Characters and Forumites...

vette · March 30, 2001 7:31 pm

Characters and Forumites... How do, fellow travelers and forumites. "Forumites"? Hrmmm.... that sounds like something you need to spray for. "I'm sorry to have to tell you this mamn, but you have an infestation of Forumites... " the Orkin man says as he picks up his gear. "Looks like we'll have to condemn." ;] Heh heh. It feels that way sometimes around here too. *snicker* Just kidding, mostly. Still, I AM going to have ta thinks up a better term for us forum denizens and wanderers. We just can't have the man from Orkin coming after us... So... are ya'll enjoying the tour? What? Hrmm... awfull quiet in here. Let's see what we can do to liven things up, eh? First stop, I want to drag ya'll with me out to a couple of the various forii we've just barely touched on before, and show ya'll a few sights. And then we can all stand around together and go "Hey! Lookit that!" Comics Corner has one of those that caught my eye just as I was starting to write this. Check this out... "Hawkwoman - Almost finished" by Quagnon Pretty cool, eh? Then go check out the finished work in the galleries: "Hawkwoman" by Quagnon 'Course... we already knew that we had some fascinatingly talented people around here. So I'm not telling most of you anything new. Still, that's just one of the neat things you get to see wandering around in the forii here. You see a lot of the finished works in the galleries, of course, but the forums are where you get to watch and discuss the reation process. And kibbitz. ;] We all like to toss or 0.02 in when we can, especially when we has the spare change. *snicker* I know I do... Comics Corner is THE place to hang out, along with what I consider it's sister forum, Character creators. In the one, you get to pick the minds of any number of people who not only do poser and other apps, but also artists who have their own online comics and graphic novels. Along with people who want to have their own. Some of them have even done freelance for places like Marvel, so thei pro's in anyones book. And then you have Character Creator's where you get a chance to hang out with our very own celebrity, TBKoen - author of those truly fantastic Predator, Spawn and Alien figures. Ok, some of you are standing there going "Who?" Down in front. *snicker* TBK may not be world famous yet, but give him some time - he will be. After... once upon a time people heard the name "Boris Vallejo" and said "Who?" ;] That's one of the reasons I keep coming back, and hanging out in the forums and chat. As an artist... I'm a great technician. Any chance I get to pick the brains of the truly talented... I'm gong to grab it. And run with it. One of the things I learned the most from was an hour long chat session with Lalverson, and if I hadn't taken the opprotunity to avail myself of all this site has to offer - that chance would never have come. Hrmmm. May be I should feature chat and our chatroom regulars someday in one of these... While I'm getting to that... I'm going to keep wandering around interviewing mods and member and going "Hey! Lookitthat!". And spraying for forumites... Later... Sherman [Ironbear] Ironbear's Featured Column (click here) Obligatory Links: [Yet again!] TBKoen's Gallery: Wonderfull stuff... And Lalverson's Gallery, just because I mentioned it. Fantastic character work.. a master of the craft also, IMHO. [Anyone remember the acronyms primer?] Comics Corner: And last but not least - Character Creators: Ko... so wander about and browse and do a little "Lookitthat!" yerself, eh? And post something... Hope this HTML stuff works - first time I've done that trick myself. Tammy or Yvette usually does it for me. ;]

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HunterKnight ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 03 April 2001

Way cool stuff, bear-dude. I think all those forumites are coming from all those snicker crumbs. Good read, yo. Hunter

Ironbear ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 03 April 2001

Thanks Hunter. ;] Good to see you wander out from your column, drop in anytime.

Ironbear ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 04 April 2001

By the way... I'm going to be dropping back from two columns a week to only one a week for a while. Trying to head off incipient burnout. New columns will be showing up on Friday's from now on, instead of Tuesday's and Fridays.

Vethril ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 05 April 2001

Forumites??? Checks her hair and shakes it LOL! Anyways, glad you mentioned Lalverson. He is one of my inspirations here, and very knowledgable. Good reading IB. See you in chat! =P

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