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vette · October 22, 2001 9:46 pm

If you don't know the artist, take a look at their gallery. And then cast your vote. kracker's Gallery Lorraine's Gallery picky's Gallery shanes' Gallery sinsister's Gallery Sking's Gallery Usurer's Gallery

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wgreenlee1 ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 23 October 2001

scott king is as close to real three diminsional art as i have seen here,there is a realism to it without preaching a cermon,very little if any postwork makes it belivable,masculine and sensual mix without being over done or insulting,a story being told that sends your mind reeling as to what happened before this picture and whats going to happen after,real human emotions reflecting from the simplicity of one single picture of time,ive voted for him before and i respect the others work but(heres comes the but),if i had to choose upon the paths that all these artists have taken which would i want my own art to evolve? it would be the path that scott king has taken because to me he is the essence of the 3D world that i see and where i would like to someday be....

nnuu ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 23 October 2001

when is kracker gonna get the recognition he deserves?....thats what i ask......this guy has been nominated more than anyone here....but cant win the AOM cause he doesnt show women in his work.....this guy is far better than anyone around here that has won.....ever!!!....give the guy the credit he deserves...cause hes the best artist here and its an insult to see that hes being beatin by boring artists around here...keep it comin kracker.... nnuu

avreana ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 23 October 2001

I have to agree about Kracker, I always vote for him and he never wins! I love the darkness of his work. Besides, it's about time a 2D artist won. I find that 2D is quite hard work and deserves some more recognition. Avreana

Slynky ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 23 October 2001

Kracker getting his due? He's been nominated HOW many times? Isn't that pretty darn good recognition as it is? Kracker's a fantastic artist, but to say everyone else sucks compared to him isn't cool. He has his own style, other people have other styles, and for every person that says kracker should win hands down, someone else thinks the same about someone else. If I had it my way, Rohyphnol would win artist of the year. Still he had his shot last month, and he didn't win, so I nominate someone new. Kracker keeps getting nominated, and still doesn't win. He's a great artist, but if he doesn't win one month, the next, or the next, the people have spoken. My feeling is a person should be allowed to be nominated once a year, if they don't make it, they still had the honour of being in the running, so oh well. In the meantime, artists deserving the chance of being the AOM are getting knocked off every month because people can't come to grips with the fact that there favourite isn't everyone elses favourite. I'm sure Kracker is honoured he keeps getting put in the running, but I'm sure he might even feel as though someone else may not be getting their chance to shine. Don't quote me on it though...

sinsister ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 23 October 2001

Every artist has their own style regardless of what they post. Frankly I don't give a stuff for winning ne thing although I would like to thank all the ppl who have nominated me, that to me is far more recognition than I could ever hope for. As a community why can't we just respect each others differences? I really do wish that this wasn't such a competitive enviroment because it really does take the fun out of it.

//I make no apologies for my opinions

Seven Wolves ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 24 October 2001

I'm keeping my vote to myself, but I think that between Shane, Lorraine, Picky, SKing and Sinister, this has been the thoughest for me to choose so far. My hat is off to you five. I've always enjoyed your work very much. Thanks for shareing your styles!! :)

Ecstasy ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 24 October 2001

Shame on you nnuu.Of course he deserves it but apparently not everyone shares the same taste.we are lucky some of these artist even let us veiw more than there art ,but their souls on on these pages.And we are blessed with everyone of them.And congratulations to who ever wins because you all deserve it.But hopefully in December Syyd will be put up here to.

masterinsane ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 25 October 2001

I voted for kracker. His work has so much meaning. We need a 2d artist winning aom sometime I looked at the past aoms and they have all been 3d artist. I would like to see Kracker be the first 2d aom this year That would be tight.

kracker ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 26 October 2001

hey im honored and its true im nominated every month that im truely proud of for myself, and great people who pick me...but i'll never win..remember a few months ago when i easily got that reaction about poser shit ? bet i still could..first the mass's choose 3d i guess 2d just isnt good enough for them it has no real skill...WELL atleast i can make something from scratch rather than morphing a pathetic model in poser4..o and im not knocking poser people i do enjoy some of there work...just not most, seriously is that boring air brushed/oil painting poser work always going to win ? i hope so or someone with real thought and creation might win and break the chain..cant break the chain DONT BREAK THE CHAIN...o and i could name shitloads of artists who actually deserve this..but really whats the point others do everymonth and no one gives a shit besides a small group of hundreds LONG LIVE POSER ! DONT BREAK THE CHAIN !

Giana ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 26 October 2001

Yanno, Preston, I don't always agree with the words you choose to express yourself with, and sometimes not even their meaning, and that's not really a requirement, hey? But I gotta tell ya, past all the words, it's your passion and convictions that just leave me smiling and laughing... Thanks. It's also these things, at least in part, that shine through in your artwork - things you value. And part of me is willing to bet, in viewing the other Galleries above, that Sking likes a good story, that sinsister likes the wicked and witty aspects of this life, that Picky likes refined things, and that you draw certain truths from recognising the darker, uglier qualities of the human condition. This next is not directed at any one person, but there are times I tire of the casual dismissal by people of what others are doing with and in their art. Feels like the point is being missed somehow. We're all exploring, in ways that feel right for us, and it doesn't have to be "right" for anybody else. And really, it's not something that should be, or can be, so easily judged at a certain level. I don't like any number of images here upon this site, but I can appreciate a lot of things I don't necessarily like. I can respect them too. And I kind of like this AOM voting thing if for no other reason than I get to learn a little something about so many of the people who are sharing the environ that I am in - and I don't just mean the AOMs voted and those that win, but those that are voting as well. Though sinsister has a point - sometimes it stops being fun...

