Book Review: Secrets of Corel Painter Experts

January 22, 2012 11:54 pm

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Book Review: Secrets of Corel Painter Experts

Secrets of Corel Painter Experts: Tips, Techniques, and Insights for Users of All Abilities
By Daryl Wise and Linda Hellfritsch
© Course Technology PTR, 2011, All Rights Reserved

If you love art (digital or traditional), you will fall in love at first sight with Secrets of Corel Painter Experts: Tips, Techniques, and Insights for Users of All Abilities, by Daryl Wise and Linda Hellfritsch. Although modest in size (9" x 7") when it comes to art books … at least in this case … big things really do come in little packages.

The 17 chapter, unique layout of Secrets of Corel Painter Experts especially appealed to my artist/journalist/editor/publisher multi-personality. Also, as a longtime Painter enthusiast, my curiosity was piqued by the creative strides in both the newest edition of Carol Painter software and the professed Painter Experts.

Each chapter is devoted to an individual Corel Painter Modern Master. The chapters are further divided into each artist's in-depth bio (including contact information); step-by-step mini tutorials on the artist's Painter, as well as CGI painting, techniques (along with artist tips and artistic insights); a section where the authors interviewed each artist with insightful questions, which in turn garnered thought-provoking answers; followed by a large gallery sampling of each artist's work.

Browsing through the pages of Secrets of Corel Painter Experts was similar to entering a Holodeck [Star Trek: The Next Generation simulated reality facility]. The authors, Daryl Wise and Linda Hellfritsch, cordially invite the reader to travel around the world; visiting the seventeen international artists' studios; getting to know each artist up-front-and-personal in a casual setting. Then, the artist spends time demonstrating his/her particular Painter talent, in his/her specific artistic medium (from fine art to illustration), and finally the reader is given the opportunity to leisurely explore each artist's personal art gallery. It's the perfect "stay-cation" for a CGI enthusiast.

In reality, Secrets of Corel Painter Experts is a compilation of seventeen of today's most proficient CGI artists. More than a mere Corel Painter educational guide, the Secrets of Corel Painter Experts is a mini coffee table book. The superb quality of paper, print, and editing makes this book worthy of the price, even if you only purchase it to view the masterful artistic imagery … but, as the subtitle implies, it is also a learning experience, packed with Tips, Techniques, and Insights for Users of All Abilities.

Printed before the release of Corel Painter 12 (and the subsequent newly released Corel Painter 12.1 version), the book's introduction also includes a brief look into each edition of Painter, from its conception through Painter 11 … with a special insight on the new features of each version and the thought process behind each upgrade. It's a nice condensed history lesson, not only into the development and advancement of Painter, but also into the growth of painting software programs in general.

If you have never worked with Corel Painter, I highly recommend you take advantage of the 30-day Demo Corel Painter 11 version, included on the enclosed DVD. The DVD also showcases larger versions of the galleries of each of the seventeen artists' artwork featured within the book, and, as a bonus, many of the artists have added additional images to the DVD, as well as bonus content.

Following is a list of the artists, their art expertise, and the country in which they reside. (Click on the artist's name to view a sample of their artwork)

Extra DVD Content: Outstanding tutorial on creating a brush in Photoshop, creating a creative palette, tutorial on creating colorizing an illustration.

Extra DVD Content: Assorted illustrated animation videos

Extra DVD Content: Custom brushes, assorted art videos, custom wallpapers

Extra DVD Content: 20 minute tutorial on Hot Rod Sketch

Extra DVD Content: PDF Tutorial on eye enhancement, PDF general notes on art theory, custom CS5 retouching brushes, learning resources

Although the artists are Corel Painter Experts, their artistic Tips, Techniques, and Insights can also be applied to a variety of paint software programs, as well as traditional artwork … which truly makes Secrets of Corel Painter Experts by Daryl Wise and Linda Hellfritsch, the perfect art book for artists … of All Abilities.

Exploring the pages of Secrets of Corel Painter Experts: Tips, Techniques, and Insights for Users of All Abilities, is also a great way to celebrate Painter's 20th anniversary.

Once you've delved into the Secrets of Corel Painter Experts, and taken the Demo version of Painter 11 (included on the Secrets of Corel Painter Experts bonus DVD) for a test drive, be sure to check out Corel Painter 12 (Windows/Mac). Also, if you are like me and are nostalgic for the old Painter Paint Can editions … Corel Painter 12 [20th] Anniversary Edition Paint Can (Windows/Mac)  is being offered for a limited time.

Secrets of Corel Painter Experts: Tips, Techniques, and Insights for Users of All Abilities, by Daryl Wise and Linda Hellfritsch, can be purchased directly through the publisher, or through retail and online bookstores … also available in eBook and Kindle formats.

  • Retail Price: $44.99
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Course Technology PTR; 1 edition (October 14, 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 143545720X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1435457201
  • Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.3 x 1 inches

We invite you to visit Course Technology PR (the retail division of Course Technology) for additional books in the fields of computer generated art.

About the Authors

  • Daryl Wise: For over 15 years, Daryl has worked as owner/operator of Street Wise PR, a public relations and marketing firm near Silicon Valley. He is also the author of Secrets of Poser Experts and Secrets of ZBrush Experts.
  • Linda Hellfritsch: A fine artist living in California, Linda works primarily with traditional mediums. Her areas of expertise include studio art, graphic design, art history, and arts education. In her spare time, she works as a scenic painter and props builder at the new Crocker Theater in Aptos, California.

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January 23, 2012

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