Patrick Roberts reviews "The Best of Renderosity"

LillianH · August 1, 2004 12:47 am

I've just had the pleasure of seeing digital art in a whole new way. That's the feeling The Best of Renderosity 2003 DVD left me after a well spent afternoon. The first thing that grabbed me was the package which contained a wonderful city scape interlaced with samples of other work on the DVD.
Once in the player you first hear the great music created for this disc which was my first surprise. The menus are very easy to navigate. If you choose the Still Images you are treated to a choreography of moving still pictures and music. This really helps in looking at a large number of images. The cap to all of this is the work by Renderosity's artist of the year. This artist shows the amazing potential for this medium. There are a couple of things that are lacking with this DVD. The chapters aren't titled to indicated if they are collections of the same artists or follow a certain theme and even though the music is good there should be more variety. These are small quirks when compared to all of the great art in this package. Patrick Roberts
Dragon*Con Art Show Director
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