3D Thursday | Week 1

September 8, 2011 12:30 am

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Find Great Deals on 3D Thursday!

The Renderosity MarketPlace is excited to bring you great offers in 3D for the remaining Thursday's left in September. For the rest of the month, you'll want to pay special attention to every Thursday as we'll be bringing you great offers that will be available for that day only!

This 3D Thursday's deal is to receive a 10% discount on $100 Renderosity Gift Certificates. It's a rare opportunity to save and you'll have the entire day of September 8th to stock up on Gift Certificates!

Click the image below to buy now!

There are NO limits as to the number of Gift Certificates you can purchase during this period.

These Gift Certificates CAN be 'Gifted' to other Renderosity members as well. Remember to enter the gift recipient's Renderosity username in FOR field, and type in your personal message to them in the Gift Message field. The username must be exact, or the member will not receive the gift.


Below are some HOT products you can find right now in the MarketPlace!

Renderosity Prime Annual Membership

CruX Vamp

Easy Going Dress for G8F

Amelia for Dawn



*Please note that you may not use a Gift Certificate to purchase a Gift Certificate. This offer is valid until 11:45pm (cdt) on Thursday.

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Article Comments

1971s ( posted at 1:38AM Thu, 08 September 2011

Wonderful news !!!

mikeerson ( posted at 2:58PM Thu, 08 September 2011

Woa.... this woke me up, I thought I had a hundred dollar gift certificate... the fine print killed my mood though - lol ...I'm watching you guys, I bet you have something nice the next few thursdays, but I'll be offline - drag.