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Entry #1

  Genevieve was walking down a crowded street, looking at the Christmas lights, when she saw a tattered puppy in the gutter. She pulled at her moms sleeve so she could  get a  closer look. Her mom tapped Genevieve on the shoulder, “What is it dear? Is there something you want to see?” Genevieve looked up and signed back, “There is a lost toy lying in the gutter. Maybe we can find it’s owner.” Agreeing, her mother followed Genevieve as she went to retrieve the bedraggled little toy.  A tag hung around the puppy’s neck with the name  Halley Jackson. This was the start of the journey to solve the mystery of the lost toy.

     At a hospital not far away, Halley lay, tears streaming down her pale cheeks. “Mommy, where is my puppy?” she asked, words stilted by heart wrenching sobs. Gently, her mother said” You must have lost it the other day as we were Christmas shopping. Sobbing harder, she remembered when her Daddy had given it to her, just before he left. Hugging the puppy was what had comforted her whenever she thought of him. Wiping the hot, wet tears away from the porcelain skin her mother crooned, “It’s okay baby, we will find him.” The comforting words lulled Halley into sleep. Halley’s mom began to cry, the cancer that was plaguing Halley was very aggressive, and the chemo didn’t seem to be helping.

     Genevieve held the puppy close as she and her mother walked home, arms laden with bags holding gifts. Excitedly, she thought of how nice it would be to find Halley before Christmas.

     Genevieve’s mom volunteered at the children’s hospital down the street and she purchased gifts for all of the children who had to be there. Genevieve herself had spent many days in that hospital after the accident that had left her deaf, she liked to go to the hospital to visit the doctors and the children who were sick. She always felt that she could bring them a little bit of joy. As her mom wrapped the presents for the kids, Genevieve sat and thought of how she would find the mysterious Halley Jackson. She didn’t even know where to start, so she went to help her mom with the wrapping.

     Halley woke up crying; she had just had a nightmare and couldn’t find her puppy to comfort her. Then she remembered that her puppy had been lost. “Mommy?” she asked the silent room, “Where are you?” Her mom came over and took ahold of Halley’s hand, “Shh, baby,” she whispered, “I’m here, I’ll keep you safe.” Halley looked around the room; they hadn’t had time to decorate it this time. There was a knock at the door, and a tall, slim woman was standing there, a small smile playing at her lips. Halley sniffled and waved the woman into her room. “Hi sweetie,” the woman said, “I’m going around collecting lists for Santa, have you had a chance to make yours?” Halley shook her head as looked down sadly.  The woman asked, “Would you like to make a list now? I’d be more than happy to help you.” Halley nodded and gave a little smile, “I’d really like to,” she said in a whisper that was almost inaudible. Opening a bag that Halley had failed to see, the woman pulled out a pen and some very festive paper. “Okay,” she said, “Would you like to write it? Or do you want me to write what you say?” 

     It was Christmas Eve, and Genevieve hadn’t had any luck finding the lost owner of the puppy. She dejectedly went to her mom and signed, “Mommy, the little girl who lost this puppy will be sad this Christmas; I really wish I had found her.” Her mom smiled a knowing smile, “Bring the puppy with you this evening when we go to the hospital; just in case. Gathering the gifts together, Genevieve’s mom watched her beautiful, caring daughter as she brushed the tattered toy. She smiled, knowing that her daughter had a pure and innocent heart. She couldn’t wait to see that smile that lit up every room that Genevieve walked into. No matter how sad Genevieve was, she always had a smile for the children at the hospital.

     As they walked into the hospital, Genevieve clutched the little puppy to her chest, she was really hoping for a Christmas miracle. She and her mom entered rooms, giving gifts to the children. Genevieve was awed by how happy they were to receive the gifts. Each room that they entered brought a smile to Genevieve’s face. She took time to talk to each child as they opened their gifts. As they came to the last room, Genevieve frowned, she never did get her Christmas miracle of finding the lost little girl. She tugged on her mom’s sleeve and signed, “Mommy, there wasn’t a little girl who lost her puppy. What do we do now?” Her mom looked down and smiled, “Honey,” she signed, “We aren’t done yet, don’t give up hope.”

     When they entered the room, the little girl in the bed got the biggest smile. “Mommy, look!” she exclaimed, “Puppy has found its way home to me!” Halley’s mom smiled, as Genevieve’s mom looked down at her daughter. She brushed Genevieve’s hair from her face Genevieve looked up, her mom signed, “You have found the home for that puppy, you’ve gotten your Christmas miracle.” Genevieve brought the puppy over to the girl, and was given a huge hug. 

     At that moment, a doctor entered holding a clipboard. “Halley, Mrs. Jackson, I have some wonderful news.” He said.  

945 words
My inspiration this year was the theme of this contest and of all the children who have lost a beloved toy. 

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