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Oct 30, 2020 at 09:36 pm by gToon


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Halloween Haunts collection by Sveva

Renderosity News

  • The Gallery of the Week is a Special Halloween Themed Gallery. We combed the Renderosity galleries for interesting Halloween-themed art and combined 10 selections for our Special Halloween Gallery video. We love the fact that Renderosity artist celebrate this great holiday with such passion and talent. Happy Halloween everyone!

  • Halloween GRAB-BAG Event for Poser! Through 11:59pm (cst) on Sunday, Nov 1, you will receive 1 FREE product every time you make a qualifying purchase. There are no limits on the number of times you can make your way through the checkout process to receive your free Grab Bag item.

  • Poser's HDRI lighting options - realistic light for your renders! Poser's Superfly and Firefly render engines can make use of HDRIs to provide realistic lighting and even backgrounds. There are many ways to utilize the HDRIs found in the Marketplace but the simplest is BagginsBill's Environment Sphere and if you would like even more control and options then Snarlygribbly's EZDome is ideal. Poser's Pulse is getting stronger!

  • DM - Marforno's Birthday SALE. DM - Marforno's Birthday SALE. DM's store is up to 70% off. Starting now till 11:59 pm (cst) Monday, November 2nd.

Renderosity Magazine News

  • Rocket 3F: a free 3D modeling application review by Nemirc. Brand new, simple 3D modeler is quite powerful according to our senior writer. And the best thing about it is that it is FREE! Check out this succinct review of Rocket 3F. "I think this is a very complete 3D modeling app, and if you should definitely take a look."

  • Artist of the Week - UBATUBA. UBUTUBA is one of the most interesting artists at Renderosity. In this weekly series, we've chosen 10 works from his gallery in a featured video.

  • Lobe.ai - Free (and code free) Machine Learning App. Microsoft has released a free artificial intelligence tool for images and videos that works with other open-source machine learning and AI platforms. You supply images or video for a dataset and i

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