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September 12, 2007 12:17 am


Wren Derosity's Back to School Contest continues! What are your best or worst memories of school?
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Wren's Back to School Contest

Wren looks to be ready for college... The question comes to mind: "Is college ready for Wren?" That was my own question when I started college. Fitting in and playing nice isn't really a redundant comment on any (surviving) records of my formative college prep years. The prison known as high school at least fostered a common rebel attitude amongst the student body. That was totally gone in college. You had to pay to be there so you wanted to go to class and progress against real academic challenges. That being the attitude shift, I found it a wonderful change in my life: getting to know people instead of just having a common oppression.

That first semester was about the most fun time I ever had in my life: the people I was talking to and the subjects we would fearlessly discuss and debate made every party a must do. Parties would disperse near sunrise most nights...concerts and group-movies, gallery showings and critiques, poetry readings in the park, drama rehearsals stretching the midweek nights into glorious evenings indeed...ahhhhh...

Anyway, this brings me to the worst memory of my college years. I had been having such a good time learning what college was all about, I had forgotten how important it was to actually attend college. It was a horrible immediate shock to be on academic probation after my first semester there. My advisor was a friend of my dad's so that went really well lemeetellya, and I can't really say the moral of the experience was that I shouldn't have done the things I did instead of going to class. I wouldn't trade a single memory of that first semester. Funny how the worst moments of your experience sometimes also are the best of your experience.

So what are some of your worst and/or best memories of school - got any?


Post your best or worst school experience in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Four winners will be chosen. The Grand Prize Winner will win a chance to appear in Wren Derosity. The First, Second and Third Place winners and will receive 1 great school-themed prize generously donated by the following Renderosity Vendors!

Grand Prize -
A chance to appear in 
Wren Derosity!
First Prize -
SchoolDays - Classroom in a Box
by Midnite_Designer
Second Prize -
G school uni for V3

by aoaio
Third Prize -
Mary Janes for all Millenium gals
by Xena

Wren Derosity - True Friends Change Your World by sparkyjones

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Tunnelrunners by JamesRoden [James Roden]

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The Smiley Faces from Outer Space by edhoover

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September 10, 2007

Article Comments

frogdot ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 12 September 2007

When I was in 1st grade, my friend and I always walked to school and went down a drainage culvert that ended across the street from our school. We were early, so we thought it would so cool to gather the tumbleweeds, trash and lumber that lay around the area and build a roadblock. We had it all the way across wall to wall and about four feet high. Then, we heard the school bell and thought, "Uh-oh, we're late." Well, as we headed down the slope, we saw kids empty out onto the playground. We weren't only late for the beginning of school, but we had gone about two hours beyond that and into recess. We turned ourselves in directly to the office, to suffer our fate, but Man, that roadblock sure was neat.

coa ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 13 September 2007

LOL...See the mousecapade for my memories of school days! ;^D

sabastina ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 13 September 2007

God, school was an absolute nightmare for me! I still suffer from the trauma! I won't tell my worst experiences...but I can relay one that still disturbs me a bit... In 5th grade, I moved from the polish ghetto of Detroit to a suburb. I was placed in a 6th grade class...I achieved straight A's doing the 6th grade work. I really appreciated my teacher because unlike my former teachers, he was eager to help me expand my learning experiences. Besides, he took us outside to teach us about edible plants, and awesome interactive stuff that I had never dreamed happened in school. Since my parents were getting divorced and my mum was a drama queen, I guess I sort of attached myself to pleasing that teacher by following his directions and stuff. I was always a loner and so didn't really know any of the kids. One day, during the last week of school; almost the entire CLASS (yes, boys too) cornered me on the basketball court (hey, I SAID I was from Detroit!), and started hitting me and shoving me back and forth between them calling me names - some were really bad, others were just like, "teacher's pet" and actually told me that the teacher graded on a 'curve' and that I was messing them up and better stop getting the grades I was. Of course, education has always been massively important to me, so I just kept getting the grades. The worst part was that because I had seriously injured a girl and her brother by beating them up several months before we moved, I wasn't allowed to fight these kids back and thus, was entirely humiliated - not to mention all cut up and bruised. And of course, though the teacher caught them 'cause there was so much noise (not a sound came out of me though), I refused to say a word about it to him. Funny, but the following year, I became uncooperative, rude to teachers and simply did what I felt like doing - and just ignored the attempts of those same kids to be my friend. School was seriously annoying, painful and lonely for me. But hey, a contest is a contest and maybe someone else won't feel so sick if they know someone else has been there and understands!

