Poser Pulse - Fitting Dynamics from LF to LF2

Aug 16, 2023 at 10:00 am by Staff


Feel the Poser Pulse getting stronger!


Dynamic Solutions!  Yes, La Femme 2 will be sharing La Femme's dynamic clothing!


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New and improved La Femme 2 is very much different from the original.  However, that will not stop her from being able to wear clothing many of you have already purchased and invested in during the past several years.


Today we'll be taking a look at how easy it is to fit La Femme's dynamic clothing on La Femme2. As you can see below, the two figures have different body shapes and starting poses but in La Femme 2's Body dials you'll find a "Tools" section and setting the dial "Tool_LaFemmeShape" to 1.000 you'll instantly get La Femme's original body shape and starting pose.  This will make it easy to fit any dynamic clothing from La Femme with no fuss.


Notice how the dress fits the default La Femme 2 and how it sits perfectly when the Tool dial is set to 1.000.

You may then go to the frame of your choice as you normally would where the Dial should be set back to 0.000 so you have La Femme2's body shape once more and there you can apply the pose you'd like and any morphs as well.  Now you can go about setting up your dynamic clothing in the Cloth room and running the simulation.


Check out Afrodite-Ohki's detailed video tutorial below for tips on how to use La Femme's dynamic clothing and simulation scripts with La Femme 2 more effectively.



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I have had the pleasure of fiddling with dynamic clothes for LF on LF2 - and it really is as easy as it looks!
I continue to be so excited about La Femme 2 and am always checking to see if she is available yet. =) Molly
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