loneglyph ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 26 October 2001

That's funny kracker. Although I find it ironic that the "poser" artists you complain about winning all the time tend to be the ones who do the most 2D postwork. I think your complaint really has nothing to do with poser at all. It has to do with mainstream art. Your stuff is dark, and contains more swear words than you can shake a stick at. While I personally enjoy your style, I know it's going to turn off enough people to make it difficult for you to win AOM no matter how good you are. But hey, if blaming poser makes you feel better, enjoy! ...the Poser chain WAS broken! Gevidal AND Hobbit broke it long ago...

kracker ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 27 October 2001

missed the point AGAIN...i just post this shit for a thought or two into what people actually think....but wow ZOOM over your heads

Usurer ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 27 October 2001

Man this is getting crazy. We have alot of tallented artist thats for sure. We have differnet galleries too. Differnet ideas and methods completly. The diversity is great but in all this amazing difference... we see a pattern. Look at the 3D StudioMax gallery compared to the 2D gallery. My point: There are thousands of people here and its to bad that only 1 person is selected as aom. We all have our particular gallery we post to kracker and I do 2d, Shanes, Sking bryce...other apps for other artist , strata3d, ect. I respect all mediums equally but why bother fighting over this poser debate. Most artist stay in their gallery and because so many artist fill the "All Gallerys" its imposible to keep track. Why not have an artist for each gallery??? Not like we could ever run out of artist.. even if we did there will always be new ones. So many people Id enjoy learning from here but, im not sure if I'll live long enough to see them all at this rate! ;)

dukduk ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 28 October 2001

I'd have to say that kracker's work is bizarre and disturbing, yet somehow engaging...maybe it's the "clean" (for lack of a better term) feel to it...or perhaps the gritty feel...but then again, maybe it's just the raw nature of his treatment of the subject matter...I dunno...but he's got my vote.....that hombre's got some serious skills.

Teyon ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 28 October 2001

As a 2D and 3D artist/Modeler, I can relate to all sides of this particualr discussion. However, point of fact is that it is the people who decide. They don't judge on what is Art or what is even the BEST image. They judge simply on what they like. That's what it's all about Ask any person who ran for the US Presidency and lost why they did. Was it poor campaigning? No. The folks just didn't like 'em regardless of why. Same thing applies here. Trick is to keep going even when it seems you'll never win because it's not the winnign that counts but the journey of improving that gets you there. Just 2-bits from the peanut gallery.

Slynky ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 29 October 2001

Arg, if people don't vote for something, it means they don't like it. Personally, I'm a HUMONGOUS Primus fan, but I'll be damned if my girlfriend and every other person (bar maybe 2) don't mock me for jamming along to Jerry was a Racecar Driver on ma 4 string. That doesn't mean Primussucks(.com), and it doesn't mean that they are the best because they never "sold out" or anything. All the bands that "sell out", almost none of them do. They just happen to play a style of music that a large part of the populous enjoys, so they make money with it. Just because Fantomas make almost no money doesn't mean they're better because Limp Bizkit is raking in the dough and therefore they sold out. The vast majority of users here are poser users. Check out how many new messages there are in the forum. Hell, type in and see what turns up on the web page. Personally, I check t he 2d and photography galleries 50 times for everytime I open the bryce or poser gallery. My past votes have been for 2d artists, not for the sake of voting a 2d artist in, but because I tend to enjoy the 2D art more than the 3D. Some people prefer the opposite, and a bunch would vote for someone like Alpha any day of the week over the 2D and 3D gods. It's all opinion. As Sinister said, can't we as a community just get along? If you don't like the fact that the 3D artists tend to win all the time, why don't ya'll go somewhere where 2D art is admired more by the mass? If everyone is so concerned about winning contests, we've all learned that the 3D stuff tends to get the most votes. Why don't you all go make some 3D work then? Maybe you'll win and then ya'll can stop bitching because, OO LA LA, you won a renderosity contest. These things are supposed to be fun, not the be all and end all of our existences. Besides, I'll need a change of underwear if a good old photographer ever gets a shot at the AOM. when all else has been done and said, along comes Mr. Oysterhead!

odp123 ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 29 October 2001

blah blah blah, blah blah, blah.

Ironbear ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 29 October 2001

snicker Not over our heads... we're still searching for the actual thought in it.

aprilgem ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 29 October 2001

Ditto what Teyon said.

kracker ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 30 October 2001

i love a good point of view...when you lose inspiration never fear others will give it up for free with words

kromekat ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 30 October 2001

Kracker, people vote for what they like, I admire many artists work here from all galleries, and yeah you are obviously popular with a lot of people, but you do yourself no favours bitching about poser artists etc. Fine, you are a passionate artist, so are a lot of us, regardless of what medium we exhibit here, but dont be so ignorant, I am sure you MUST be above that really! I have said before, and I will say again, why not have an AOM for each of the biggest galleries?. It would be pointless to have one for every gallery, but why not 3D Modeller AOM (Lightwave/Max/Amapi.etc, Poser AOM, 3D Landscape apps AOM (Bryce, Vue, Terragen, World builder) and 2D AOM! - as has been pointed out, it will take forever for everyone who has been repeatedly nominated to become AOM at this rate, and its a shame, since they all have something to offer and share, as well as deserving some focused recognition!

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