Gallery of the Week - The Faeries Gallery

May 17, 2021 at 06:00 am by gToon

Splash image: Fairy portrait by Kordouane 

Our Renderosity gallery of the week is the Faeries GalleryIn ancient folklore, the faerie was a powerful supernatural being who often wreaked havoc with the lives of humans who encountered them. The modern version of faerie is often much more benevolent especially as depicted in modern fantasy tales. Renderosity artists love depicting the faerie world and the Faerie Gallery has over 20,000 images of every conceivable depiction of the idea of faerie. 
Please take a moment and visit the Faeries Gallery at the link below. We've chosen 10 artists from this gallery for the video, although we could have easily chosen twice that amount. The work in this gallery is exceptional. 

Here are 10 artist's works we've chosen from the Faeries Gallery. Click the image to see more of their work.


Wonderful! My favorite gallery, thanks so much for including me :heart:
Great images that firefly the imagination :) Congratulations to all the artists!
For me also it is my favorite gallery, I thank you for having taken my fairy portrait on the cover, it is an honor for me !
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