Entry #2

Christmas Bunny

"Cold, so cold" thought the stuffed animal as he opened his eyes. "What happened, the last thing I remember was being stuffed into a Christmas stocking and being warm,” thought Dinkie. "The next thing I remember was being carried then a cold hard thud as I....as I hit the ground!"

As his eyes begin to adjust to the darkness, Dinkie realized he was on the ground resting again the rocks of a flower bed. “Help!” Dinkie screamed in his head.  “Someone help me!” he screamed again and again but no one came to help.

He noticed it was starting to snow.  Lightly at first but it started to pick up and a frost was forming on the ground. “Great, here I am lying on frozen dirt and I'm going to freeze to death.”  
Wait, can a stuffed bunny freeze to death? Surely not,” he thought.

Snowflakes would land on his nose and disappear as quickly as the landed making his nose a little damp. “Thank goodness I am waterproof” thought Dinkie as he laid there hoping that someone would come to find him, maybe someone would realize he was lost.

As the snow piled up around him he noticed a crow that was hoping around on the ground in the fading light looking for a bite to eat.  The crow hopped over to him and let out a "caw caw" and bumped him with his beak. "Go away you stupid bird," thought Dinkie. "Can't you see I have enough trouble without you trying to steal my stuffing or worse my button eyes".

About that time the bird flew off in a panic as if something had scared it and it was fleeing for its life.  "oh no what now," thought Dinkie as a playful dog ran in front off him in the direction of the crow.  

The dog quickly turned and looked at Dinkie with his nub waging and a mischievous look in his eyes. He walked over to bunny and gave him a sniff.

"Shoo go away," thought Dinkie. The Yorkie looked him over and started to lift his leg.

"GAH! shoo shoo go away!!" Dinkie frantically thought.

The crow let out another "Caw" high up in the tree which got the Yorkie's attention causing him to drop his leg back down and run to the tree.

"Whew, that was close!" said Dinkie in his head.

The Yorkie turned and ran back over to bunny. He stared at him and barked as if Dinkie would jump up and run away in fear.

All of a sudden the Yorkie pounced at Dinkie throwing a mound of snow on him where the Yorkie's paws had pushed into the snow.

"Great, lost and buried alive by a dog, could this day get any worse" said Dinkie. Suddenly he was lifted up out of the snow and the whole world was bouncing up and down. "I was wrong, it can get worse. Torn apart by a bunny eating Yorkie".

What he could see of the world was bouncing up an down but it looked like the Yorkie was carrying him toward a house and with the slap of a doggy door in the face he was positive it was a house.

The Yorkie carried him through the house and into a room that had the scent of turkey, cornbread dressing and cakes or pies baking.

Dinkielooked up as the Yorkie stopped and saw a tall woman with an apron on chopping something over a sink. The Yorkie dropped Dinkie at her feet as she looked down.

"Lycan! You found Dinkie," she said as she washed off her hands, dried them and picked up bunny.  "I'm sorry little guy, you must've fallen out of the Christmas stocking as we were carrying them in."  She dusted off Dinkie and walked over to the fireplace in the living room.

Dinkiecould feel how warm it was in the house as he heard Christmas music ever so softly playing through out.  He saw a beautiful Christmas tree and 3 stockings above a fireplace as she gently stuffed him in one and patted him on the head.

Sierra Marie is going to love you so much," said her mother.

Dinkielooked around and thought to himself "now this is more like it," as he thought back over his ordeal as he chuckled to himself. 

I guess Christmas wishes do come true as long as you believe" as he snuggled comfortably in the Christmas stocking and waited to meet his new best friend.

Word Count: 756

This story was inspired by a bunny and my wife who is always an inspiration to me.. 

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