, LUCK. You can look for luck, but you also have to WORK for it, too. Nobody comes to life with everything granted. It is all about work and effort and MAYBE some percent of pure luck. You have to build your strength and your professional identity that will support you. It can happen that the good ideas come in torrents or not at all... it is normal and all of us have these situations. So we have to build ourselves to support that and be ready to catch the first one that crosses the sky, but the first one that is YOURS :)

Sorry, that was pretty long... but this is the same thing I've told my daughters once a month at least, for the last 10 years. And I think it works :)

Do you have any final words or advice for other digital artists?

Just be creative all the time. My fav line lately - Think outside the box :)


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Anagord ( posted at 6:35AM Tue, 02 December 2014


StudioArtVartanian ( posted at 6:42AM Tue, 02 December 2014

Congrats,Sweetie:) Very well deserved, Awesome work!!!

Godin ( posted at 8:19AM Tue, 02 December 2014

Wow Fabiana Congrats!! Very well deserved. I love your work! I admire your skills and talent! You go Girl!! :)

EdArt3D ( posted at 12:30PM Tue, 02 December 2014

Enhorabuena Fabiana !

Hinkypunk ( posted at 7:14PM Tue, 02 December 2014

Grats Fabi!!!!!

disneyfabfive ( posted at 8:38PM Wed, 03 December 2014

Congrats Fabi, you deserve it!!!!

StaceyG ( posted at 2:52PM Thu, 04 December 2014

Congrats our angel:)

SWAM ( posted at 3:17PM Thu, 04 December 2014

Congratulations sweetie. Very well deserved

Tempesta3d ( posted at 3:13PM Mon, 08 December 2014

Congratulations, you create very elegant classy products.

EportsCreations ( posted at 3:03PM Tue, 09 December 2014

Congratulation! If this was the Academy Awards for artists, you would have won in every category. Keep up the fine work Fabiana, your a master in your own right. Whats next? :)

XENOPHONZ ( posted at 3:15PM Tue, 09 December 2014

Congratulations, Fabi! :)

Silverwind ( posted at 1:58AM Thu, 11 December 2014

Congrats Fabi! hugs

MarciaGomes ( posted at 12:22PM Thu, 11 December 2014

Congaratulações querida Fabiana,seus produtos são maravilhosos,você é muito talentosa.

Bez ( posted at 4:32AM Sat, 13 December 2014

Congratulations Fabi, well done :)

louly ( posted at 6:32AM Sat, 13 December 2014

Congratulations! You always put so much effort in every detail and functionality, you're in a category of your own. Well deserved!

Pantheresss ( posted at 10:03AM Sat, 13 December 2014

Congratulations Fabiana well deserved. Love your products it`s always pure Elegance... Never stop making these amazing products.

Sandrose ( posted at 8:15AM Sun, 14 December 2014

Congratulations from a big fan!

digiPixel ( posted at 6:50PM Sun, 14 December 2014

Sorry I am late Fabi dear .. But you know I love your products, admire your skills and happy to be my mentor in my modeling .. Big Hugs and Huge congratz!!

Isvett ( posted at 7:49PM Sun, 14 December 2014

Fabi!!!! Felicidades

addy ( posted at 9:06PM Thu, 18 December 2014

Congrats! You deserve it, your work is beautiful :)

robinsk1 ( posted at 1:39PM Sat, 20 December 2014

Big Congratulations and very well deserved. Love your creations!

hongyu ( posted at 2:16AM Sat, 27 December 2014

Congratulations my friend, again! Well deserved!

lilflame ( posted at 12:26PM Mon, 29 December 2014

Congrats Fabi, always lovely products! :)

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