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deemarie · November 7, 2005 7:06 pm

In 2003 a little girl stumbled onto the Poser scene and began snatching the heartstrings of unsuspecting souls. Brought to life by DarkWhisper and given residence at Daz, Sara has become one of the most popular characters of all time. Struck by Sara's incredible versatility and sweet look, three people rallied together to save her when it was learned that she was to be retired. A small fan club quickly grew into 3DSaraCreations where Sara was catapulted to a diva-like status within the Poser community. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax as we talk to the creators of 3DSaraCreations.
Message2459652.jpg France~~~~~~~~~~~~~NeilP~~~~~~~~~~~Realmling
We'd love to hear about the people behind 3DSaraCreations so let's start with Who are they? France [Franise Roy] : When I bought my first "modern" computer (AMD-K6, 266CPU) in 1998, I started using Corel Photopaint and then in 2002 I moved on to Jasc Paint Shop Pro. In 2003 I joined a PSP Yahoo Group, and we started having problems with copyright issues. At about the same period I heard of Poser for the first time and I bought Poser 5 in March 2004. I intended creating PSP tubes for my group, but, I was soon hooked on Poser and I still am. I like giving and I have a certain talent to make people believe in themselves so I used this talent to recruit members first for Sara's Fan Club and then for 3dSaraCreations. My wife is happy that I have something to do that I can still actually do because I am retired on disability and I can do a lot less than I used to. She's always encouraging me and admiring my work, buying me Poser stuff and computer accessories and, well, let's just say I am happily married! NeilP [Neil Palfreyman] : I have always been interested in animation and was put on to Poser by a friend of mine I have been addicted ever since. The engineer in me took over and I started wondering how all these models were created, rigged and mapped. For the last 18 months I have been learning to model in 3d Studio Max, learning to map with UV Mapper and Deep UV, and jumped at the chance to help France when she posted her cry for help in the Poser Forum here at Renderosity. I try to balance my addition with spending some time with my Wife and three daughters well I try. Realmling [Rachel Savage] : I guess I'm the baby of the 3dSC family. I've dinked with Bryce for quite a few years making silly images that weren't all that great. But I was having a lot of fun. Then I got Poser last year and it's been downhill ever since. I don't think my husband fully understands my Poser addiction, but he does have to agree that computer art, models and all that mean the house is much less cluttered than it could be. France, NeilP, Realmling: Of course, we three are the founders of 3dSC and we run the forums but without the team there would be no 3dSC. Who is this wonderful lady named Sara? In your opinion, what is it that makes Sara so special? Message2459653.jpgFrance: Sara was modeled by DarkWhisper and offered for FREE at DAZ. She is a beautiful toon girl and poses very well. When The GIRL was about to appear at DAZ, DarkWhisper "decided" to change the face of Sara because she looked too much like GIRL and after that, only Sara 2 was available. Shortly after I started Sara's Fan Club, Sara became very popular and DAZ was going to remove her completely from the Poser scene. There was quite a battle in DAZ forums about this and DAZ finally accepted to let her be. She is special to me because she is free, she measures up with any other toon gals and since DarkWhisper gave us (SFC) the morph to make Sara2 look like Sara1, we can still enjoy both lovely faces. NeilP: Everything I know about Sara I found out by modeling for the SFC (Sara Fan Club). She is a really high quality model and I still find it amazing that DarkWhisper decided to offer her for free. Everyone should download Sara now as we have created and will continue to create lots of new things for her. Realmling: What makes Sara so special? I think it's that she's a rather versatile figure. She can be sweet, she can be mean, she can be sexy, she can be toony, or more realistic. And this great gal is free. I lived off free Poser stuff for quite some time when I first got started. Still do to some extent. A person can go a long time and create some great art with just Poser freebies. That's why Sara lives in the top 10 on my list. How did 3DSaraCreations get started and why? France: It all started on the Renderosity Poser Forum. I had bought 3 clothing packages for Sara and there wasn't even one pair of pants that covered her navel. I asked in the Rendo forum if someone could create some. After seeing the replies, I threw the idea of a community effort to model, texture and give away clothes and accessories for Sara. This is when SFC was born. After a few months, SFC became so popular that it was very difficult to really work on models. So, NeilP and I discussed the possibility of having a "workshop" for Sara, distinct from SFC. We invited Realmling to join our discussions and then the three of us founded 3dSaraCreations. Then we recruited AngelSpirit as an admin and later on, MacDubhgal. was launched on November 6, 2004 Six weeks later, we released our first project "Christmas Sara". Where do you get your ideas from? Do you take requests? Once you have an idea, do you work collectively as a team to make the idea a reality or does one member of the team take on the project? France: We have Suggestions for future projects forum and our members post their suggestions there. Up until now, when we finished a project, we started a poll to decide which theme we'd work on in our next project, the poll being based on the suggested themes. But this method did not prove to be the best so from now on, we'll consider all our members' suggestions but we (admins) will make the final choice. And we don't take requests because we work only on large projects. All our projects are created as a team. We have a group of modelers, a group of testers and a group of texturers. After we agree on a theme, we (all members) make a list of the models that should be included in that project then we all look for reference images for those models. Then NeilP post the list in the Modelers forum and the modelers pick the models they want to create... until there is no model left in the list. Once a model is ready, it goes to testers. After it passes the tests, it goes to texturers. Then the textures go to testers again. As the Project Manager, I distribute files to testers and texturers, contact the modelers if there is something wrong with their models, the texturers for same reason, etc. Then when everything is ready, I prepare the project to upload it. Realmling: It is a team effort. We find our members strong areas and put them to work. Some really like to model and some really like to texture so it works out that everyone has something to do and no one person is saddled with doing everything by them selves. We all try to help each other as well. If someone is having problems getting their model to cooperate, the rest of us help them through that same with texture makers. We pool our resources and share tips and tricks to help get the job done. Let's talk about the Fairytale Project. How long did it take to complete the project? How many artists worked on the project? Did you make a list of all the items that were to be offered and stick to that list or were you adding as you went along?
