News of the Week for May 16 2020

May 16, 2020 at 12:29 pm by gToon


Our weekly news video covers news along with hand-picked Digital Arts news from Renderosity Magazine.

Floyd's Dilemma by GrandmaT

Renderosity News

  • Gallery of the Week is the Photo Manipulation Gallery.. Digital technologies have made manipulating and changing photography commonplace. Renderosity artists in this gallery take that craft to a new level. Be sure to watch our video gallery which features 8 works from this creative gallery.

  • Poser Creator Series: How forensic science uses Poser. When court cases regardless of jurisdiction are presented, it often helps attorneys, judges and juries to visualize incidents when experts present their theories with the help of computer aided design, like Poser Software. Read this interesting article on using Poser as an aid to forensic science.

  • CGSpree by Maddelirium. MDD Florabelle for G8F (IRAY ONLY) will be 50% OFF NOW through 9:59 am (cdt) Sunday, May 17th.

  • nirvy's May's Floral Fancy SALE. nirvy's store is at 40%-50% off. Starting now till 11:59 pm (cdt) Monday, May 18th.

  • Atenais' May's Floral Fancy SALE. Atenais' store is at 40%-45% off. Starting now till 11:59 pm (cdt) Tuesday, May 19th.

Renderosity Magazine News

  • Unity Announces Machine Learning-Agents Package v1.0!. Their ML-Agents package has reached a significant milestone in becoming production-ready: the C# SDK has graduated to its first major version, v1.0, and is now available as a Preview package,, through the Unity Package Manager

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