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April 12, 2010 12:23 am

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file_451089.jpgAdobe Creative Suite 5 'First Look'

As we enter the second decade of the new millennium, Adobe rises like a phoenix from the ashes of old technology. On April 12th, Adobe unveils its newest creation, their Creative Suite 5: reconfiguring, rethinking, and reinventing fifteen of Adobe’s most popular software programs. Adobe’s newest Creative Suite 5, is not a mere upgrade; but a labor of love, giving birth to a new era of digital thinking.

Adobe, as always, is in the forefront of innovation. Recognizing that we live in a fast moving, global society of rapidly changing technology, with CS5, Adobe brings its loyal users the tools to keep up, and surpass, the constant changes in computers and mobile devices that bombard us on a daily basis.

Without question, we have become a technology driven society. While our televisions are now HD super-sized, our mobile communications have become multifunctional mini-devices. The once nerdy computer geeks have morphed into the everyday populous; everyone, from toddlers to their grandparents, are now computer literate and technology curious. With CS5 it is apparently clear that Adobe has done its homework.

The new Creative Suite provides a nearly flat-line learning curve for its new users, while still allowing access for those who prefer to go “old school” and utilize coding. Adobe understands its customers’ needs and has created a “new world order” of software tools that are both user-friendly and cutting-edge.

With well over 250 new features in Adobe’s Creative Suite 5, this preview focuses on giving you a sneak peek at some of the more innovative features within Adobe’s newest creative software advancement.

Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5

Recently celebrating its 20th anniversary, Photoshop has become the flagship of Adobe’s software arsenal. More than a mere essential photographer’s tool, Photoshop has become a verb in our modern vocabulary. Although it was originally designed to function as a “dry-darkroom” for photographers of all levels of expertise, artists have long embraced Photoshop as their prime source for digital painting.

New ~ Bristle Brush

With the advent of CS5, painting with Photoshop and Illustrator is about to morph into an indispensible part of a digital artist’s artistic experience. The precision of the new Bristle brush qualities, along with the new Mixer Brush, allows digital artists the creative freedom to paint in a traditional artistic environment. The Mixer Brush provides the ability to simulate the mixing of paints, not just the illusion of layering one color on top of another, while the new Bristle Brush features allow for precise control of the size, shape and type of a specific paintbrush’s bristles.

New ~ Bristle Brush

Photoshop CS5 Extended sports new creative 3D artistic capabilities, including Adobe Repousse (the ancient technique of embossing artwork on the surface of metals). There is also the “how did I live without it” Content-Aware Fill, which magically fills in the background behind a removed object, and the invaluable Truer Edge selection technology, which precisely defines edges down to the last stray hair.

New ~ True Edge

Illustrator CS5 has new “perspective” and “stroke” tools that pave the way to innovative vector drawings and paintings. Also new to Illustrator CS5 is the Shape Builder tool, which intuitively joins, redefines and fills in shapes with a mere drag and click of the cursor. The Shape Builder tool also comes with an interactive color selection for coloring in specified areas.

New to Adobe Illustrator CS5 ~ Perspective Tool

Flash Catalyst CS5 and Flash CS5

Flash Catalyst CS5, is one of the most ground-breaking, and anticipated features in Adobe’s Creative Suite 5. Flash Catalyst CS5 allows designers to publish SWF files or Adobe AIR applications with ease, without the need to write code.

New ~ Flash Catalyst CS5

With Flash Catalyst CS5, designers are now free to create sophisticated, dynamic, and interactive content using their static Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks designs. They can then share their project files confidently with developers using Adobe Flash Builder, assured that their files will be compliant and have professional functionality.

Designers will especially appreciate the new Text Layout Framework built into Flash Player 10 and supported by Flash Professional CS5. This new feature allows for professional print quality typography functions within a Flash format.

New Adobe Flash CS5 ~ Text Engine

InDesign CS5 and Dreamweaver CS5

Adobe InDesign has a double celebration, not only is it the publishing industry’s leading software’s 10th anniversary, it is also getting a much deserved virtual facelift. The stately beautiful, yet static content of InDesign CS5 comes alive with interactivity resources, as well as video and audio capabilities. InDesign CS5 files can now be exported and integrated into other Adobe applications for dynamic viewing.

