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The Vendor of the Month for June, 2016 is:


Our Vendor of the Month (VOM) for June, 2016, is amazing Sveva. Sveva has won the VOM five times now (she's a busy and talented vendor!) and we are delighted congratulate her again for being our Vendor of the Month.

Sveva is truly a renaissance woman with a great deal of talent and inexhaustible energy. She joined Renderosity in 2003 which makes her a member/vendor for more than a decade. She has well over 500 items in her Renderosity Storefront which run the gamut from 2D backgrounds/textures to lights/cameras to a ton of 3D figure essentials like hair, clothing and footware.

Sveva's skills are obviously at a very high level and her attention to detail is superb. But what we like most is her amazing imagination. She covers steampunk, horror, romance, faeries, gothic, glamour and much more.

Update: From June 15 to June 18, Sveva will be offering a 55% off sale throughout her entire store!

As an added bonus, Sveva will be releasing a NEW PRODUCT each day of this sale!

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Interview with Sveva

Renderosity: I notice that one of your big sellers is the SV Intensive Moods Iray lights. Man, that looks so great! I've been following NVIDIA's iray for a year now. How did you get interested in the technology and how do you use it as a vendor?

Sveva: When DAZ released its new version with the Iray render engine and I could see such a huge difference in renders it just got me really interested, got me really thinking, thinking of what I could make, how I could utilize this to the best of my abilities, I love how Iray renders and so I wanted to create specifically for that render engine, while still supporting 3Delight and also Poser when I can.

Renderosity: I'm so impressed with the wide range of products and art you offer at your store. From 2D backgrounds to sets, to lights, and even clothing. How do you manage to cover so many facets of digital art? Do you have a favorite?

Sveva: I make what I am interested in at the time. I can’t sit still for long. Even finding a few moments to sit still enough to write this long email is difficult not because I don’t want to, I am honored, its just that I am “always moving” as my husband puts it. My son inherited my Attention Deficit Disorder, which can work but for me and against me. Creating huge large products is a BIG challenge, I simply can’t do it, I have tried, it is just that I lose focus completely on larger products or projects. So I may do a lot of smaller items. I like to create a very large range of items also because I will get bored doing the same thing over and over, for some vendors they love it, they can make thousands of outstanding poses and make a good bit on it, and that is great, I sometimes envy those vendors who are good at doing that one or two things, but me I can’t do that. I have to keep moving, I have to keep learning, I have to keep coming up with more to do, it often feels like my brain fires in 100 different directions, and I am pulled in all those directions and have to settle on the next project with 10 others sitting on my desktop, even if I set out to make X product first, and X product second, by the time I have gotten even partway through the first I have decided on something else next, and my “plan” goes right out the window. I even take an all natural supplement to help me “focus.” I find it difficult to stay on task sometimes and drawn into creating something else in the middle of whatever it is I am doing.

Motivation is not an issue, I almost feel over-motivated, I just can’t stop, and won’t stop, its who I am. Freedom to create what I want, when I want, when I need to and offer it for all those that wish to have it. I have been known at home to just get up and walk off to mow the lawn, clean out the fridge, then sit down, and start modeling something completely off the wall and different then what I was already working on.

Do I have a favorite? I don’t know, I can’t even say. I love making backgrounds, I love seeing people use them in their art. I love playing with lighting and getting results I need for my own work, and offering those sets for sale, I love modeling its like putting together a puzzle, I love seeing what I can create from 1 single cube, I find it fascinating. I find that I can do almost anything I put my mind to and Daz Studio has given me even more freedom and made it even easier for me to achieve the results I really want. I like to challenge myself, in fact, if my partner says “can you make so and so” for this project I usually just say “yes I can!” even if I have no idea how to make it, I will agree to it, “challenge accepted” and go forth and figure it out. It might take me a couple days, but I haven’t really found anything that can defeat me yet, if I can’t get it to work one way, scrap it and figure it out another way.

How do you learn as an artist? Do you use tutorials or do you just dive in and start making things?

Sveva: Well I have taught myself Photoshop for over 13 years now, with that I just opened it up and started trying to do things I wanted to do, when I couldn’t exactly figure it out, I would just google “how to do X in PS” and there you have it 100 different answers LOL! But now I seldom have to look up questions for PS, this knowledge has been stored away in the back of my mind for years now and I take it out when I need it, or come up with my own way of doing things by combining tools and knowledge I already have.

As for texturing, well, you have a template, the texture goes there, and then you just keep hammering away at it until it looks as you want it to look. But at least you have the template – and its like a blank canvas almost like coloring and staying inside the lines.

As for modeling, well that started slow. I was shown a couple things, but really that was it, if I want to model something I will open the program, and look at all the tools, and think “now what would be the best way to go about making this thingy?” A cube? Perhaps. Almost anything can be perfected from a single cube...but not always. So I will muck around with some things and see which would work best, I scrap the first attempts and stick with the one that works. If I absolutely can’t figure it out I will look up a quick video to see where I am going wrong, I usually won’t watch the entire video just a quick glance is all it takes at this point to see “oooooh that is what I need to do” – got it! Then I can carry on with whatever thingy I was making. I just sometimes need a push in the right direction, sometimes I forget what a tool does, and I may look that up to jolt my memory.

