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Mar 20, 2023 at 11:00 pm by warlord720

Cybertenko is one of those creators whose work spans a wide spectrum of interests with a sly sense of humor and style. While this vendor’s 3D content is great, you don’t want to overlook some of the outstanding 2D backgrounds available. Some of them are works of art in themselves and could make a render really pop and stand out.

Cybertenko’s store offers over 400 products from 2D assets to a wide variety of 3D assets including characters and props.  You’ll find clothing, accessories, add-ons, and hair among many other items.

In our ongoing Creator Profile series this vendor took the time to look over our creator questions and provide us with an insight into the very creative digital world of Cybertenko.

Interview with Cybertenko

What got you interested in digital art and creating 3D content?

I think what fascinates me the most is the possibility of pure creativity. I used to devote myself to either classical painting or drawing, and a lot of literary work as well. I wrote two novels, a few theater plays and mainly worked as a journalist in a press agency and later in a newspaper, but especially in that journalistic work there was not enough freedom and impartiality, because it was necessary to write for someone, as he wanted. I probably did not find enough opportunities in free literary creation, because due to the fact that I devoted myself to rather marginal genres, there was not enough publishing support in my language environment - the Czech Republic with 10 million inhabitants. 3d creation, on the other hand, gave me much more freedom, also because it is not limited by language and is internationally transferable. 

Which one gives you a bigger thrill? Creating 3D Content, Creating Artwork, or both?

Basically, I only do 3d content creation, I briefly dabbled in image creation with ai, but the company doesn't seem to be mature enough for this medium. Once again, the technical possibility was overtaken by the maturity of society and legislation. the possibilities are really great and although a lot of people may not think so, it is really human creation and not machine production. what has already been confirmed so many times in the history of art is, real art is the concept and communication, and the method of implementation and the technique is secondary. When society and especially American legislation understands all this, maybe we will move somewhere further.

Do you feel driven by your desire to create or is it something that just pops up from time to time?

It's both. but in the beginning, there is always excitement. Something fascinates me or, on the contrary, troubles me, I want to confide in something or share something, so I think about how to communicate it using 3d modeling. And sometimes I think of modeling something that might be useful to someone or otherwise useful or that it will bring pleasure to someone, and you will move someone to something, to make some artworks from those models. and that is communication.

When did you start to realize that you had artistic/creative ability?

I think that's always been with me. creativity, the urge to invent something, produce, construct... it probably can't be taught. one must be born with it.

What is in your digital toolbox? What applications do you rely on for artwork and/or 3D content creation? Especially your “can’t live without” software apps.

There are many such programs. I certainly couldn't name them. in fact, I'm constantly looking for new programs and tools that will help me to make the creation more efficient, to make it easier so that I can focus more on the concept and the message itself and don't have to be held back by technical obstacles. and it's the same with the already mentioned ai. There you can actually focus fully on the content and message and don't have to deal with the technical side of things so much, that's the huge potential of the medium, once society learns to live with it. Unfortunately, my handicap in life is that I don't have a very good memory, so even if I learn something in a new program, if I don't use it on a daily basis, I quickly forget everything and then have to learn it again. Currently, I started working with Daz Studio, so I feel like a pupil at school again.

Digital Artists and Content creators form a wide spectrum. Are you formally educated, self-taught, or both in digital asset creation?

I'm self-taught, even kind of a lone wolf. I'm always embarrassed to ask someone something because I feel like it's elementary and I should know it myself. So, I often struggle with something myself, instead of asking someone and being clear right away.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a writer and that actually came true for me, but it didn't completely fulfill and satisfy me, so I'm still looking for what I'll actually be.

Steam Rifle Construction Kit by Cybertenko

 Did you end up in a related profession or something totally different?

It depends on how it is taken. I studied art history but ended up as a correctional officer. but I work in PR, so I will use both a literary and an artistic background for my work. it's just about finding ways and opportunities to use that foundation in my profession.

Final thoughts or anything you want to share with our readers?

I have always tried to make my models not just a 3D object or a bunch of props, but to be part of some story, or some world, some wider connections that are there for me and that maybe some customer will hopefully discover. This is often reflected in the titles of those models - products. Maybe sometimes they are confusing or misleading instead of communicating what it contains normally, but I probably won't do it any other way. Maybe it will at least arouse curiosity in someone.

You can discover more of Cybertenko's creations in his Renderosity store 


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You are one of my favorites. I really enjoyed this interview. You are not only creative but your range of products demonstrate a person who is well-read and not just mining the usual pop culture stuff. Thank you for making me smile on a regular basis.
Thank you, Cybertenko, for always remaining consistent with your unique style and vision for all these years.
What a wonderful interview of one of my favorite creators. As a writer and illustrator I live in that seam where reality and fantasy intersect. So much of the creativity of Cybertenko resides there as well that I was naturally drawn to it. I've noticed the recent dive into DAZ3d but hope he doesn't forget about all his fans still here using Poser!
You are one of the most adorable, professional, kind, supportive, inspirational and profound Artist. I read your words in awe, especially the part when you said:"human creation", so dear to me as creativity is what makes us humans and what makes life worth living, not machines. You are wonderful and I hope more and more people will appreciate your phenomenal creations like I do. You bring always the much needed humor but also make me surprise each and every time your new products come out. Thank you for your Art and friendship.
I'm so happy to see this interview! And you should never worry about asking questions, even if its something that seems simple--most of us are self taught in a very young art medium and it would be delightful to give back when you have given us years of smiles and art :) (Of course the danger is I will say I did that once and I forget how I did it ) :D
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