Renderosity Gallery of the Week for July 17, 2017 - Abstract Genre

gToon · July 17, 2017 1:01 am

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Splash screen: KnotTorusSphere PF1 by owendal

For the week of July 17, 2017, we have chosen the

Abstract Genre

as our Gallery of the Week! Over 60,000 abstract images are in this exciting and unusual gallery. As befits the genre, fractals predominate, but there are a fair amount of abstract images created with Bryce and (surprisingly) photography. I liked this gallery a lot and hope you will too.

Please take a moment to watch the video above which features 11 artists who have created works that have been posted in the Abstract Genre gallery. Each artist and their work is listed below. Remember, it's only a small sampling of the good work being done by artists at!

1. Fun with Reflections by durleybeachbum

2. Owls looking at you by carlablackstream

3. Uncharted Desert by bakapo

4. La Cité d'Or by MagikUnicorn

5. O P U S ...for Jean_C by claude19

6. Flight of Dulcinea by wolandepiphanius

7. SB7-10-17 by steve2

8. Strange Ascension by cvrad

9. Voronoi Ish Gimpificationness by blankfrancine

10. more rusty bits by awjay

11. la danseuse masquèe by jmb007

Visit the Renderosity Abstract Genre to see more out of the box works by Renderosity artists.

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