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gToon · May 2, 2016 9:24 pm

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The Vendor of the Month for May, 2016 is:


Our Vendor of the Month (VOM) for May, 2016, is Maddelirium. Maddelirium (what a great name!) has been a member of Renderosity since 2009 and has over 900,00 views for their gallery and store. Maddelirium is an Exclusive Vendor at Renderosity which means they sell their digital artworks ONLY at This is quite a commitment by a vendor and we are very proud that Maddelirium is receiving the AOM for May. One look in this talented artists storefront and gallery will quickly convince you that their work is of extremely high quality.

Interview with Maddelirium

Maddelirium: I'm super excited about this. As a vendor, this has been a goal I have wanted to reach for a very long time!

Renderosity: Congratulations to you! So, tell us a bit about yourself: who is Maddelirium?

Maddelirium: Well, nothing too exciting to tell. I'm 45 going on 25 and live in Kelowna, British Columbia with my amazing husband of 6 years. He's audio and I'm visual. While he creates amazing music, with his singing, playing guitar or pounding on his drums, I create visual art. We are an entertaining team I guess! I would say i'm a free spirit, have been and will always be a bit of a rebel and try, when possible, to avoid conformity. Art has always been part of my life, even as a child. I grew up in a multi talented family. I spend my days in front of a computer screen, with my headphones blasting music in my ears, which usually ranges from heavy metal ( big Slipknot fan) or depending on my mood, i'll step it down a notch to something like Enya or anything that relates to, as I call it, LOTR type music. If I'm creating an elven character, it's almost guaranteed that I am listening the the LOTR soundtrack. Some would say, i'm a bit goofy and I guess a 45 year old women with piercings on her face, tattoos, pink and black hair, listens to Slipknot and wishes to live in a world of Elves and Orcs, would be considered a little goofy!

I really like your most recent creation, Annora. Can you tell us about how the piece was created?

Maddelirum: Annora was tricky for me, I have always been and will always be a loyal Poser user. I had so many people asking me to create a G3 character, but what most don't realize is I am far from technologically savvy.Learning new software is tough for me because I'm a hands on learner. Reading tutorials doen't work well with for me unless there is step by step instructions, is doesn't take too much to confuse me. After finding great tutorials and great advice from fellow vendors, I slowly created Annora. I wanted her to have a somewhat different body shape, more hip and small shoulder with a slightly bigger head. Something a little odd but pretty at the same time. I will admit, I enjoyed creating in Daz Studio and will continue to create with it, if I can remember what I did to create Annora! lol. I may have to refer back to the tutorial for that! I will also continue to create with V4 for Poser. I still still think V4 is the most versatile figure base to date.


You have a great feel for fantasy characters, do you read/watch a lot of fantasy. Where does your inspiration come from?

Maddelirum: I would say it all started with Everquest 2. A friend of mine who was a very serious gamer, suggested I start playing with them. I think they recruited me, just so they could get enough players to start their own guild! I thought to myself, these guys are crazy, who would take a video game this seriously? Well, I didn't take long before my days off consisted of trying to complete quest after quest or rushing home from work in time to go on a raid, I was hooked! I soon became very involved with the game and still play today, although not as seriously. Some time later, I watched the movie "Final Fantasy: Spirit Within" and thought, this is what I want to do! I wanted to create 3D fantasy art. I was always into fantasy art and being that drawing was getting difficult as I started getting arthritis in my hand, I did alot research and found Poser Thanks to Poser, Everquest, LOTR and many brilliant fantasy artists out there, I was able to find my inspiration and go from there. Although, lately I am finding creating more realistic characters very enjoyable. However, I will never stray too far from fantasy!

How did you get started as an exclusive vendor at Renderosity? Why do you stay exclusive to Renderosity?

