July 2009 Vendor of the Month - Powerage

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July 2009 Vendor of the Month - Powerage | pwoerage, VOM

Who is powerage ?

First, I want to thank Renderosity for the award, which is always a pleasure :) Powerage is now a two-person crew since my wife joined me recently (-Luciole-), its role is the texturing for my part, I'm the modeler / UVS / rigging / morphs. Sophie is currently training on Z brush. Otherwise, I have 39 years old, I live in France near Bordeaux with my wife and my little Charlotte (soon 3 years already!).

How long have you have you been involved in digital art ?
In 1998 I bought my first PC, and I became interested in 3D. Shortly after my wife offered me Poser 5, I thought woow! it's cool all that we can do with this. I quickly wanted to import my own models in Poser and it was then that I became interested in the development of content for Poser.

What are you currently working on ?
In a few days will be released our product "Zaetheria Legend", which has required much effort. We are currently working on a season product which is being finalized. We also have several important projects underway, but we can not say for now :) Architectural projects and the continuation of the series "Live architecture" and "Battle Art" are planned.

What software do you use and why ?
We work with 3dsMax, Poser 7 Pro and of course Photoshop. For my part, I am trained in 3d with 3dsMax 2 and I work currently with 3dsMax 7. I do not usually work with a variety of software. I also like some small software cr2 editor, and a few other Dimension 3D that are very useful. Z brush will soon enter our workflow.

Where do you find inspiration for your products ?
It is often a mix of comics, movies ... it can also be an atmosphere that moved me that I will try to re-convert in 3D. Music is also a good way to work my imagination.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers ?
It's always very difficult to give advice, especially when "the dream of developing": sometimes nightmarish ! Personally, I am gaining more experience, the more I find it difficult to develop products for Poser. There are so many aspects to consider: An original design and careful thinking about the usefulness of the product may have the customer, ease of use, the material constraints ...
In any case, I think it is imperative to control with a minimum basic tools that will help you realize what you have in mind and why a number of years may be needed. Second, there must be serious in his work, always try to facilitate the use of the product at the most. I also think it takes the players mind and especially not to give up if your product does not sell well. Successful alchemy: design/originality and ease of use, I think are the keys to a good product but very hard to meet.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning ?
Hey! Renderosity is an incredible place, and that here people are able to decode my English, I think it is aliens possess a sixth sense lol More seriously, Renderosity is my second home, I have my habits: every morning I wander through the various pages of the site as if I was reading a newspaper. The atmosphere is warm and the feeling of traveling seeing the diversity of nationalities is very rewarding. I saw every day extraordinary things to me motive in my work.

Do you have any final words ?
A big thank you to all our customers for their confidence and feedback that help us move forward. Thank you to my wife joined me in this adventure, thank you to my daughter to exist :) Thank you to all my friends here and especially Louly, 2Mylent, CLG, Ephi who are always there to advise us and support us. Thank you to the entire team of Renderosity admins for their professionalism and especially to Debbie, Preston and Karen: Your patience is amazing :) A thought also for all the vendors that provide the best of themselves to deliver great products to the community. Thank you all for reading this interview.


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Member Opinions:
By: Shalimar-Cherie on 7/1/09
Conrgratulations Powerage , well deserved for your fabulous Creations ;-).

By: Lakotariver on 7/2/09
You, Very much deserved. I have a number of your items and you have given so much to the Art Community and I thank you for it. You have a wonderful gift in Art and hope you will continue to shair your gift with us. Smiles to you

By: Propschick on 7/2/09
Congrats =)

By: quarterscot on 7/2/09
A reward that's richly deserved. Well done

By: 2Mylent on 7/2/09
MOM ami, c'est mérité :oD
Bon, CEPATOUCA mais, j'attends ton titre de "Vendeur de l'Année" :)

By: coflek-gnorg on 7/2/09
Congratulations my friend, You deserve it! I love Your work, keep it up!

By: JZArt3DSteel on 7/3/09
Powerage is awesome! I just bought several items today from the Powerage store and I am working with the cool models in Poser 6 as I type this. Always letting us have the BEST here at Renderosity at very affordable prices! Thanks Powerage. You freakin' ROCK! :-D

By: EPhi on 7/3/09
Very well deserved!! Great talent and great imagination!!
GMT a encore frappé!! Souviens toi que:
1) jamais 2 sans 3 2) comme 2000: cepatouca mais on attend plus;-)

By: FantastArt on 7/3/09
Very well deserved! Congratulations!

By: louly on 7/3/09
Félicitations mon grand! Bien mérité :)

By: renapd on 7/5/09
Most well deserved honor to a best friend and most talented vendor, with a fresh breathe of ideas! :)

By: misthemes on 7/5/09
Félicitations Powerage, tes créations sont fabuleuses et méritent largement ce couronnement ! Merci pour ton grand art.
Misthèmes :)

By: InaLee on 7/6/09
Congratulations! Your are deserve it! And thank you for the models.

By: ForbiddenWhispers on 7/6/09

By: Pugster56 on 7/6/09
Congrats!! I love your products!! Great work!!

By: outoftouch on 7/7/09
Congratulations! :-)

By: bajaliva on 7/8/09
Bravo !
Voilà qui récompense des créations pleines de style, qui sortent de l'ordinaire.
A bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures 8-)

By: P3D-Art on 7/11/09
Your style is unique and you deserve this big time ...
Congratz to you!!

By: gojira on 7/11/09
Good for you . . . ! Well-deserved . . . !

By: Cybertenko on 7/12/09
One of the best vendors, always coming with something very special, orginal and well done. The title is well deserved. Congratulations! I am looking forward to your future products.

By: 3Dave on 7/17/09
Congratulations Christophe, well deserved

By: StaceyG on 7/17/09
Congrats to you Christophe:) Your work is fantastic!

By: DemonMage on 7/21/09
Congratulations! I always like to see what comes out by you. Maybe, just maybe, you can dethrone the Merchant of the Year :P

By: karanta on 7/23/09
Congratulations :)

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