New to Adobe InDesign CS5 ~ variable size page layouts

With the surge of online reading devices, authors of eBooks can augment their projects using InDesign CS5 and the enhanced support of EPUB file formats. Print layout is now easier to format with the ability to create variable sizes of page layouts within a single document. This is a vital feature for publications with foldout spreads.

The most profound new feature in DreamWeaver CS5 is the ability to develop websites with little or no web-coding knowledge. Although known for its user-friendly interface, DreamWeaver CS5 removes even more of the frustration out of web designing. The new Dynamically Related Files feature provides a straightforward approach to web designing, by allowing even the novice designer to effortlessly create, update, and maintain website content.

After Effects CS5 and Premiere Pro CS5

Streamlining is a major theme within CS5, and Adobe has revamped and redesigned After Effects CS5 with streamlined efficiency. Although many of the program’s multitude of new features are inconspicuous, they are all vital changes; by removing (or improving upon) many mundane tasks, After Effects CS5 provides an abundance of room for creativity.

The perfect example of ease of function in After Effects CS5 is in the new Roto Brush (which functions like the Quick Select tool in Photoshop). The art of rotoscoping is a tedious process in the film industry, demanding hours of frame-by-frame precision. After Effects CS5 could possibly revolutionize the film industry with its new Roto Brush, which “like magic” removes a foreground subject from film footage, even with complex background, simply by painting strokes inside the foreground subject.

New to Adobe After Effect CS5 ~ Roto Brush

Premiere Pro CS5 is fueled by the new and powerful Mercury Playback Engine. According to Adobe press release, the Mercury Playback Engine, “sets a new standard in high-performance editing with or without CPU acceleration in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.”

New ~ Mercury Playback Engine

CS Live Online Services

New features and functions are also available within Adobe’s Creative Suite Live Online Services. Including CS Reviews and Acrobat.com, where colleagues and clients can view, review, and interact as they share a variety of Adobe related projects online in real time.

An invaluable tool for web designers is the Adobe BrowserLab, which tests and provides feedback on the compatibility and functionality of web pages, as they relate to a variety of web browsers. Designers can pin point problem code and then effortlessly correct any errors in DreamWeaver.

New to CS Live this year, is Adobe Story. This new function allows screenwriters to not only write and format screenplays, but it also automatically converts script elements into metadata. Once more, Adobe’s innovative creative team has developed ground-breaking ideas to streamline time and promote imaginative thinking.

New ~ Adobe Story

System Requirements

In this new decade of ever changing technology and power-driven multimedia devices, Adobe has been consistent in providing its users with software solutions to match the growing “need for speed.” With that in mind, a processor with 64 bit support is required to run Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Although 2GB of RAM is Adobe’s minimum requirement to run CS5 programs effectively, 4GB or higher is recommended. Be sure to visit the Adobe site for a complete listing of system requirements for individual programs and/or suite bundles.

Adobe CS5 Pre-Order Information

Adobe anticipates shipping their Creative Suite 5 software within 30 days. As spring turns to summer, the staff of Renderosity’s Front Page News will be providing in-depth reviews of the new and innovative features of Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 programs. Until then, we invite you to visit the Adobe site and join them in their celebration of a new year of creativity.

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April 12, 2010

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Article Comments

gToon ( posted at 3:17PM Mon, 12 April 2010

Very well done overview, Dee. I'm really looking forward to learning more about the new CS5. Thanks for the intro.

deemarie ( posted at 10:37AM Wed, 14 April 2010

Hey gToon, Thanks for taking the time to post. You are going to LOVE the new Adobe CS5. It's one of the best new releases to date :]

thundering1 ( posted at 12:00PM Wed, 14 April 2010

I cannot wait to get my hands on the Production Suite. Thanks for the great overview!

3DNeo ( posted at 1:51AM Sat, 17 April 2010

I saw the premiere of CS5 and it looks great, especially the really great features added to Photoshop. Also, let's not forget for Apple Mac users that Photoshop CS5 is now a full blown 64 bit Cocoa program. Using Snow Leopard, you now get the same benefit as Windows 7 64 bit so that is certainly a BIG plus to upgrade. Have mine on pre-order.