Maddelirum: I started creating images and getting my gallery going here and after time, got to know so many amazing people here at Renderosity. It was mentioned by a few people that maybe I should create characters. Thanks to the help of many vendors including Godin, P3Design, Seven and other brilliant vendors and artist, I was able to get started. To be honest, it wasn't for them I would still be stuck in retail management, dreading every day. Now I can honestly say I'm doing what I love! A big thanks goes out to all the people and Renderosity for helping me get started on this path. I stay exclusive to Renderosity for that reason. As far as being exclusive to Renderosity it may sound silly to some, but I am big on loyalty. Renderosity is the reason that I live every day enjoying what I do. This is my full time work now, even though I wouldn't consider it work, more like sharing my passion for this genre of art. It's not just business, it's personal! Sounds crazy, but Renderosity has changed my life for the better and staying exclusive is in a way, a big thank you!


What is your workstation set-up (hardware) and what software do you use? Is there one application you prefer?

Maddelirum: When I comes to computers, I know the basics. I couldn't tell you the stats of my system without sounding like a complete fool! It's new, it works and I do what I need to do, including gaming, although, I do know a graphics card upgrade is needed for rendering faster! A far as software goes, I still use Photoshop 7 and occasionally CS4 for my creating and image postwork. They may be older programs but they work fine for me. As mentioned, I use Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014 mostly. I do have have Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11, but I haven't found the time to get right into those yet.I have just started learning Daz Studio 4.9, and still have a lot to learn and although I created Annora in Daz, I would like to improve upon her and create much more unique characters in Daz.As I have said before, I will also continue to use Poser.

Who are some of the artists that have influenced you? Do you have a favorite?

Maddelirum: Wow, that's a tough one! There are so many amazing artists that have influenced me. I love works by Godin, P3Design, Seven, loligagger, Cylithera but there are so many more out there, the list would be neverending. One artist that blows me away just for his simplicity is RGUS. I don't mean simplicity in a "simple" sense. His work is anything but simple, but he can take a simple portrait and make is look so outstanding, be it through lighting, adding a couple of props or whatever he does! I always think " How does he do that! " when I see his images. He's done some images with my characters that go beyond doing them justice. I would also have to add the creations of Danie and Marforno. Every products they create, influences me, be it with my art or character creation.


What advice would you give to someone who would like to become a vendor at Renderosity?

Maddelirum: Honestly, I would have to say, just try it! It's so easy to say, I'm not talented enough or I could never do that. Trust me if I can do it, anyone can. You may not think your creations would be good enough to sell, but you may be surprised. What you think may not appeal to some, may appeal to many others. It's very important to create what YOU love and although it can be important to go with what is trending at that certain time, it can be more beneficial and rewarding for you to stand out from the crowd. To do something different an more unique. If it's Halloween and it's Vampire time, it doesn't mean you have to create a Vampire. Challenge yourself and think out the box. Why not create a Vampire/Zombie! They're both deadish and it's fantasy, so why not! If you feel you have a lack of knowledge to become a vendor, there are plenty of people to help and many tutorials out there. There is always room for improvement. There has been a few of my products that have not been entirely happy with, but that gives me the challenge to improve on something in a future product. All I can say, is you don't know until you try!! Do what YOU like and then it will be much more enjoyable.

By the way, your skin rendering in your scenes is fantastic. How do you do it?

Maddelirium: Thanks so much! It's so awesome getting VOM and I'm proud to be exclusive the Renderosity! I hope I didn't babble on too much, i'm inclined to do that :) Honestly, it's all lighting in my opinion. I also like to use a low gamma correction setting. I find just a little bit shows of the skin texture and tone nicely. Most people don't like using it, but I set it anywhere between 1.0 to 1.50. Thanks for asking!

Be sure to visit Maddelirium's STOREFRONT and GALLERY.

Maddelirium Vendor of the Month Video

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Article Comments

CaperGirl42 ( posted at 10:50AM Wed, 04 May 2016

Well deserved! Love your characters hon! xo

-Wolfie- ( posted at 11:51AM Wed, 04 May 2016

Woot! Congrats!