Goldenthrush ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 14 September 2007

Now, I don't want to say one of my high school art teachers was a naive soul, but baa-lambs had nothing on him. This was a private Lutheran school, the teachers given quite a lot of leeway in their lesson plans, and this wasn't always a good thing. The art teacher, Mr. H, decided he was going to edjumacate we heathens in performance art. We listened attentively to his lecture, the theories behind it, and were intrigued. --He neglected to mention the legal end of performance art, you know, the whole asking permission, getting permits, those silly sorts of things. Thus, he encouraged us to create our own performance art-work. ...And was stupid enough to actually leave when he was called from the classroom. Leaving twenty inspired and empty little heads free to plot unimpeded. I admit, it was my idea. I'd actually been doing 'performance art pieces' for years, though the ired principals of those schools tended to call them 'obnoxious pranks, and what on earth inspired you to staple rubber spiders all across the girls restroom ceiling!?. So, with my esteemed accomplic... artists, yeah, we fetched up a few long jump ropes. A few towels. And the head of our beloved school mascot. It was an eagle. When Mr. H returned, the larger boys promptly seized his arms and flopped him into a chair. The look on that poor mans face as he was tied up and eagle-headed -- His eyes were like saucers. Now, performance art requires an audience, and since the audience couldn't come to us, we went to them. Hoisting our hapless teacher -- festooned in towels -- we proudly toted him through the classes. Fortunately, it was a small school, and Mr. H weighed about 150 soaking wet. Then, of course, as the climatic point of our performance, we carried him to our Pastor, a wonderful young woman who'd just had her engagement to a jerk called off. She simply watched, chin on her fist, as we brought her "Bound Eagle In Towels". We then fled the office. It would have been hideously cute if Mr. H and our pastor have gotten together because of this, but, as she announced (loudly as we were fleeing): "What do I want with someone fool enough to let THIS happen to him?!" (I'd also like to say Mr. H was thereafter smart enough to never turn his back on us, but sadly... he wasn't.)

jason7871 ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 14 September 2007

Well this actually happened to me i was like in the fourth grade,we didn't have money hardly for things we needed,we were out for a holiday break.I had been tellin' my mom i needed some new clothes an shoes but she was working hard as a single mother and had asked my sister too assist me with,well my sister was always mean,always wanting more than we actually had,so what did she do.Well instead of washing clothed and dressing me proper.she sent me to school wearing one of her shirts an pants,i was crying all the way,waited til the school bell rang,hoping and praying no one saw me.As soon as i went in class,i saw we had a substitute,she was young and let the kids run the class,several kids kept laughin' an calling me nasty names,me not being able to stand too much of that,got mad an hit a couple of them,plus add the fact a teacher had been in the hall scolding one of her pupils hearing and seeing it all,didnt say nothing til i was sent to the priciples office after a paddeling in front of the entire class.I was pissed took my whippin' and still was sent to the principles office,i was mad,highly upset also,after discussing what had happened,the teacher that saw what happened saw me coming out of the principles office,i was crying and all,asked me too sit while she talked too the principle,well i was sitting there and my mom came in,saw how i was dresssed,she grabbed my hand and stormed into the principles office,before she could get anything out,he started appologizing too me and my mother.That "sub" got released from her dutites and all the kids that part took in my scrutinizing,also got in trouble,their parents called,a couple got a paddelin'.Once i got home my sister got her butt whipped,then one of the kids parents that bullied me showed up at our house,was inside for hours talking with my mom.She helped me,my mom and my sister,after school we went too her house,she got us stuff we needed,her son and i became friends,but i was never really able too live what had happened down,being called a fruit or worse,plus other saying bad things about my mom,it all did make me stronger,but i was hurt and so was my mom,she put me in another school after that,a christian acedemy and who was a teacher there the "sub" who got fired,boy she wasn't my teacher but if looks could kill,i'd be dead right now,i still had that follow me to the academy,but it being a christian school it was a little worse before and after school.Thus a lot of fights,then High School came and alot changed,me playing football and different kids and teachers,so undoubtedly grade school was a nightmare for me by far and high school was my most enjoyed and cherished times.I still remember that teacher calling me a "pansy" and my mom a "welfare 'ho",which she wasn't she worked hard to support 2 kids with no husband and taught Sunday School and a Girl Scout Leader and a woman who's husband that was killed in the Vietnam War.She was a proud Mother,wife and friend too a lot of people,plus she was my best friend,when we left from school that day,when i was tortured for what my sister did,she bought me ice cream and stayed with me that whole day consoling me.

anniemation ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 14 September 2007

Reading these makes me want to post one. I was in orchestra throughout Jr. High. Once the orchestra gave an outdoor concert on a beautiful Spring evening in the schoolyard. There was a gust of wind and it took with it most of the sheet music that was on the music stands - pages and pages which floated over the audience. Fortunately there was enough music left scattered around that we finished the concert despite the widespread giggles we all got from seeing this happen.

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