Review: Anime Studio Pro 11

gToon · September 19, 2015 10:54 am

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Review: Anime Studio Pro 11

With Anime Studio 11, we're able to combine the best of rigging and frame-by-frame work, allowing two different animation worlds to finally touch each other with great results. Working in teams is easier and more powerful than ever before. >Plus, artists can now create powerful rigs and effects that were extremely difficult or impossible with other tools. I love the simplicity of the new features - they're clean and incredibly deep

--Victor Parades

Smith Micro must be riding high right now. In addition to adding a long requested feature to their newest version of Anime Studio (frame-by-frame animation), the Oscar winning animated film "Song of the Sea" used Anime Studio Pro 11 to animate approximately 3 minutes of the film. Considering that Anime Studio Pro's user base has been primarily hobbyists and internet animator, the fact that a pro level animation company like Cartoon Saloon (Song of the Sea) is using the software speaks volumes for it's increasing appeal to the professional animator. Or perhaps they are only just figuring out how very powerful and easy to use Anime Studio Pro is? .............................

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