France: It took approximately three months to complete the project. We had 22 members working on this project. Realmling: We make a list of items that seem feasible for everyone to do based on the ideas from our members. We stick to the list as closely as possible since there is generally more than enough to go around because there are just too many great ideas. NeilP is very good at some great surprise extras, and occasionally people add some extra stuff they've done above and beyond the base list. If you had to choose your favorite item from the Fairytale Project (besides Sara), which would it be? France: I simply cannot answer this question. I cannot choose. All the items in the Fairytale Project are my favorite. Realmling: I only get to pick one? There were so many great ones it's hard to just have one favorite. I'd have to say my absolute favorite that I contributed is Magic Morty the Mirror. He turned out much better than I expected (even if I could do his morphs better now that I know more, he's still a great guy). NeilP: I don't know about a favorite. I really enjoyed modeling the "Fairy Wings," because it gave me a chance to draw a design to model from. I rarely have the time to sit down and plan like I did for those wings. Last year you had a significant event with your Christmas Give Away. What was the inspiration behind this? France: We founded 3dSC on November 6, 2004. A week later, we were ready to start working on a project and Christmas was nearby, so it went without saying we worked on a Christmas Project. And we had to do it fast too if we wanted our "customers" to use our stuff for Christmas. We released the whole project on December 10. Phew! But the atmosphere within the team while we worked on that project will probably never be the same. It was rush, rush, rush and all members were so enthusiastic, we all had a feeling of achievement and of course we were full blown into the Christmas Spirit. How many people worked on this project and how many items did you eventually have? Can you give us an idea of the amount of time and planning that went into it? Realmling: We had 22 members contributing to the Christmas project. We ended up with so many great things I can't remember now exactly how many items we ended up with 80MB worth of models and textures says it all to me. France : As I said before, the Christmas Project was launched on an impulse and as we were a new team and nobody had experience in project managing, there wasn't much planning done. We drew a list of items we'd like to include and jumped right in creating them. We learned a lot during that project. Realmling: It was a great first project though and helped us set things up better for all future projects as we found out what did or didn't work through the whole process. Big Question now Are you planning to do anything this year for the Holidays?
France: We will probably release another project just before Christmas but it won't have a Christmas theme. There isn't much we could add to what we offered last year and our 2004 Christmas Project is still available to everyone. If someone was interested in joining the team, who would they contact? France: There is a registration form at 3dSaraCreations. If they want to join the team, they fill that form and we communicate by email with them to see if they are at the right place for what they're looking for. At the moment, we have enough testers but modelers and texturers we can never have too many of. The biggest problem we have with new registration requests is that not many people know that 3dSC is exclusively a workshop and that we work as a team all the time. We have had modelers and texture makers registered in the last year who expected to be working on their own Sara projects while getting the resources they needed for them. This is not the way we work. We always work as a team. If our members create a freebie for Sara and don't have space to host it, we host it for them. But, while we are working on a project, the whole team works on that project together. Realmling: Anyone interested should go to 3dSaraCreations and look at our past projects. Then if they feel they would like to join the team they should contact France and chat with her. She's our best recruiter. I'm just the genie in the bottle she lets out from time to time when I behave. NeilP: Yes, this is not a place to work on your individual Sara ideas but a workgroup forum. Between projects we do run schools for our members in modeling, texturing and mapping. We encourage all our members to learn as much as possible and this has produced some good modelers from members who joined initially as Testers. Anything else you would like to say? France, NeilP, Realmling: We would like to thank the following current and past members for their dedication and hard work [please forgive us if we have missed anyone out]: AngelSpirit, Anniebel, archie10, Barbarossa, BE, Beachnut, Bluis, Calalene, ccmarie, cedarwolf, chohole, Contajen, Destinie, dpanzee (Pam), DragonessD, Fugazi1968, Grann_E, Groingrinder, Hawktoey, Humble, Jaqui, Joyce, MacDubhgal. Netta, ParkerUnfolded, pbnj, Phauxxee, PickersAngel, Posfan, seneri, Shoshanna, Styxx, Sueya, Tigger, Twygg, WolfiesAngelBear, Wraith #1, Wraith #2, Xantor
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November 7, 2005

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SGT2005 ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 08 November 2005

Well first Id Like to thank the interviewer ,excellent interview, Second a big round of applause to the creators. Without there hard work and time,this would not have been possible. Angel1 Congrats A well deserved Honor.

StaceyG ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 09 November 2005

Great interview.

vilian ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 11 November 2005

Great review - good to know how it all was started. Thank you for wonderful creations and good luck in creating more ^^

inonit ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 15 November 2005

Great interview. Can't get any of the jalberts links to work however. Which is too bad I am particularly interested in the fairytale project.

deemarie ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 16 November 2005

Please check back, the Sarah site is temp. offline - I am sure it will be up shortly :]

bnetta ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 16 November 2005

The Fairtytale Project can also be downloaded from 3dSaraCreations at Renderosity Free Stuff

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