Raindroptheelf ( posted at 6:00PM Wed, 04 May 2016

Oh I am so very happy for you , so well deserved.

Maddelirium ( posted at 12:33AM Thu, 05 May 2016

I am thrilled about this and I just want to thank not only Renderosity, but everyone for the helpful advice, support and the amazing art that's been created with my products. You guys Rock! ...and good tune in the video :)

Savage_dragon ( posted at 11:31AM Thu, 05 May 2016

Congratz! Couldn't happen to a more deserving person!

AnitramE ( posted at 11:38AM Thu, 05 May 2016

Congratulation, i love your charas too and I am so happy for you!

Sylvia ( posted at 8:35PM Thu, 05 May 2016

Incredibly Beautiful Ladies... Well deserved award!!! Congratulations

jennblake ( posted at 9:36AM Fri, 06 May 2016

Wonderful work...and well deserved! Happy to see you receive this. 😃

Biscuits ( posted at 11:06AM Fri, 06 May 2016

Woohoo! Congratz Madde! So well deserved!

morganahope ( posted at 12:20PM Fri, 06 May 2016

I'm happy with this news !! I love your characters and loved Annora and would like it to V4 too !!45.gif

Deva3D ( posted at 1:25PM Fri, 06 May 2016

My congratulations to you! Maddelirium is one of the most talented artists have ever seen ! May all your dreams come true!

DM ( posted at 1:29PM Fri, 06 May 2016

Congratulations Madde! Very well deserved!! I love your awesome artwork and your unique characters. Thank you very much for your kind words! You´re a great artist and truly inspiring! :)

mirana ( posted at 2:01PM Fri, 06 May 2016

Oh yes, totally deserved! One of the most talented vendor and artist

Lledeline ( posted at 2:41PM Fri, 06 May 2016

Deserved, Your item's quality is amazing and your caracters are so beautiful and unique. Your gallery is so brilliant too !!

arifzhafir ( posted at 4:09PM Fri, 06 May 2016

Finally! Recognition for this talented artist. Congratulations my dear on your success. Keep up the great work!

EportsCreations ( posted at 4:58PM Fri, 06 May 2016

Congratulations! A well deserved acknowledgment to a very fine artist. I always look forward to seeing your fine craftsmanship in the marketplace. I find your work is always "unique and creative" and your character packages spot on and worth every cent. "Great Job!"

fractalartist01 ( posted at 6:36AM Sat, 07 May 2016

Wow! You certainly do very much deserve the honor...your products are beautiful! Congratz!

Nosiferret ( posted at 2:35PM Sat, 07 May 2016

Awesome and congrats on VoM, it's about time :) I'm snapping up your G3F figure ;) I knew you could do it!! hugs

Tempesta3d ( posted at 3:33PM Sun, 08 May 2016

Congratulations, sooo deserved!

PurpleRose63 ( posted at 5:05PM Sun, 08 May 2016

Yes! Awesome. I have a lot of characters and most of them are created by you. They are beautiful and render so nicely!

hmatienzo ( posted at 9:14PM Sun, 08 May 2016

Bravo!!! Well-deserved!

Jollyself ( posted at 10:08AM Tue, 10 May 2016

One of my most favorite vendors...I have almost all of her characters. Congrats :)

TK0920 ( posted at 4:59PM Tue, 10 May 2016

You are truly one of the most gifted 3d artist around and this is a much deserved award! Congratulations Maddelirium!! :)

marforno ( posted at 8:56AM Thu, 12 May 2016

Congratulations... You are an Amazing artist...!!! Thank you for all the inspiration through the years ... and your sweet words about us... :-)

Frequency ( posted at 1:35AM Fri, 20 May 2016

very addicted to MDD characters lately... ;)

beachsidelegs ( posted at 3:28PM Sat, 21 May 2016

A very big congratulations my friend love your ladies :)

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