The Rosity Comics Strip 7-18-05 continued

deemarie · July 18, 2005 12:00 am

The Fun Continues ...
Spaztic Plastic and the Plastic of Justice! by Glasko [Daniel Porter] Message2335007.jpg continued next week ...
The Catpack by anniemation [Janet Lynne] Message2325120.jpg
The Mousecapades - Camping by coa Message2311020.jpg
Irish by pinmaker [Alan Hood] Message2324813.jpg
true stories ... Little Billy by jtrue [James True] Message2328127.jpg
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July 18, 2005

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LillianH ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 20 July 2005

Hehehe...Glasko, glad to see there's always a plan "B"! LOL! Animal humour for all the different types of pet lovers. Fun stuff 3dtrue. (I think I might need better glasses though. I had a bit of trouble reading the caption ;-) All the best, Lillian