But yes, most of the time I have some idea of what I want to achieve or make, and I open the program I need, and I just start making it, if I get stuck, I take a break, think it over, and if I am really stuck I might google for advice. A lot of the time I say to my husband I am going to “go outside and think” or “going to lay down on the bed and think” – I close my eyes, and envision my project and all the tools at hand and how to go about putting it all together to get my result. I think he thinks Im napping, but I seldom nap.

I already find it very difficult to sleep as it is, so napping is kind of out of the question. Even though it often sounds like a great idea, I can’t sit still long enough and my mind just ends up thinking of products and projects anyway! lol! But I don’t mind because it is what I LOVE to do! Honestly most of the time I do not consider what I do “work” – many people say to me why do you work so much? I don’t work so much, I art a lot and I enjoy it, and I also have to pay the bills, I am lucky to have something I love so much that I can do to make what I need to make. It is very important to me.

enter image description here

How do you balance selling items you think fit the marketplace and those items you want to make because they interest you?

Sveva: Ah the age old question, do you make for yourself, or for others? Well I fully believe you will not be truly happy if you are always making for other people. I make what I WANT to make, and I hope it is what fits the market and what other people will like as well. I do not take on projects I do not have interest in, or we are going to have really crap results. I find I do much better work when I am enjoying what I am working on, and making what I want to make. This is why I have mostly cancelled commission work a few years ago, I just did not enjoy making someone else’s vision, I make my own vision, unless I am working with a partner then we have a “joint” vision and it is those times where I do not mind helping her with her vision because I WANT to. But I do not make products I do not want to make just to make a couple dollars. Everything I have made I have made because that is what I wanted to do and I just have to cross my fingers and hope someone else enjoys my visions as much as I do. So far, it seems a lot of people do.

Not every product is a front page hit, I have failures, it happens, but I don’t always see it as “failure” just because your product or item doesn’t sell a ton of copies on day 1 or day 2 doesn’t mean it has failed either, in my case a lot of times I have a great deal of sales over time, which equals out and keeps the product going, not everyone can win every time, this is what we teach our children, you can’t always win, you sometimes lose, you sometimes fail, pick yourself back up and go again, no point to dwell on it and get upset, it happens.

I notice you often collaborate with other Rendo vendors/artist: like on NOVA with lilflame.

Sveva: I work with one or two people, mainly I work with Lilflame, or Katt as I know her. We are good friends. I feel lucky to have met her, she is quite talented and funny. She also can keep me on my toes and push me to be better. I am also very very good friends with Wolfie (Pam) she is a wonderful person and caring and I really enjoy our conversations. I am also quite a fan of Zeddicus (Ava) as we have gotten to know each other a bit, and of course Sabby & Fred, there is SO MUCH talent in this industry it is insane! As for work though when Lilflame says “hey lets do this” I am always like “Ok sure whatever you want, just tell me what you want me to do” and I do it. Sometimes like with Nova, she likes to just render some base backgrounds, then she hands them all over to me and I paint them up, add postwork, do some tweaking by hand, add extra lighting and effects, truly a 50/50 effort there. This is usually how our collaborations work, she or I will start something and make suggestion to the other like hey do you want to texture this or hey do you want to model this so I can make some textures or whatever, we do all kinds of things, it can be very fun to work with someone you admire, trust, and are good friends with. It isn’t always about work either, we talk about video games, family, gardening, etc.

Last question: advice for more advanced vendors. How to get that extra bit of professionalism in their work.

Sveva: Lighting is key. Posing is key. Keeping a “clean” look is key. Good text, but not too much text. Realism, rendering with Iray, all things to remember. The other question is simply “Would I buy this?” and “Would I wear this?” If at least one of those is yes, then you are probably on the right track. If you are making things you yourself would not even buy or use, then what makes you think others will be interested? Put your best foot forward and create things you love and make them look as good as possible. I am in competition with myself, to be better than yesterday, better than last year, to create new things, to create what I want and hope others want it too, every day I work to better myself, and take care of my family.

As most people know by now, my only grandson, Sebastian, was born full term at 38 weeks still born, my only daughter died 5 months later on September 5, 2014 at age 18. So my life has changed greatly, I try to keep happy, and busy, my priorities have changed, my outlook has changed. I don’t dwell in drama, I mostly keep to myself, my work/art, and my family/Husband Andrew, and close friends, the above mentioned few, and my best friends who live in Florida and inside my iphone group chat at all times lol they keep me going, they keep me laughing, life is ever changing, just as my art is. Be who you want to be, create what you want to create, make yourself happy. Life is just too short.

Note: Music for this VOM episode is from Free Music Archive. Burning Van by Big Mean Sound Machine is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.

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