The face in the monitor...

vette · April 25, 2001 12:00 am

The face in the monitor... Heya, guess who? Heh heh, no fair really... if you're reading this then you came in through the front page link, and you all ready know who. Or do you? Hrmmm? Interesting question, ne? After all, what do we really know about the face across the keyboard from us when we're wandering about the forii? And how do we know if the person behind the username is the same one we talked to the last time we were on... We take it on faith, a lot. And gut instinct usually. Plus, we look for the little tell tales in phrasing. mispelling, punctuation etcetera that tells us that these are the same old acquaintances we're used to seeing. And generally we're right. But, as I'm sure you've noticed... people move on, usernames change for the damndest of reasons, or for no reason what so ever. Heh. I can cheat. I can ask one of the admins if I'm curious, and sometimes get an answer even. ;] Most of the time I don't sweat it. I seldom even look at the Members list for the user details. Just doesn't matter to me - I interact with the nick, rather than the wearer a lot. *shrug* If old faces move on, I meet new faces and make new friends, or enemies as the case maybe. Not too many of the latter, generally tho... But there's always a persistent old enemy that seems to crop up on the boards from time to time. I've been seeing him in the monitor as long as I've been surfing the net. Heh. Since I was active back in the old BBS days - before there was a net to surf. *snicker* What would we have done if Al Gore hadn't inwented the internet? And now all of you are going: "But what enemy, pray tell?" I do ramble a bit, don't I? It's the face of Pennywise the clown. I tend to figure that most artists are also voracious readers as I am, so a lot of you may have caught the reference right off. For those who didn't... pick up a copy of "It" by Stephen King and make the acquaintance of Pennywise. Chilling book, and notable for being one of the few really large horror novels that manages to hold the mood and atmosphere all the way through. Pennywise is a central figure - some would say the central figure. Pennywise haunts the main locale in the novel. And in the main definition that King quotes... a haunt is a place where animals come to feed. Pennywise feeds on the darker side of us all. And he's never happiest but when he's provoking the intolerance, animosity and rage that ever lurks beneath the surface of the human animal. If you've been a persistant wanderer in the forums, as I have have been, you've seen him on more than one occassion... looking back from the other side of your monitor. With flat silver eyes and a shark's grin. I've seen him haunt these forums, also. Most notably during the site war... but off and on again before and since. He tends to pop up when ever the acrimony grows tickest. And he likes the occassional flame war and feeding frenzy. C&D is a favorite haunt for him. I've noticed him there recently... I've practically made a net career out of doing battle with Pennywise, in all of his forms... where ever he crops up. Like MacDonalds tarnished chevalier... generally with battered armor and rusty sword. And occassionaly with Radio Free. ;] And also with the most effective weapons of all: A refusal to take a lot of this seriously, and a blast of sardonic humour. And a snicker. Pennywise hates being laughed at... and hates not being taken seriously most of all. ;] Of course... Pennywise is just a fictional character. He's not real. But the people on the other side of the keyboard from you are real. Remember that, when something in the forums sets your teeth on edge and you're just about fired up to haul off and blast the idjit you're angry with. The face on the other side of the monitor is a lot like the one on your side. They have bad days, and type things without thinking on occassion also. And sometimes it's easier to be a jerk with the keyboard than it is to take it back. And most of the time, it's just as easy NOT to be... But even after consideration... if you still feel justified, then go ahead and cut loose, eh? Just pause for a second first and remember: A haunt is a place where animals come to feed. Then ask yourself: What are we feeding here? And at some point, will it grow and come back to feed on us? Later... Sherman [Ironbear at Renderosity] Ironbear's Column PS: New topic and feature coming up - A newbies guide to Renderosity!

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Wizzard ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 28 April 2001

always a valid point Bear... thank ye me friend for writing it up and presenting it.... who knows? maybe someone will actually read it and think a bit next time? so many of the flame wars that occur here could be stopped in the beginning with a little thought on the phrasing. Cheers catch ye in the radio booth 8 )

DemolitionMan ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 29 April 2001

Very excellent feature Bear...! And how right you are..couldn't have said it better myself! Actually I don't think I could have worded so grand at all hehe...Great articule...:)

tim ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 30 April 2001

Ironbear - That kind of insight makes me proud that you're a member here.

Ironbear ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 30 April 2001

Thanks, Tim, Wizzard, DemolitionMan... now if I can just get the spelling to match the insight, eh?

Crane ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 30 April 2001

ur right IB, sometimes we do let clowns feed on us...till we're left looking like the clown. the best way to battle IS to laugh at the obvious sharp-toothed grin...:)

rockher ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 30 April 2001

Just stumbled upon your article..haha I like it I have a chatroom I go to and I dont have to say anything but blow o'z like this o o o O O O O O O and everyone knows its me and my bongholios.. heheh......Cant sleep Clowns will eat me

nabue7 ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

cool artical i couldn't agree with you more.

CatLord&Dragon ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 03 May 2001

You aught to be careful. There's worse things than Pennywise--- ---there's Psychology students studying Pennywise >;}

Ironbear ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 03 May 2001

Oh no! Not psychology students! This is where I run screaming out of the forums...

mqshocker ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 04 May 2001

woohooo Great article IB ,Well its always a pleasure to hear ones spokens words. Your right, Gut feelings and heart felt words are Spoken freely. I Just thought I may add if I may a personel touch to your Excellent article. I ask all members to take a moment each day and go to the instant message section of renderosity and contact someone there,anyone and just tell them thanks for all they've done. Kind word's. Lord knows the evil that every day life can bring, and Im sure we all do what we can, but its the little things in life that are forgotten.. Mqshocker......Bill

r0xi ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 08 May 2001

actually the first article ive read ... I write an article from time to time for TBH... but mostly in Render.. I browse the artwork and submit some on occasion.. great article though ... and don't worry too much about the spelling it adds character wink

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